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Lauren Rios Freelance Assignment #1 Applied Journalism Production

My experience trying to get work to freelance for a company was very interesting. I did not expect to be like it was. It was so simple, yet seemed sort of complicated to me. I created my profile on and pitched myself to created a customized them for Word Press. I have created many different types of Word Press templates, and thought this one would be fun to apply to. It was strange because they did not have a lot that had to do with my just writing. So I suggested it to the person who posted the job. Unfortunately I did not get the job due to my lack of experience, and that was not a big deal to me, it was fun just to try. I placed a proposal and pitched myself to the company. I had to include all of my best qualities in just a few short words. That was hard to do, because I wanted to include all of my accomplishments and had limited ways to explain what I had been doing. I think the main reason I did not get the position was due to the fact that I have only been doing things related to this topic for the past year. My overall impression of the process was kind of skeptical. It was like interviewing me over the computer. I feel that if I get an interview I can

get the job, and since this is all not personal, it is hard for me to get a real grasp for it. That is why it is so important to have all of these extra activities besides a degree to market yourself appropriately. From this experience I learned just how competitive the job market really is; especially when it comes to freelancing. It is not easy to do, and the people who dedicate their life to it have a real passion for what they do. I do not think this is something that I would like to pursue personally. I am more of a face-to-face person, and since this is all done online, there

really is not a chance to build that connection with the other person.

Freelance assignment #1  
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