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Results from Survey feedback

1. What type of artist would you usually go to see in concert? From our multiple choice questions, we asked our target audience who they would prefer to see in audience research concert, all of the artists we chose as options were rap artists, but all had different styles so we though that this would help up decide what type of style and representation we would try to convey in our Chipmunk artist. From this information you can see that the Tinie Tempah majority would go to watch Wretch 32, his style is Wiley quite plain, and dark, a lot of his music is about Dappy/Ndubz struggling and his pain, for example songs like Rizzle Kicks ’forgiveness’, we can also see that Chipmunk was Wretch 32 the second highest result, and he is more or a grime artist than Wretch 32. His wears a lot of labels, and doesn’t talk to deep about real life, which isn’t necessarily what our artist is about. However one thing that these artists have in common with the artist that we are trying to represent is that they went fro underground music to more mainstream music, showing a transformation, this is similar to what our artist is trying to do and this is reflected in the audience. this will influence us, to think about locations used, as Wretch 32 usually has music videos set in different parts of London, but not necessarily the nice parts of London, for example in ‘unorthadox’ he uses old blocs of flats to film.

2. What locations would you expect to see used in a UK Rap Video?(pick 2) From these results on location, it helped us to get the audience research public perception of were they would most likely see a UK rap song being performed. The majority here said they would expect to see videos shot in urban areas, as most artists are from London, this could be what influenced their opinion. ( I personally have yet Urban Areas- In London to see a UK Rap video filmed in the countryside) they Countryside also chose In studio and concert arenas. I think that The beach what we can take from this is that UK rap is all about Concert arenas the reality of life, so to shoot something all on green In Studio screen would be unconventional, however was done All Greenscreen on Dizee Rascals song ‘Fix up Look Sharp’. I think using locations in London, will fit in with the idea for our song, showing the classy part of London compared to the gritty parts, this will really reflect the genre of music, as most UK rap artists started making their music in those kinds of locations. This will signify good use of mise en scene, and would fit the representation of the character. This influences our ideas as we are able to find these types of locations nearby, so we will be able to get across the representation of the artist, and also reflect our audience profile as our audience live in working class areas, so they will be able to personally identify with the artist.

3. If you could use only one of the following social networking services, which would you use?

audience research

Bebo Facebook Myspace Twitter

For our third multiple choice question we asked this question to find out more of the audience preferences, so that we could in-corporate it in our video, the majority of results showed us that the most recent and up to date social networking site was twitter, this is also a website for artists to promote themselves and build social relationships with fans, as they can keep them up to date with their events or just what they’re doing. Our artist also uses twitter, and so it would be a realistic feature to add to the video, as a way of promoting the site and connecting with the audience. Facebook is also a common result, this shows us different choices of networks to reference and feature throughout our video and also our digipak covers and magazine covers.

analysis of survey feedback  

analysis of survey feedback