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Suppliers This Land’s most important suppliers will be broken in these categories: Shirting: • Gitman Brothers • Band Of Outsiders • Engineered Garments • Haversack • Post Overalls • Nigel Cabourn Denim: • Levi’s Vintage Clothing • A.P.C • Momotaro • Kicking Mule • Left Field Trousers: • Monality • Band Of Outsiders • Nigel Cabourn • Post Overalls Jackets: • Shipley and Halmos • Haversack • Monality • Nigel Cabourn • Engineered Garments

• Woolrich Woolen Mills Footwear: • Alden • Yuketen • Band Of Outsiders • Red Wing • Wolverine • Viberg • Mark Mcnairy Accessories: • Kenton Sorenson Leather Goods • Ray Ban Sunglasses • Folk Belts • Band of Outsiders Ties • Gitman Brothers Ties Books and Magazine: • Free and Easy • Apartmento • Inventory • Men’s File There are hundreds of suppliers, but the above represent the pinnacle of quality. All of the aforementioned suppliers offer 90-day credit terms, with seasonal delivery schedules varying company to company. Many of these companies produce in small quantities, and inventory shortages will be problematic, but the small number of garments produced increases value and will allow for higher margins considering profit.