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Lauren Manley 1/10/12

Establishing Professional Practice Uploading a PDF file to ISSUU:

Go to, log in and click upload. Then select your document, add a title and description choose your keywords and document type and upload.

Lauren Manley 1/10/12

Then go to your profile menu and select my library, your upload will appear in your library as shown above and you can then view it online.

You can view your file online in the layout of a magazine.

Lauren Manley 1/10/12

Creating a contact sheet:

Open Photoshop. Go to File, Automate and Contact sheet 2.

Lauren Manley 1/10/12

For photo files use 300 DPI resolution (magazine quality)

Choose your files, paper size, resolution and other file settings.

The outcome will give a collection of the chosen files shown in one document.

Lauren Manley 1/10/12

International Paper Sizes:

Photoshop shortcuts: Ctrl + R = Rulers Ctrl + Alt = Zoom

Lauren Manley 1/10/12

Creating a tilt shift view image:

Select an aerial view image and open with Photoshop.

Open the filter menu, select Blur and then Tilt Shift.

Lauren Manley 1/10/12

These controls will then appear on your image, these allowing you to control the blur, light intensity and colour intensity within the blurred area.

This is the tilt shift image.

Lauren Manley 1/10/12

You can then go into Image and then Adjustments and change other factors such as contrast, saturation and vibrancy.

This is my final outcome.

Lauren Manley 1/10/12

Establishing Professional Practice 1.10.12  

notes from week 2 of establishing professional practice