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1. Introduction The aim of this paper is to provide the Property Assurance Group with a culmination of student feedback on existing structures and developments. Then to provide the group with Kingston University Students Union (KUSU) recommendations on utilising this feedback to create a productive and positive student experience when restructuring current buildings and developing new structures to "make life better for Kingston Students". The student feedback provided is a result of the 'KUSU Space Review' questionnaire launched by Kingston University Students Union in October 2013, and incorporates the feedback gained by the previous VP Activities Officer's Research titled 'Your Campus Your Say' done Sep-Dec. 2012

2. Background As Kingston University is entering its second phase of its "Campus Development Plan" the effects are seen across numerous campuses, KUSU would like to provide a snapshot of student feedback with a recommendation for PAG for Kingston Hill, Penrhyn Road, Roehampton Vale campuses

3. Method and Scope of Feedback A) KUSU Space Review questionnaire = 552 total responses

Number of Students



Penrhyn Road Roehampton Vale Knights Park Kingston Hill



Method of Answering 9%

On site answering/ In person Online Questionarre


B)' Your Campus Your Say' - 1144 total responses

Method - 'Your Campus Your Say' 32% Fresher's Fair Ballot Box Student Focus Groups 57%

Online Student Survey


C. Total Responses of both surveys - 1695

4. Joint Results As the 'Your Campus Your Say' (YCYS) documents were primarily based at the new Town House Development, the 'KUSU Space Review' aimed to cover all campus' in a much more broad approach to gather feedback on the learning, social and activity space provided to students. In doing so, 4 major trends appeared in both sets of research.


4.1 Kingston University Sporting Facility at Kingston Hill In the 'KUSU Space Review' questionnaire 57 students on all four campus stressed the need for a sporting facility with quotes such as: "A sports facility on Kingston Hill would be ideal. A sports hall or a gym akin to the one at Penrhyn Road would mean that 100+ students that live in halls, as well as those who live close by, or study on campus won't have to trek to town" -KUSU Space Review November 2013 From the YCYS research 245 students requested a sporting facility of some kind, regardless of location. Testimonials include: "Better facilities for sports and societies with equipment that can be used by many sports and societies. We have very successful sport clubs which help to promote and represent the university by winning competitions and matches. Others university provide on campus sports facilities, but KU has none." -YCYS Online Survey - Dec. 2012 4.1.2 Recommendations Overall KUSU alone has 1,430 sporting students, and pays around ÂŁ40,000 on renting facilities each year. If provided with a sporting facility at Kingston Hill, the money could be better spent within KUSU for the students. Likewise, as stated in Julia Bond's 'Review of CDP Projects and Priorities' (PAG 90) the hall can be used as an additional on-campus exam venue, and could potentially be used with the local community and schools. Therefore KUSU would like to request that the demolition of the old Kingston Hill Business school and huts, is set as the next priority from the 'Outstanding Projects' list as stated in the 'Review of CDP Projects and Priorities' (PAG 90) paper as it still remains relevant to students, and can ultimately be made to benefit the student experience.

4.2 Learning Research Centre and John Galsworthy as building focus When asked "What area on campus do you use the most on your course and how would you rate that space" there was found to be 218 students from Kingston Hill and Penrhyn Road who stated they used the LRC the most, with their ratings of the space below. Kingston Hill LRC Very Poor 1

Poor 3

Average 18

Total = 106 2

Good 44

Very Good 40

Penrhyn Road LRC Very Poor 1 Total =112

Poor 13

Average 29

Good 40

Very Good 10

When asked what could be improved from these spaces, 73 responses stated the need for more bookable group space with testimonials including: -(The LRC is) good because I can book my own group study space time whenever I want" -KUSU Space Review questionnaire Nov. 2013 This correlates to the results of the John Galsworthy Building as, out of 39 responses of students stating they used it the most on their course, 25 rated it "Good", with some saying: -"The fact that I can use the JG building for my society is good, however would like to be able to book it myself" -KUSU Space Review questionnaire Nov. 2013 This re-occurring trend shows that the student satisfaction level is higher in these space as they have the ability to use Kingston Hill and Penrhyn Road's LRC's group study rooms and the John Galsworthy buildings as multi-function rooms for: Group/ Informal learning Flexible rehearsal/performance and exhibition space Congruently in the YCYS research, among the top 12 things that students wanted in an 'ideal building', 3 had to do with flexible/multi-use booking space. Type of Space

% of Respondents (out of 1144)

Bookable rooms for Sports/Societies Flexible Performance Space

86.5 81.7

Non- Academic Multi-Use Rooms


4.1.2 Recommendations At every stage of the design for the new Town House building, both KU and KUSU should consider how this building can benefit students the most, and how it will improve the student experience. By considering this research one can see that student satisfaction is higher in spaces that are able to be student-led (J.G. building, LRC groups study areas). 3

Therefore, when designing 'Flexible' space in the new building, including: Group/ Informal learning Rehearsal/performance and exhibition space Students would much rather prefer these types of spaces, and that these types of spaces are student led.

4.3 Student Union Bar Social/Commercial Space on Penrhyn Road Campus Within the research of the KUSU Space Review:  146 students across three differing campus' listed the S.U. bar as the area most used for social space on their campus. Similarly in the YCYS research  96% of 1144 students agreed with the statement that there should be a new KUSU Bar in the new building, and stated that it was the first priority of space they would like in the new building. 

Following the results of KUSU's main 2013 democratic event, our 'Big Student Meeting' saw 184 students vote in favour of a motion stating that KUSU should actively seek out more social space on campus, and should work with the university from an early stage to bring social space to campus for students.

At the moment, the KUSU bars act as both a commercial space for the organisation and social space on campus for students where students can interact in a non-academic setting. As KUSU relocates to the new building, the current allocation of space available yields no space for licensed trade, and very little square footage for student social space. As research from both the KUSU Space Review and YCYS demonstrate, the current allocation of social space continues to be a problem for students on Penrhyn Road campus, and will continue to do so until more space is allocated. In the 2013/14 academic year our Penrhyn Road 'Space Bar':  Processed 48,000 bar transactions  Processed 13,270 games of pool  Processed 54,669 transactions at Subway 4.1.2 Recommendations KUSU would like for the Property Assurance Group to consider the allocation of Social/Commercial use for KUSU on Penrhyn Road Campus. The benefits include: 4

  

Student social space available for all students on PR campus Activity space that is flexible to be used for both union and university events. Commercially, they would provide an invaluable income stream for KUSU's commercial services

4.4 Roehampton Vale Silent Study Space When asked about spaces students use the most, Roehampton Vale campus students replied stating the Canteen/Library. However, when asked 'What aspects of this space would you change?' Students included the following:

Improvements Roe. Vale Campus 24%


More silent study space More group study space More computers


4.1.3 Recommendations Based off the recommendations made by 10 different students regarding space utilisation on campus, a quick solution to this problem would be to utilise Room 107 on the ground floor of the Hawker Wing building to use for 'Silent Study Space' for all students on Roehampton Vale campus.

5. Conclusion

Estimated Time Span of Projects Commencing Kingston Hill Sporting Facility Group/Performance Student-Led Space Penrhyn Road Commerical/Social Space Roehampton Vale Study Space 0






Time (in Years)



As this research demonstrates, KUSU's current priorities regarding real estate (without including our own move into C-Scape) are in line with student 'space' and real estate needs. The outcomes of the KUSU Space Review include many improvements that can be made KUSCO as well as improvements that can be made on a larger scale by the major real estate groups in KU. Collectively, the KUSU Space Review and the Your Campus Your Say research provide a snapshot of student needs on all campuses and provide an overview of current student satisfaction in real estate services and on recommendations for future building structures.


KUSU Space Review Paper  
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