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Through the Woods and Near a River – A Camping Miniature Garden

Lauren Kyes Writer at miniature gardening, writes on miniature plants and miniature garden

I have always found that reconnecting with nature is an easy way to find inspiration for my next fairy garden. When I am feeling particularly listless towards thinking of miniature gardening ideas, I will spend a lazy afternoon wandering around the state park, which is my next-door neighbor. I remember that at its core, fairy gardening involves selecting and maintaining miniature plants with an entertaining theme thrown in, so I am looking for motivational ideas.

I sit on a picnic table with a hot cup of coffee and I observe as adventurers pull their trailer campers onto the frozen lake for a weekend of ice fishing with their family. At the edge of the woods, forest animals are playing in the snow. I watch and enjoy these actions, because both the animals and families are appreciating nature while creating lasting memories. Maybe camping memories will provide me with ideas.

Growing up I was never much of a camper. I think this is because we had access to so much nature right outside our back door. However, camping is now a favorite activity of my husband and me as we spend a few nights sleeping under the stars next to a glowing fire pit and listening to the waves splashing on the beach.

The idea of creating a miniature garden that celebrates the ambience of a winter or summer day at the park is too big of an idea to ignore. I thought it would be a sentimental Valentine’s gift for my husband, who is impossible to buy presents for. He is a real softy for sentimental gifts. Therefore, when the idea popped into my head I immediately started selecting containers that enhance the camping, fairy garden theme. I ended up selecting a bright green, charcoal grill to show off my miniature plants. While shopping at the greenhouse, I saw a bunch of miniature accessories, which would be perfect for my camping idea. I started with a teepee and a trailer camper, so the fairies could camp out with some friends. I wanted a big campfire of course to cook over, and a bunch of critters to show the wilderness reality of camping. Next, some rocks and pebbles formed the water feature. Of course, I had to add a line to hang fish on, I grew up fishing and there are few things I do better. I justify that as homage to my childhood and my predecessors who also loved to fish.

After the fish supplies were in place, I inspected the fairy garden. It is time for planting miniature plants. When I added in some bright green foliage to act like our ‘forest’, and sprinkled some sand as a base for the campsite, the whole scene started coming together. The miniscape reminded me of many hard days setting up camp and many fun nights sitting around the fire, singing songs, and talking with a few of my closest friends.

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Through the Woods and Near a River – A Camping Miniature Garden