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If you are reading this it means you are most likely engaged, in love or simply having a good stalk of my services... all three of which are awesome! If you are the first two congratulations! I’m going to start you off with a little about me, then a little about my business and what I do and then we will get into the nitty gritty, ever so awkward bit about packages and prices. (I’ve left that last!)

�he bit about me First thing to know about me is that I like to talk, a lot and about pretty much anything but especially weddings, travel and tv shows. If you have stalked my website you would also know I am a massive Harry Potter fan. I live in Brisbane with two naughty jack russels named rosie and millie, have blue eyes and am a Leo. I love sunny winter days and cool summer ones. I’m the type of person that you will find trying not to dance at your reception but doing it even though I have two left feet. Handmade things are my jam! Which is why you will find a lot of things regarding my business, such as the branding and design are all done by me. even the calligraphy done on my couples albums is hand done... i can’t help but create.

�hilosoph� I started my business shortly after finishing high school and shot my first solo wedding in Napier, New Zealand. That wedding was chosen by Australian wedding magazine ‘White Magazine’ to be featured and I have not looked back since then.

happen. The only real time i like to interfere is during your


way! I’m not the type of photographer who will spend the

Like actually love it. I love it because i get to meet new and

that every wedding has its individual moments that i will

fantastic people

every day, day in, day out.

Even better than that, I get to photograph these fantastic people on one of the happiest days of their life. I love that every couple and every wedding is different. I try to seek out the couples who do things their way, not how everyone else says it should be done. The couples who treat this like a special day, not just some ceremony and two rings. Couples who take the time to really think about what they want and enjoy every

moment of their day because contrary to what some people believe, yes, it is about the two of you.

Wedding photographer, meaning i like to sit back and sink into the background whilst capturing the special moments bridal photoshoot, otherwise it’s mostly candid all the day checking off a list with ‘must have’ shots but know


Another important note, detail is something i live for!

I also want you to be super comfortable with me so that on the day there is no awkward moments so i ALWAYS meet with my clients in person. I pride myself on having amazing relationships with my clients, long after the last photo has been taken and my gear has been packed away. At the end of the day, I want you to walk away with beautiful natural photographs but more importantly a fantastic experience and memories you

The approach I take to every wedding is for it be to as relaxed and easy going as I can possibly make it. I like to think of myself as a documentary style

will cherish for years to come.

�ackage� Alrighty, here we go. The scary bit - pricing.

The pricing has recently gone through an overhaul as I was finding that couples were simply given too many decisions to make before the big day.

So, i decided to simplify it.

Choose what coverage you want from the two options. Both include two photographers, the final images on usb for easy access, your online blog preview (one of my favourite parts about shooting weddings!) and also a set of tangible 6 x 4 proof images. All that is needed to secure your date is 25% deposit. Before i let you run free to the pricing i will just quickly mention the albums. In this current day everything is digital. done over the internet or on phones with social media to

share around which is great and all, don’t get me wrong, i

love blogging my weddings... but there is just something so magical about being able to hold your memories in a tangible

10 x 10 custom made fine art album.

Iphone’s break, social media accounts are forgotten about but an album is something that can be passed down from

generation to generation.

One thing I’ve always loved about

Grandmother’s house is the way she proudly has her family all around her in print, up on the walls and in frames. There is nothing like handing over a fresh wedding visiting my

album to an eagerly waiting newlywed couple with a glass of wine and their photos.

�u�� �a� $3,200 coverage prep to bride and groom departure

bridal session

second shooter usb of final images

online blog preview set of 200 6x4 proof images For the Bride and Groom who want everything covered. From the girls with no make up and rollers in their hair to when you both are whisked away and the party music stops.

�alf �a� $2,800 coverage from prep until start of reception bridal session second shooter

usb of final images online blog preview set of

100 6x4 proof images

For the Bride and Groom who want the necessities covered. This includes the hair roller bit AKA prep, up until everyone is ushered in for the reception but doesn’t include cake cutting, speeches, first dance or grandma’s awesome dance moves to venga boys.

�ugust highlight� Cassie + Allan (Brisbane)

Ryan + Kylie (Waterloo, Canada)



$1600 10’ x 10’ fine art album 30 spread album - f lush mount


archival museum grade paper and inkjet archival inksand hand bound linen cover

custom embossing for front cover

$1000 10’ x 10’ fine art album 15 spread album - f lush mount archival museum grade paper and inkjet archival inksand hand bound linen cover

8’ x 8’ parent album

(can only be ordered as duplicate to larger album) $250 (per hour) additional coverage, available to be added to package one

$300 Engagement Photoshoot

custom embossing for front cover

Additional album pages can be organised at extra charge during the album design process. Albums can also be ordered at a later date!

�hank yo� Please do not hesistate to contact us with any other questions you may have!


find us on facebook at laurenolivia photography or call

0425 843 881

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