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Products and Services This Land will offer very high-quality menswear and as this plan previously stated this term includes shirts, pants and outerwear. This selection will be seasonally driven with heavy fabrics—such as oxford— and darker colors for winter and fall. Brighter colors and lighter fabrics--such as linen--will be carried in the spring and summer. Selvage denim will be a huge focus for This Land as it represents the pinnacle of quality and craftsmanship, while remaining timeless. We plan on carrying several domestic producers, particularly Levi’s Vintage Clothing, which reproduces--to exact specifications--certain styles made famous over the last century. Non-denim pants will include various types and colors of khakis along with seasonal favorites such as wool and seersucker. The selection of outerwear will also be seasonally driven and range from lightweight cotton to heavy wool. Accessories, such as ties, eyewear, belts, hats, bags, scarves and footwear will be carefully selected to accent the various outfit combinations available at the store. These items will be essential to the business as they will often carry a lower price and will complete the overall product vision of the business. Customer service will be essential to the success of This Land. Customers must feel comfortable with the assistance and trust the expert suggestions of the staff. With a product vision based in history and quality, the key to justifying higher priced products is relaying why a purchase is worth more, by explaining the fine details of craft and thoughtful design. This Land should be a source of education, which will encourage repeat businessand create a deeper relationship between the business and its customers who, ideally, will view their purchases as a much broader experience than clothes.


Products and Services