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DON’T ASSUME someone can just “Sleep it off.” Get Help Immediately If Someone You Know shows these symptoms: • Does not respond to verbal requests • Does not respond to being pinched, prodded or poked • Can not stand up • Can not wake up or wakes up very slowly • Has slow, labored, or abnormal breathing • Has purplish colored skin • Feels clammy • Has a rapid pulse rate • Has an irregular heartbeat • Has lowered blood pressure

A person with even ONE of these symptoms needs medical attention. So get help immediately - a friend’s life may depend on it. • Call 911 and ask for assistance immediately • Contact an Advisor or CSD for help • Turn the person on their side so that he or she does not choke on their vomit • Try to find out how much the person has drank, what other drugs they may have used and what time frame they consumed drugs or alcohol • Share information about alcohol or drug use with the police or medical response staff to help them determine the level of medical risk • Stay with the person until help arrives

alcohol poisoning  

don't assume someone can sleep it off

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