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Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater MKE A social media proposal By: Meghan Ficarelli Lauren Lazzara Frank Michael Megan Wholey

SWOT Analysis

Strengths: • Oldest and largest youth-serving organization in Milwaukee • Willing to use Social Media • Over 1,200 Facebook fans

Weaknesses: • Club alumni generally from underprivileged neighborhoods • Social Media staff at BGC is only 5 people, with full time jobs

Opportunities: • 37 percent of those under 30 said they would join an organization’s page on Facebook • 52 percent of Generations X and Y have donated at a supermarket or retail location

Threats: • Less charitable donations in general due to poor economy. • Generation Y (the target audience) generally contributes less money and supports fewer charities than older generations. They are also less loyal to charities they do support.

Issues Facing the Client that Need Social Media Intervention: • • •

Lack of donation among the 20-35 age group. Little to no interaction on Facebook platform (i.e. likes, comments and photo sharing.) Generation Y (the target audience) generally contributes less money and supports fewer charities than older generations. They are also less loyal to charities they do support.

Objectives: • • • •

Engage and build brand awareness among potential donors, volunteers and Club alumni. Motivate fundraising among young professionals through social media platforms. Gather more than 800 real and relevant Twitter followers within one-year. Gather at least 600 views of the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee’s YouTube Channel within one-year.


Target Audiences and Technographic Profiles: •

Young Professionals, ages 25-39


Social Media Strategies and Tools: •

Create a blog using Wordpress. Contact Club alumni on Facebook to write posts about their experience, or how the Club has helped them get where they are today. Volunteers can also write about how the program has enriched their lives, or share anecdotes. Older students can participate as well. These blog posts will be publicized on Facebook and Twitter. The clicks will be tracked on Insights. This provides a deeper engagement than Twitter and Facebook, and alumni.

Create a Twitter account, @BGCofMKE. As of February, the largest age group on Twitter was 35-49, which are young professionals. This group has a larger disposable income than the 18-34 age group, and is more likely to donate to charity. Twitter is also more mobile than Facebook, which is a plus among young professionals. Boys and Girls club will tweet about upcoming events, blog posts, and new videos on Facebook and YouTube, including all links. Tweets will also include links to the Facebook Cause, Twit pic photos from recent events and different ways to donate to the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee, such as through Breadsmith Artisan Breads and Milwaukee Bucks. Among the five person staff, each employee will take on one workday to manage the Twitter account and will be in charge of tweeting two or three times per day. They will ask followers why they love the Boys and Girls Club with a special hashtag, #whyBGC, similar to @MarquetteU’s #WeAreMarquette. A “Share” button will also be added to the website for Boys and Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee’s Twitter account.

Create a Boys and Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee YouTube channel, similar to the national channel ( Link to the channel on Facebook. In addition to filming events and video profiles, host a videocontest between different Milwaukee-area clubs. The winning video will be posted on Facebook and on YouTube, and wins a prize (a field trip, a pizza party,etc.) for their Club.

Donating money at a supermarket or retail store is a primary way to give among all generations—52 percent of Generation X and Generation Y have given that way. Set up a Foursquare account and amass followers through Twitter. Maximize on the partnership with Breadsmith by using Foursquare. People who check in to Breadsmith can save 10%, and Breadsmith will make a donation to Boys and Girls Club.

Partner with the Milwaukee Bucks for a Twitter and Foursquare fundraising opportunity. There are 44 home games at the Bradley Center, including the preseason. Every time someone checks in to a Buck’s game, the Bucks will make a $0.25 donation to the Boys and Girls Club. People can also tag their tweet with the hashtag #BCGBucks on game days to contribute as well. Both parties mutually benefit from this tactic.


Timeline: •

Twitter: Launch in the first week of January. Begin a Tweeting schedule of at least 2 tweets every weekday. Follow influential Milwaukee Tweeps (@AJBombers and @Bucks, @thebrewers) and ask them to spread the word. Develop the #whyBGC hashtag during the first week of January.

Blog: Start the blog in September, to coincide with the new school year. Have at least two posts per month during the first 3 months, and increase to once per week for the rest of the year. After each blog post, post the link and a brief teaser on Facebook, with a photo if possible.

YouTube: Hire in a developer in January and start posting the profile videos on the YouTube site. Announce the competition in April and choose the winner in May.

Foursquare-Breadsmith: Start the partnership in March. Determine who at Breadsmith will tally the amount of checkins and set a donation ceiling. This campaign can last yearround.

Foursquare: Coordinate with the Bucks in August to determine how the check-ins will be measured. Set up a Foursquare account in October. Publicize before every home game on Twitter and Facebook, using the hashtag and mentioning Foursquare.

Monitoring and Measurement • • • •

Twitter: use HootSuite to post Tweets, and use the Statistics feature to find out how many clicks each link receives. Amass 800 followers and 20 clicks per link posted. Blog: measure using Wordpress statistics. Measure the number of hits referred from Facebook and Twitter. Achieve 20 views per post. YouTube: use YouTube’s analytics tools to measure video views. Foursquare- Breadsmith: judge amount of check-ins to Breadsmith by having the store keep a tally at the register of how many people checked in, and how much money was raised. Raise $1,000. Foursquare-Milwaukee: measure the amount of Check-ins per game on the Foursquare application. By the end of the season average about 200 check-ins per game. Aim to raise $5,000.


Boys and Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee www.Facebook.combgcmilwaukee

Boys & Girls Club of Greater MKE Social Media Proposal  

A social media proposal for the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee.

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