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Introduction BeerRief In October 2006 brothers, Jeff and Chris Althouse, began a 15-barrel production brewery in Eugene, Oregon called Oakshire Brewing. Initially home-brewing just as a hobby, their dedication to making fine craft beer created an award-winning craft beer company in the Pacific Northwest. Oakshire’s core values consist of Strength, Independence, and Community. With these values at the heart of the company, the fine craft beer and bottle distribution has created a genuine brand with a huge opportunity for success and popularity.


In the highly saturated Craft Beer market, it's hard for smaller, local craft breweries to stand out in the crowd.Industry giants, like Anheuser-Busch, have created their own "crafty" product lines to tap into the growing market. While these companies have the advantage of large marketing budgets and extensive distribution networks, local craft breweries rely on the quality of their beer's brand personality, and reputation in their community to stay competitive. Oakshire Brewing has an opportunity to strengthen its connection to the local college community - a highly influential group that already loves drinking beer.

SECONDARYresearch Opportunities: NW location/distribution

Strengths: 3 year-round beers, 4 seasonal—offers variety of styles & flavors Single batch program—offers diversity, exclusivity (draft-only, limited volume), experimentation & creativity, collaboration with other brewers, specific brews for special events

Rise of craft beer popularity in target audience

Weaknesses: Low brand awareness Lacking brand identity, weak brand image Smaller selection of beer styles

Grand opening of Pub House in Whiteaker neighborhood

Limited bottling

Barrel-aged Reserve Series—small beer batches aged in Pinot & Bourbon barrels

Weak presence in stores—shelf space & presentation

Close-knit, family atmosphere within company—faces behind the name/ brand (ex. photos & descriptions of Oakshire employees) Watershed IPA available in cans Give 1% of Watershed IPA revenue to McKenzie River Trust

Unsuccessful promotion of branded merchandise Lacking brand’s personal voice—no brand related hashtags, few pictures, aesthetically displeasing, sounds scheduled Shortage of buzz about events, promotions and advertising More expensive than some beer/drink options


Share brand’s story/personality via social media & advertising— ex. Enhance Twitter bio Bottle most popular single batch brews—ex. Graduation Ale Increase distribution of free/discounted swag—stickers, t-shirts, pint glasses, coupons Increase coverage of events & promotions— ex. Tap takeovers, special food & drink deals at Pub House Create brand-related hashtags, post photos & videos from events & promotions, generate branded content Acquire better shelf-space and in-store displays Cross-promote with food carts that come to Pub House—ex. Sammitch food cart promotes Oakshire, Oakshire promotes Sammitch


Eugene/NW micro-brews/craft competition Other alcoholic beverages: wine, hard alcohol, domestics, imports, etc. Big brands making “crafty” beers Beer snob culture may turn off newcomers “Trendy” aspect of craft beer could decrease

Secondary Research: Why Millennials?

Millennials have grown up in a world with lots of choices and lots of flavors in the foods and drinks and consumer products they buy. They aren’t afraid of breaking away from conventional brands and will sometimes shun larger brands so they can express their individuality in their choices. Inland Label Industry Blog, Inland Quality Labels and Innovative Solutions


46% Almost half of new craft drinkers are millennials.

Beveragemedia, Who is the New Beer Consumer, 2012.

40% of the average student budget is spent on discretionary purchases.

How to Market to Me, The College Market, 2012.

48% Millennial beer drinkers prefer craft beers that have a relatable personality

Social networking site users 18-24 years

All Ages



Mintel, Craft Beer, 2013.

One idea that Millennials relate to is ‘authenticity,’ and ‘craft brewers’ stories as small and independent companies resonate. Also, Millennials pay less attention to traditional marketing, instead relying on word of mouth and the Internet for information. Paul Gatza, director of the Brewer’s association

“In light of these findings it should come as little surprise that 18-24 year-olds are more active in using social networking to communicate their plans for social activities.” Mintel, Social dynamics of 18-24 year olds, 2011

PRIMARYresearch “I love Oakshire. All the people are really nice there and the beer is really good.”


Focus Group: What the audience had to say


Our audience is usually exposed to craft beer by older, more knowledgeable influencers or peers.


“I was drinking Coors Light only, for almost 3 months straight my freshman year. My older cousin who’s three years older, told me ‘you have to drink this’ and it was Black Butte. And I loved it. That was when I transferred over.”


Drinking habits change as people get older and more mature.


“ Freshman year we were drinking Burnett’s, but we’ve been getting a lot better quality drinks as we get older.” “The focus isn’t as much on getting drunk as it is on enjoying nice beer.”


The choice of alcohol informs the perception of the drinker among his/her peers. Choosing craft beer reflects an evolved, more experienced drinker.


“I used to feel like craft beer drinkers thought they were a little bit better than normal drinkers...” “And now we know, right?” “Now we’re the better ones.”


Creating a personal connection between the individual consumer and the brand builds trust, which is a major factor in beer choice.


“If I’m going to get new beer, I’m going to go with a brewery that I know. I would be a little hesitant to go with a new brewery that I don’t know.”

AUDIENCE Our audience consists of students 21+ who live in the Eugene area. These students like to drink, but aren’t particular to just one category (beer, wine, hard alcohol). They’re not susceptible to traditional advertising, but will try new things if their friends recommend them. Since they are making their own purchasing decisions, they are beginning to try and buy higher quality alcohol when they drink. While exploring new options, college students also want to make sure their precious money doesn’t go to waste. They are realizing they are growing up and are using brands to reflect their maturity. Our audience has a strong influence on all students around campus. Although millennials pride themselves on being unique and different from their peers, they value the opinions of friends and influencer’s above all. According to our research, our audience is a prime market to attract because their actions are watched and repeated by many. The upperclassmen are not only being followed on campus, but their presence on social media is also highly respected. From our research we found that millennials take the time to post/tweet their opinions and experiences. Our audience can influence the 8th grader on Twitter and the 55-year-old dad that’s trying to impress his son by knowing what’s trending. Juniors and seniors are at the center of cultural influence. They can make or break a brand’s reputation among their peers. Our audience likes to discover brands in their own way, unique from others. Having the freedom to befriend a brand on their own terms attracts their attention more than forced advertising. The more individually connected they feel, the stronger the bond is between the consumer and brand. 8

They’ve partied together for a few years now – tailgated at Football games, thrown parties, stumbled home together, picked each other up, and laughed about it the next day. They’ve bought 30-racks, Burnett’s handles, Four Lokos, and made summer beer. They’ve been there, and done that. They’ve been through the awkward stages of freshman year, and went out with dorm-mates to crash random house parties. They’ve experienced the freedom of moving out on their own, the frustration of bad roommates, the satisfaction of cooking their own meals, and the odd enjoyment of buying cleaning supplies and paper towels while munching on samples at Costco. They joined sports teams, clubs, greek houses, and ASUO. They got jobs. They declared majors. As much as they hate to admit it, they’re growing up.

They’ve figured out who their friends are. They have inside jokes, pictures on each other’s Facebook pages (and maybe some that shouldn’t be on Facebook), and floated the river. They’ve gone snowboarding, watched Game of Thrones religiously, and shared relationship stories with each other.



What do we want to do?

Make Oakshire as much a part of the U of O experience as yelling “O”, flannel shirts, and crappy weather.

For whom?

College students of legal drinking age are finally free to drink whatever and whenever they want, and their drinking decisions are heavily influenced by their friends. They’re not receptive to traditional, interruptive advertising but love to share their experiences on social media. Their drinking habits have changed to incorporate more frequent, casual drinking occasions, but they still like to party and go out with their friends.

How do we do this?

As experienced upperclassmen, our audience knows that casual hangouts, spontaneous get-togethers, and small victories shared with good friends are at the heart of the college experience. Oakshire can embed itself into the local college experience by fostering, facilitating, and celebrating these simple occasions for students to share with their friends.

Why can Oakshire do this?

Oakshire is already involved and supportive of the local community. Because of this, it will be easy to remain authentic when creating experiences that celebrate college’s simple moments. The intersection of Eugene’s distinct culture with student life is part of what makes the U of O experience unique. Oakshire’s position as the town’s local and most authentic microbrewery means they are already an integral part of the Eugene culture. Now it’s time for Oakshire to strengthen their relationship with the student population.

MEDIAtactics Media Objective

Provide media support from September to August the following year to express the brand personality of Oakshire and educate the audience about Oakshire. Provide personal connections with the brand and individual consumers through unique events that will leave lasting impressions by pleasantly surprising them. The connections with Oakshire as a brand will build the reputation of the brand by providing personal connections for the consumer.

Sapling Program

With all of these promotions, installations, and events, we’re going to need some help with the “heavy lifting.” To avoid overextending the already hard working Oakshire employees, we recommend selecting a team of students to serve as brand ambassadors, or Saplings. The group will work autonomously and report to the sales and marketing team at Oakshire. Their duties will include helping set up and manage events like the Watershed IPA Slip and Slide and distributing promotional materials and swag. In exchange for their help, Saplings will receive $200 compensation at the end of the term, a 10% discount at the Public House, and Oakshire swag. Besides serving as extra hands on the ground, the Sapling Program will help spread Oakshire’s brand message through these students’ friend groups and provide valuable insights into the target audience while giving then valuable experience. The Saplings will be hired through the Career Center on campus, Twitter postings, and Craigslist postings. There will be 5 ambassadors for the year. After each term, the Oakshire marketing team can decide to fire and hire any ambassadors that didn’t spread their oak roots deep enough.


Oakshire Syllabus Week

Syllabus week is a cultural phenomenon, it is a week long event that our audience already acknowledges and participates in. Students often feel this week to be the calm before the storm, or the last time to relax before school takes off. This time period provides Oakshire with an opportunity to “join the conversation” about syllabus week in ways that our audience would find authentic, relevant, and fun. Introducing Oakshire Syllabus Week, helping students through the beginning of the hustle and bustle of each term by providing them with an interactive and fun syllabus, but one like they have never seen before. Our research shows that lack of education is a huge barrier when it comes to millennials trying new types of craft beer, so why not educate them? Oakshire Syllabus Week would educate students on seasonal releases like the Harvest Ale in the fall, Ill-tempered Gnome in the winter, and Line Dry in the spring. It would provide insightful and fun facts about seasonal brews for that term that both beer snobs and beginners alike would enjoy. Oakshire would release their syllabus online Sunday night before the first day of school and use Twitter to promote a scavenger hunt during syllabus week. Each participating location will have a one day special outlined on the syllabus detailing what bars the Saplings will be at, what tasks are to be accomplished, and what hashtag to use to submit their photos. This syllabus will be unlike any other-it will use wit and humor in Oakshire’s brand voice to explain how the week will work. In order to create the most buzz and engagement with students we need to provide them with an offer they can’t refuse: free beer. The winner of the Syllabus Week Scavenger Hunt will receive a free keg from Oakshire. The Syllabus Week Scavenger Hunt will require one Sapling at the specific listed bars. The Sapling will be wearing and Oakshire Syllabus Week T-shirt. The contestants will have to find the Sapling at the bar and upload a picture with the Sapling. The picture must include the hashtag #Oakshire101. The winner will be chosen from the top five students who complete all five assignments and get the most traffic from their posts (via retweets, replies and favorites). These five students will be given a three question quiz about the seasonal ale that Syllabus Week was promoting. The lucky winner gets to be the coolest kid on campus that weekend because he won a free keg for paying attention during Syllabus Week.

Introduces Syllabus Week

OAKSHIRE101 -- BEERONOMICS Fall 2013 OakShire Syllabus Mon - Fri all day // everyday Campus Locations Course Objective: Win a free keg of Oakshire Seasonal Ale at the end of this term. To accomplish this you must finish every assignment, know the seasonal ale, and turn all assignements in on time, late work will not be accepted because the promo’s only last for the day their assigned. Be the coolest kid on campus this weekend with a free keg, all you have to do is pay attention during syllabus week. Required Resources: - 21 (+) - University of Oregon Student ID - Knowledge of what Oakshire Brewing’s seasonal ale is Grading: - Go to each location on assigned day - Find the Oakshire Sapling wearing syllabus T - Take a Picture and Tweet it w/ the hashtag Attendence Policy: - Your grade depends heavily upon this - THAT MEANS IT’S MANDATORY! Tenative Schedule: - Monday: Max’s Tavern #Oakshire101 - Tuesday: Oakshire’s Public House #Oakshire101 - Wednesday: Taylor’s Bar and Grill #Oakshire101 - Thursday: Agate Alley Bistro #Oakshire101 - Friday: Rennie’s Landing #Oakshire101

“68% of craft beer drinkers say they generally only buy beer when on sale or promotion” Mintel, Craft Beer, 2013.

Graduation Ale

Graduation is a memorable event for graduates, their family, and their friends. Oakshire can be part of the celebration by making a Graduation Ale the signature drink of the college graduating class. The Graduation Ale will be on tap at local campus bars for two weeks before graduation and extending through the graduation date. The Graduation Ale will also be available for purchase in kegs two weeks before graduation. The keg distribution will allow graduation parties to be supplied with a unique batch made just for their graduating class. In order to create a buzz about the Graduation Ale, there will be a contest hosted through Twitter. A tweet will show the Graduation Ale Poster with the information about the distribution on-premise and through kegs. It will also promote Oakshire kegs for graduation parties. The contest will be stated in the tweet that if you re-tweet this post, you could win one free Oakshire Graduation Ale keg for your graduation party. There will be a surprise package to come with the winning keg that will include a congratulation card, a Graduation Ale 2013 shirt, Oakshire stickers, Graduation Ale 2013 beer glass, and an Oakshire tree bottle opener. Along with the Graduation Ale contest, when kegs are ordered during the months around graduation employee will ask the customer if the keg is for a graduation party. If the keg is for a graduation party, the customer will receive the surprise graduation package with their keg. The surprise package will create a personal connection with the graduate and Oakshire. According to our research, millennials love free things, especially when it is a surprise. The excitement of the package will attract graduates in the years to come to use Oakshire as their grad-party keg supplier.

Graduation Package


Party at the Shire

It’s winter term at U of O, and Oregon weather is in full effect. Without the weekly festivities of football season in fall term and the laidback, outdoor activities that come with the sunshine of Spring term, Oregon students are limited in their weekend activities. The typical “pre-game, house party, bars” sequence of events is starting to get redundant for our audience, but they still want to kick back and party with their friends. Oakshire can provide a simple and fun alternative - by inviting you and your friends to “Party at the Shire” and do something different for a change. Here’s how it works: Student reps organize groups of 50 people, collect $10 from everyone, and work with Oakshire to pick a weekend between January and March for the event. The event will take place at the Oakshire Public House between 10pm-12am, after normal hours. The $10 covers a ride to and from the Public House, where participants can hang out, listen to live music, and enjoy up to three pints of Oakshire’s selection. We’ll show our appreciation of user generated content by surprising people with free swag when they post on Instagram, Vine, Twitter, and Facebook with the hashtag #shireparty. Besides providing a unique experience for participants, Party at the Shire will generate buzz that will spread organically through social networks and help amplify Oakshire’s brand to our audience. Nothing fancy, just a simple alternative to the usual nightlife activities of Oregon students.

“Hanging out with friends is the most popular activity among college students, as 41% report doing so regularly. This suggests that social networks can have a profound impact on how students think and behave and thus could be especially effective when targeting students.” Mintel, Marketing to college students, 2011

Pleasantsurprises Watershed IPA Slip and Slide

When the sun comes out in Eugene, people want to celebrate it by spending as much time as possible outside. Oakshire can easily get in on the action by hosting a fun, outdoor event for dozens of people while providing them with a social, interactive outdoor activity. The Slip and Slide event is ideal for students because it gives them something to do with their friends for free without the hassle of coordinating, hosting or cleaning-up after. A large Oakshire’s Watershed IPA Slip and Slide banner will be on display to attract participants. By hosting this event, Oakshire will be viewed as laid-back and more as a friend than a brand. This event is an opportunity to create brand awareness and provide the audience spontaneous memories with Oakshire. The unique experience will be shared organically through social media posts by participating students and Saplings. Students can let loose, soak up some rays and bask in the nostalgia of their childhood days, while associating Oakshire with all of the fun. It’s the little things that can make the difference of a good day to a great day.

Tree Swings

Because the Oak Tree is such an obvious and strong symbol for Oakshire what better way to connect people to the brand than have them take a seat on a tree swing? Picture oak-made tree swings scattered around the Eugene area, engraved with the Oakshire logo. It’s the ideal place for students to “hang out,” and shoot the breeze in a casual and down to earth way. Since millennials enjoy discovering things on their own, they will eagerly share these treasured locations on social media. Each tree swing will be labeled with a number and a location symbol next to it for easy tagging. The swings will spark word of mouth conversations in an authentic way that will give Oakshire an opportunity to engage with the audience.


“Nearly three quarters of Millennial respondents say they would post cool events when asked about what they would be willing to share on Facebook.” Mintel, Millennials Leisure Trends, 2013.

Oak Tree Installation

“Reading about the brewery or hearing about it from a friend or family member is an important influence for purchase for 54% of craft beer drinkers aged 21-34.”

Based on our research, millennials are quick to ignore typical advertising, especially in bars. Neon signs go unnoticed and posters only attract dust. Millennials respond to the out of the ordinary. To get their attention, we’ll install a decorative canopy structure that represents an Oak tree at Taylor’s Bar and Grill. This will give our audience a refuge from the rain while they hang out and drink. The installation will be decorated with leaves, lights, and the Oakshire logo. This tactic solves a problem for our audience in an unusual way that will build awareness and create curiosity for people in the bar as well as passersby walking to or from campus.

Mintel, Millennials Leisure Trends, 2013.

We understand these tactics are far from traditional, but the buzz created by these unique and exciting installations will prove to be invaluable for the Oakshire brand. When targeting millennials, the three most important things to remember as a brand is you must be adventurous, authentic and spontaneous..

MEDIAplan Media Schedule 2013-2014 Media Schedule 2013-2014 Tree Swings Tree Swings Syllabus Week Syllabus Week Bottle Openers BottleatOpeners Party the Shire PartyTree at the Shire Oak Instalation Oak Tree Instalation Watershed IPA Water Slide Watershed IPA Graduation Ale Water Slide Graduation Ale

August August

September September

October October

November December November December

January January

February February

March March

April April

May May

June June

July July

All tactics are planned around the school year at the most appropriate times to reach our audience. Tree swings will be placed around Eugene during the warm months and will be taken down when the rainy season begins. The tree swings will be the first tactic of the school year in our campaign. The unexpected Oakshire branded swings will create curiosity and spark a personal connection with the user. The Watershed IPA Slip and Slide event will be held sporadically from May to September, in order to take advantage of the sunny, warm weather. Syllabus week will be held at the beginning of each academic term, excluding summer quarter in order to coincide with the academic schedule. The oak tree installation on Taylor’s Bar and Grill patio will be set up during February, to provide cover from the rain. The Graduation Ale will be available for purchase on tap and in keg two weeks before graduation takes place. The implementation of the special ale in on-premise locations will educate the grads about the ale and the options for Oakshire kegs at their graduation parties. Party at the Shire will be during winter term, the rainy and cold months, so that students will have a place to party away from the cold. Saplings will be hired in the beginning of the campaign and help throughout the entire execution.


Budget Tree Swings $1,500 Slip and Slide $1,438 Banner $420 Tree Installation $2,000 Syllabus Week Print $2,480 Apparel $200 Stickers $100 Graduation Ale Bottle Openers $150 Beer Glasses $348 Party at the Shire (x3) $4,500 Saplings $1,250 Contingency Fund $3,000 ______________________________ Total $17,386


Tree Swings Seat Design - Brian at Mac Industries 541-736-8886 Slip and Slide Plastic for Slide - Troy at Multi-Craft Plastics, Inc. 1-800-488-9030 Vinyl Sticker - Harris Design & Print 541-685-2510 Oak Tree Installation Tree - Troy at Multi-Craft Plastics, Inc. 1-800-488-9030

Evaluations We will use three different evaluation strategies to measure our campaign’s success: social media analytics, event attendance and overall attitudes toward Oakshire.

Social Media Evaluation

Saplings will compile a report using the following technologies at the beginning of the year and end of each term to track increases in hashtag use and social media engagement.

Analytic Tools

Google Analytics - Tracks website traffic and social media sites, provides insights about followers/visitors, tracks click-throughs and shares Flipboard - Aggregates social media content in easy-to-read magazine layout, presents news, photos, videos, and updates that fans/followers share on Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, Flickr, and Instagram Social Mention - Analyzes data across numerous social channels to provide easy to read metrics including reach, sentiment, passion, and strength *Social media tracking will be key in evaluating all of our tactics, but specifically will provide the most insight for the tree swings, Party at the Shire, the tree installation and Graduation Ale.

Attendance and Participation

Measure attendance and participation at recurring events like the Watershed IPA Slip and Slide, Syllabus Week and Party at the Shire and compare data over the year.

Attitudes on Campus

Gather formal and informal attitude analyses via casual, qualitative interviews with campus bartenders and structured surveys sent to students (at least 200 surveys should be returned each term).


Social Media Focus

Social media is an essential part of this campaign because it’s the most popular medium for millennials. It’s an important way to communicate brand personality, connect with the audience, and share information. Social media works best when users have something interesting to interact with--whether that starts out in the real world with tree swings and slip and slides, or from somewhere in cyberspace. Social media is more than daily announcements, it’s about creating two-way conversations.

Suggestions “93% of 18-24 year-old internet users use at least one social networking site compared with 72% of all internet users. In light of these findings it should come as little surprise that 18-24 yearolds are more active in using social networking to communicate their plans for social activities.” Mintel, Social dynamics of 18-24 year olds, 2011

Have brand logo always present in photos and posts to expose followers to brand identity and create recognition in a subtle way Crowd source: ask questions of followers Use a permanent hashtag (#Oakshire) that is consistently used & speaks for the brand so it’s always aggregating Oakshire content Share day-to-day operations of the company including what employees are up to Create a space where consumers feel they are part of company and have a stake Diversify social media outlets

Conclusion Thank you

We really enjoyed the experience of working with Oakshire Brewing and getting to know the brand. The hours spent understanding beer drinkers, millennials, Oakshire, and the unconventional Eugene culture has shaped our creative thoughts. Our campaign contains unique executions that can easily be implemented into further locations for a wider audience. We have learned more than we thought possible and hope you were able to gain a few takeaways from our work. We thank you for giving us such a great opportunity.

Bios and pictures here


Lauren Loos Account Manager Backflip enthusiast. Puppy addict. Marshmallow junkie. California rooted.

Kat Koury Media Planner Proud introvert. Native Oregonian. Shih Tzu lover. Star Wars fanatic.

Jordan Gilbertson Designer Food and Beer lover. My dog’s my best friend. Spontaneously motivated.

Andrew Keller Account Planner Beer Lover. Hip-Hop Head. Snowboarder. Wikipedia Junkie.

Katie Rauber Account Planner Bay Area native. Avid shopper. Animal lover. Breakfast food fan.

Oakshire Brewing Campaign Book  

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