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Hi, I’m Lauren Cooper I’m a second year product design and technology student at Loughborough University. As a designer I am strongly passionate about influencing others through design. To me design isn’t just about the things that people want to buy, its about the things they are using that have improved their way of life, without them knowing. Other than my degree I an involved in my local community as a Cub Leader, which has helped me develop my organisation and leadership skills as well as the ability to think on my feet. I am also enthusiastic about skiing, its been a part of my life since I was 3, which has helped me become more determined as an indivdual with the ablity to push myself. I love the freedom, fresh air and scenery that come with it.







7 weeks Group Assignment

Brief : To redesign a coffee machine, toaster or whisk. The client wants to broaden its market and improve the environmental impact of its products whilst increasing profits. The client has asked your team to identiify new product opporunities so that it is more environmentally ‘circular’. to broaden their market they have stipulated that the new prodcut cannot be for the kitchen.

The Concept: A portable all in one cooking device for camping with dual heating capabilites for added efficiency.




Kittel is placed onto the terrain; the bulbous feet maintaining stability.

The top pan is unscrewed from the main body, allowing the upper chamber to be lled with water.

Handles Colander

Water Chamber

By swivelling out the middle section, the hot plate can be accessed and held up by the assembled leg.

The user must then slide out the right hand pin to be able to assemble a leg, as guided by the instructions.

Lighter switch

The front button is then pushed, lighting the gas ame.

The user can then cook, and enjoy a freshly prepared meal.

Two ways of cooking. One heat source.


The gas supply is ignited via a spark inducing piezoelectric lighter. Once a flame is created within the burner the steel plate will begin to heat up, allowing food to be cooked in the pan. As this occurs, Kittle uses convection and capillary action to carry the water from the upper chamber around the gas flame, boiling it in the process. This boiled water is used to cook dry goods such as pasta and rice in the aluminium collander.

1 week Individual Assignment

Brief : Using a live hinge or hinges you must design a homeware product for student accomodation that must be capable of compact storage.

The Concept: An adjustable draw organiser that can help organise the smallest of drawer, to help students to make the most of the small living area.


Initial sketches were completed quickly, enabling progression to modeling before a peer review. This meant I was able to fully communicate my design to the group to get maximum feedback on the design.


One of the submission requirements was a cardboard model of the final design to demonstrate the use and functionality.


Jigsaw connections slot into place, allow for a solid and easy build

Designed to adjust to suitable storage options for the users needs

Designed to optimise organisation to suit users needs

Maximum 4 sections which can be adjusted into bigger sections

Extending sections using 2 sections and additional pieces allows for larger objects to be stored Extensions for sides allows more space in section for bigger objects

Rigid when when built buildso socan canbe beused usedlike like Rigid tray to to carry carry the the content content aa tray Suitable kitchen storage Suitable forfot kitchen storage andand bedroom storage bedroom storage

Fits within drawer space and allows for adjustment space



Brief: To create a fully developed model of a perfume bottle, based on the diffuser model provided. At all stages you need to show an awareness of product functionality and common manufacturing forms and processes.

10 weeks Individual Assignment


By using curvature analysis tools on solidworks such as zebra stripes and curvature cones, a surface model of the perfume bottle design was created.

The bottle design was based on the different shapes of the moon during a lunar cycle.


The next stage of this project is to use the surface model to model a realistic representation of the manufactured product. The final model should have appropriate wall thickness, clearance between parts, finishing detail, and internal components.

6 weeks Group Assignment

Brief: Companies often promote their goods or services through giving away free gifts. You should identify a company and design a plastic component which could be used to promote their goods or services. In order that large numbers of components may be produced at low cost, your design should be capable of injection moulding, using tooling, manufacturing facilities and other equipment which is available. Select one of the individual projects from the group to take forward into manufacture.

The concept: An additional set of lenses that can be applied to the outer camera lens of an iPhone, to create filters and effects to the pictures being taken, promoting Instagram.


ADD RENDERED SKTECHES OF PERFUME BOTTLE Before the injection process can make the widget, both the mould halves and all the inserts have to be carefully measured and manufactured to specific tolerances to prevent flash from occuring on the finished product. To do this we carefully designed the mould on CAD and created engineering drawings to be followed while in the workshop.


Most of the inserts were able to be manufatcured using the CNC machines, therefore having the ability to be more accurate than hand machining.

MASS PRODUCTION To best mass produce a new layout for the mould had to be designed so it would produce more than one unit per injection cycle.

Open 0.53

Prep 0.76

Closing 0.25

For the lenses to fit the brief they need to be able to be mass produced using injection moulding. For this we calculated if 3 million units could be produced in 3 months, using the mould with the silhouette Cool 1.68 for mass production.

Injection 0.76

160 hours 9600 minutes 576000 seconds Cycle time: 6.86s material weight 33g total cost 43,945.61 GBP 3,274,635 in 3 months

Freeze 0.79 Packing 2.09

Projects In Progress



Design Practice project:

Personal Project:

Our electronics module consists of learning and building on our understanding of electronics and coding, with a mixture of hardware and software, to complete tasks that have prepared us for our semester 2 brief. Our brief is, to design and make an artefact to demonstate our knowledge of coding and a 18F55K20 programmer to produce a wireless baby monitor to sense temperature and display this on a rgb handset.

During our BSc mechanics module we are required to design, mechanically analyse and manufacture a squash ball launcher in groups. The squash ball launcher must comply to the requirements of being purely mechanical, no bigger footprint than 0.5m x 0.5m x 0.5m, and it must be designed to release the squash ball at a safe distance of 5m (deployed by rope).

For our design project our brief is to identify and design an internet of things product which the industrail design and app interface are dedicated to a clearly defined context. For this I have decided to undertake a project about a water bottle with the ability to track the water consumed from it, which can be tracked from a phone app.

I am currently undertaking a personal project of designing and manufacturing an electronically controlled water pump for use in an elderly couple’s garden. This system will allow the water level to be tracked from two seperate water tanks and, with electronic coding, water to be passed from one to the other when the conditions are correct.

Paired Assignment

Group Assignment

Individual Assignment

Individual Assignment

Projects In Progress

Past School Projects

Sustainability project:

A2 project:

AS project:

GCSE project:

For the hydration of older adults with chronic illnesses, design a product, service or system that is both functional and desirable to use. The product, service or system should be considered in a sustainable way and must ensure that the user is encouraged to stay hydrated to the best of their ability.

For my A2 project we could choose any product that we saw was needed for a client. I set myself the brief of building an outdoor chair fit for relaxing in an ergonomic way. I did this while also considering their current outdoor furniture so it would fit will in the environment.

My AS project was to design and manufacture a light or a table which can fit within a 50cm3 space which fits and is regularly checked by the client it is designed for. For this I chose to design a desk light for my client to use at his new desk as it did not get as much sunlight as his old desk did.

Individual Assignment

Individual Assignment

For my GCSE project I undertook the brief of designing and manufacturing a product suitable for clients everyday use that is inspired by a design movement of the past 100 years. I chose to design a side table for my clients living room to store magazines, newspapers and remote controls, based on the cubism movement.

Individual Assignment

Individual Assignment

Thank You

Lauren Cooper - Product Design Portfolio 2018  
Lauren Cooper - Product Design Portfolio 2018