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18”x18” watercolor , Fall 2013



Construction Narrative


18”x18” watercolor , Fall 2013

18 x 24 graphic of Two Week Diary

8 Abstract , 18”x18”watercolor , Fall 2013

From Top to Bottom: Picture of James Turrell’s Aten Reign taken in the Guggenheim, New York Fall 2013; Pantheon Rome, Italy sketched with watercolor and ink, Fall 2012; Karl Schinkel’s Guard House Berlin, Germany, sketched with ink Fall 2012

1. Gimemz, Carmen, James Turrell Aten Reign, 2013 The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, New York 2. Samuel, Flora. Le Corbusier and the Architectural Promenade. Basel: Birkhäuser, 2010. Print.

Light and Shadow The technique of watercoloring itself leads to questions about light. Architecture is always in interaction with natural light, forming shadows within and around itself. The control of this nature has the possibility of creating incredibly evocative moments, Those moments when one realizes the presence of something always present. James Turrell’s work “revel in the optical and emotional effects of luminosity.. “seeing yourself seeing,” in which we become aware of the function of our own senses and light as a tangible substance” 1 Not only is the control of light evocative, but it has the ability to effect our interaction within space. This can be understood by considering two building’s use of a singular oculus in a room that have different light qualities. The first is the Pantheon in Rome, Italy. At first glance the oculus in the Pantheon seems to create a very distinct circular light within the coffers, one shadow. The large scale of the oculus creates a more complex light. An ambient light is also present. A gradient of shadows forms across the entire dome, in forms reflecting the oculus. Within the space below, people are chatting, meandering freely, centering themselves under the oculus. They interact with the entire space. The second oculus is in Karl Schinkel’s Guard House in Berlin, Germany. This building is significantly smaller in scale, and so is the oculus. Unlike the Pantheon there is very little ambient light throughout the space. Just the direct light from the oculus and the shadows that surround it. Within the space people shuffle around the perimeter of the room, in the deepest shadows. The light becomes an indication of sacred space, that no one interacts with. This space is also intimate. One sees the statue under the light , the people and architectural elements adjacent to one become less obvious, or blurred. The darkness allows an intimate moment for one and the statue. These two very different conditions of light through the same architectural element, an oculus, show the versatility the control of light has on space. “Light has practical, sensorial, and symbolic purposes..During the experience of the promenade the reader experiences highly sculpted sequences of light and dark.”2 This can be evocative, make us aware of it’s presence, it can inform our interactions, even the intimacy of a place.

Object 8 Subject Narrative within Object

After she finishes her morning coffee, she baths. She skims the handrail that hugs the room, extruded from the horizontal lines that clad the room. Her hand runs into her towel. The room is only lit from the east. The morning sun awakens the space. An intangible purple light washes the back wall over the shower and sink. Shadows creep up from below, further instilling the privacy of the room She turns the faucet The water further reflects the light off the tile partition. She relaxes on the bench Her amenities within reach She takes in the steam And the playful glimmers from the moving water interacting with the light. She only sees this during her morning shower

8, iteration 5�x5�Watercolor Fall 2013

From Left to Right: Light Study Model at 8 am with direct sunlight, Light Study Model at 3 pm with indirect sunlight

Subject Modular

From Left to Right: Comfortable sitting, handrail, and counter heights, 10”x18” watercolor Fall 2013; Modular of Subject 10”x18” watercolor Fall 2013

Object 8 Construction Narrative The pilings are notched To hold the 10” deep TJI girders 10”deep TJI beams run perpendicular on top Except for where Event 8 is 2x8 beams are put down So a floor drain can be added For the shower The floor will be flush No steps or lips into the place The drain runs along the east wall It is half hidden by the wall 3” above it The wall is clad with 6” wide ash wood that is built up horizontally Finished with a high gloss sealant At 3’ up a handrail 6” wide is pulled 3” off the wall It runs the entire perimeter of the room The 19” tall toilet sits on a 4” pedestal 24” above the ground 1” thick Ash wood makes an 18” deep bench under the shower There is a window in the east wall It begins 8’ from the floor It is 1.5’ tall and 9’ wide. Across from the window the ceiling begins 1’ away from the east wall It is hung down 1.5’ It meets the east wall right above the window With a piece that angles up from 1.5’ under the ceiling This piece is painted glossy purple

Event 8 exploded axon, 18”x24” watercolor

Object 8 Render, photo of model and photoshop

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