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Southern Utah Universty

September 6th 2013 2nd Edition

Thunderbird Soccer fans Hello friends and family, supporters and

played a lot of players to see how

even start to express how unnerving it

fans… The last few weeks have been

different combinations worked together

was to end with a score of 4-1 in favor of

packed full with practices, games, trips,

and tried different formations. Utah

CSUB. The girls worked, crafted, and

and school beginning… this can only

State began the season ranked 113 in the

pushed so hard to create great scoring

mean that preseason is in full throttle and

nation to our 261 -proving how high our

opportunities. The soccer was beautiful.

the girls are proving they are ready for it.

talent level is! This result excites not only

It was just one of those games that make

our team but also our university and

our sport so unique (and frustrating!). In

community. Utah State remains

the end we don’t feel as if the better

unbeaten as we write this newsletter.

team came out on top. The Bakersfield

Our last letter ended right before we played our exhibition game vs. Utah State. As you all know, we fell to

trip was rather short seeing as we only

the Aggies 2-1. Even though we didn’t come out with the win we still took away many positive lessons. The girls had a chance to get all their “first collegiate game” jitters out of their system. We

played one game. But don’t let that Our first regular season

deter you from understanding the full

nonconference game was on the road

effect the trip had on the team. Being our

against Cal State Bakersfield. We can’t

first road trip we needed to get some of the kinks out.

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Last season after four games SUU was 0-4 with one goal on the year, this year the Thunderbirds are 2-2 with nine total goals. The Thunderbirds have scored nine goals in their first four games, last season the ninth goal of the season didn’t come until the 12th match of the year, the same match in which the team recorded their second win. After four games last season the T-Birds had totaled 43 shots and allowed 85. This year SUU has taken 51 while giving up just 56. Logan Harker and Annabelle Schwab are currently tied for the team lead with eight shots apiece. Last year at this point the team leader had just seven. Seven different T-Birds have recorded a goal in the first four games. Aurora Moberly and Brianne Brown both lead the way with two scores so far. Southern Utah scored four goals in its win over UCSB. That is the highest single game total ever under Head Coach Becky Hogan.

Crazy Car Rides, with no A/C On our trip to Bakersfield one of our four cars had to overcome a stressful and alarming situation... the air conditioner broke! Now, your first instinct might be to chuckle a little, but you wouldn’t be laughing if you were stuck in a car with 4 amazing singers singing “hot in herre” by Nelly, and “Burning Up” by the Jonas Brothers. I’m telling you it was a serious situation. But don’t you worry; we switched the rental car in Las Vegas!

J All kidding aside, despite the loss the trip was a very successful and positive first road trip. Once we returned home we immediately started preparing for our next home game vs. the University of California, Santa Barbara – a team who had just tied Weber State that Monday. We wanted to move forward with the momentum we gained from CSB and fight for the win. We knew UCSB was going to be a challenge but we were prepared. In practices we worked on the functional training with each line: forwards, midfields, and

Freshman goalkeeper Elyssa Hashimoto currently holds a goals against average of 2.00. That puts her on par with the last freshman keeper to start in goal at Southern Utah, Charly Booth, who held a 1.98 average in 2009.

defenders. We took time to focus on little things and build confidence in the things we know we do well. We focused on positioning, pattern play, and finishing. On Wed August 28th we earned our first win against the 89th ranked team in Division 1 women’s soccer! The game was intense.

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To recap the exciting UCSB game: We

by Kirsten Anthony with a flick assist

went up early with two goals in the first

from Sabrina Hernandez, all coming off

half. The second half we came out on

a free kick, taken by Katie Jones. The

fire with a quick third goal to make it 3-

feeling after we won was indescribable.

0. Then the chaos began. UCSB got

The win was a 100% team win. We

two quick goals on us, and then a third.

couldn’t have been prouder of the girls.

It was tied 3-3 with less than 30 minutes

In the end, they found a way... this is a

left. Everyone kept yelling, “find a way!”

team that knows how to battle and fight

With three minutes left on the clock we

to the last whistle.

found a way! It was a world class finish

Our next stop was the tournament in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It was the first trip we took on an airplane. We flew Allegiant so the packing conditions were a little severe. Everyone could only bring one personal item, so for us that one item was a backpack. One backpack per girl for four days… No biggie, we made it work!

This week of training leading up to the rematch versus the University of Utah has been very intense. At this point of the season we are cranking things up a notch. With every game being a dog fight from this weekend forward, it is time to put a serious edge into every single thing we do. Not that things haven’t already been intense, they certainly have been, but we have taken it to the next level. Champions do the dirty work on the practice field, and it has always rung true when Anson Dorrance talks about practice being harder than any game. We’re embracing this philosophy and the fruits of our labors will soon pay off. Many thanks go out to the supporters back home who cheer from afar and lend a vote of confidence to their daughters as they weather this, and other battles. We sure appreciate all that you do for your daughters.

We ended the weekend 1-1-0. We beat the University of Vermont 3-1 and lost to Appalachian State 2-1. The girls played well in both matches. They fought extremely hard the last 15 minutes against App State but we couldn’t seem to find the net. Many girls stepped up this game, which opened our eyes to new ideas, and even more possibilities. We have such a wonderful and talented group of girls; we can come at teams in so many different and effective ways. It’s vital as a coach to have these options, and the girls are completely on board. We are more than lucky to have this particular group of young women. While in Colorado we made time to stop in at the Colorado Springs Olympic Center. It was awesome. We took a tour around all the facilities.


The girls got to see and hear first hand how much work goes into being and Olympic athlete. One of the stories our guide told us was about their weight room. The Olympic center was forced to place a fence on top of their indoor weight room wall. The wall was already about 12 feet tall. They had to place the fence on top of the wall not to keep the athletes in while training, but to keep them out. They had too many incidents of athletes trying to climb over the wall to do extra workouts in the middle of the night. These stories really hit home with our girls and our coaching staff. We all left the Olympic Center with a different state of mind, a new appreciation. To say the least, we all left inspired.

Newsletter 2nd edition  
Newsletter 2nd edition