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Lauren Manley 18/02/2013

Establishing Professional Practice : Sketchup week 4

X-Ray mode – view, face style, x-ray – This allows us to see into a model, particularly useful when intersecting models, to ensure you delete the right components. Field of view – allows change of camera angles: • •

35 degrees – human eyesight Orthographic view – 1 degree will flatten view as if in format of orthographic drawings.

To mirror an object first make a copy of it, then put the copy into the scale tool and invert by -1.00.

Using the rotate tool you can copy components around a point. For example to create tunnels and archways.

Lauren Manley 18/02/2013


Go to view, animation, add new. Then from your starting point use the walk tool to move around your model and update and add new animation sections as needed. Once finished you can play the animation in full as it guides you around your model. Using this you can also add in sunlight for your model at specific times of day and year.

Editing a photo in sketchup: Save the image as a jpeg. Import then picture into sketchup using File, Import. Right click and choose ‘Use image as a texture’ then paste onto your block.

Lauren Manley 18/02/2013

Right click, choose texture and position. Then right click again and click off fixed pins.

Use this to then shape the image around your object. To use the texture on other faces use the eye dropper tool in the paint bucket menu.

Lauren Manley 18/02/2013

notes from sketchup week4  

work in sketchup from establishing professional practice

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