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All Our Best is stAnding By At Baptist HealtH HealtHline


aptist Health treats Arkansans with the very latest medical technology and with the most experienced caregivers. But sometimes the most valuable treatment starts with a knowledgeable voice and a sympathetic ear. “We have one goal at Baptist Health HealthLine,” says Beth Scales, Senior HealthLine Advisor. “To make sure our callers on the other end of the line get exactly what they need, no matter what it takes.” Baptist Health HealthLine (1-888-BAPTIST) is a free service provided by Baptist Health. One call puts you in touch with a trained Advisor dedicated to helping solve your health care inquiry. And while everyone who calls the Baptist Health HealthLine can enjoy the polite customer engagement, it’s the expertise that the service’s users appreciate most. From scheduling appointments and providing directions, to navigating complicated insurance issues, Baptist Health HealthLine provides expert counsel five days a week from 7AM until 7PM. Even if you require aid from an out-ofstate provider, Baptist Health HealthLine makes sure that callers receive the help they need. “People call with a variety of questions and concerns,” says Beth, “and we have the resources that allow us to respond quickly.” One resource is a comprehensive, easily accessible database that enables HealthLine Advisors to reference callers quickly and completely. That’s a big help when callers are seeking repeat services, or would like to take steps for follow-up care.

Every day, HealthLine Advisors assist Arkansans in finding doctors and recommending referrals. They can also help you determine which physician best fits your needs, accepts Medicare and Medicaid, or is currently accepting new patients. Though Baptist Health HealthLine Advisors aren’t licensed caregivers, they are trained to provide information on a variety of health-related questions and medical procedures. What’s the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes? Which procedures are performed using the DaVinci Robotic Surgical System? What are the latest statistics associated with smoking and heart disease? Baptist Health HealthLine is among the very best resources in Arkansas for health related information and services. And it’s absolutely free. Call 1-888-BAPTIST Monday through Friday, from 7AM to 7PM, for immediate and friendly assistance. . 9

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Mother’s Day / gift guide The Fountain of Youth Kit by Glymed Plus

$148 Arline’s Individuality in Skin Care 3706 JFK Blvd. • North Little Rock • 501.219.2080


Day of Pampering Gift Certificate

$175- Includes Manicure, Pedicure, Facial, Make-up Application, Shampoo/Style & Lunch That French Salon 11600 Mara Lynn Rd. • Little Rock • 501.224.3075

Aqua Sunshine “Susan Top” by Escapada

$64 Beyond Cotton 10700 N. Rodney Parham • Little Rock 501.221.9195


{ {

Spring Tour of Homes Tickets

May 11-12

$125 Candlelight Tour | $25 Sunday Tour Quapaw Quarter Association 615 E. Captiol Ave. • Little Rock • 501.371-0075

MOTHER’S DAY GIFT GUIDE Need ideas for what to get mommy dearest this upcoming holiday? Check out this Mother’s Day gift guide for inspiration found in the shops near you. 20 . MAY 2013 . 21

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Southern-Style Storytelling Join Us Live for Dinner and a Show Tuesday Nights @ Starving Artist CafĂŠ . 27

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celebrating 25+ years

Bus i n e s s P r o f i l e s

great satisfaction comes from the process of creation — starting with just an idea and building something that lasts. As AY celebrAtes our 25th AnniversAry, we tAke A moment to celebrAte ArkAnsAs businesses thAt hAve left their mArks for more thAn A quArter century. through innovAtion, greAt business ethics, community support And more, these businesses hAve stood the test of time. we congrAtulAte them As they continue to crAft sterling legAcies. 44 . MAY 2013



FuneRal Home 13701 ChEnal ParkWay lITTlE rOCk, ar 72211 501.224.8300 rOllErfunEralhOmEs.COm

number of employees: 350+ top executive: Bill Booker, Pres. product or service: funeral, Cemetery & Cremation services

year founded : 1936

What have you learned after 25(+) years in business? Every family is individual and unique, as is their story about their loved one’s death. We are here to make sure their funeral wishes are fulfilled. The funeral process is the beginning of the healing for those of us left to live on, which is done ...”with all our respect.”



- roller is family-owned and professionally managed. - assured Peace funeral Plan, the largest pre-paid funeral plan in arkansas - Citizens fidelity Insurance Co., one of the leading final expense insurance companies insuring over 150,000 fellow arkansans - Economies of scale - Efficiency of our personnel and equipment - Web-casting, viewing services in real-time

Roller Family: couples from left to right Lynn Jenkins and Sue Roller Jenkins and Tim Byler and Renata Jenkins Byler

RolleR FuneRal Homes:

a vIsIOnary In ThE funEral IndusTry For almost 80 years, the Roller family has compassionately helped other Arkansas families lay their loved ones to rest. The respectful, caring service, founded by Denver and Christine Roller, which the staff provides for families and individuals during this difficult time, has helped Roller Funeral Homes become the state’s largest such provider. Founder Denver Roller served his funeral apprenticeship in Missouri before moving to Mountain Home, Ark. to work for McClure Funeral Home. When the owner offered to sell Roller the funeral home, he leapt at the opportunity. “My grandfather was the only embalmer/mortician in the north region, and he took care of everyone’s needs throughout WWII,” said Renata Jenkins Byler, the family’s third generation and the company’s vice president of marketing and facilities. “My grandparents eventually sold the funeral home back to McClure, and he and his wife Christine, moved to Little Rock, bought Drummond Funeral Home and the rest is history,” Byler added. A visionary in the funeral

industry, Roller established Arkansas’ first crematory and offered the states first pre-paid funeral program through the company’s Assured Peace. “When my grandfather died in 1985, Roller Funeral Homes had a presence across Arkansas with 13 homes. Today we consist of 28 funeral homes, nine cemeteries, two crematories, and a flower shop,” Byler said. The family’s third generation continues with the same commitment and integrity as her grandparents and parents. Sue Roller Jenkins, daughter of Denver and Christine, and husband Lynn Jenkins have retired from the profession but serve as board members. A five-person team, led by Pres. Bill Booker includes Renata Jenkins Byler; Tim Byler, vice president of information technology; Steve Ballard, vice president of operations; and Tom Compton, vice president of finance, guides the more than 350 employees and all abide by the motto “to serve as we would be served.” Renata Byler said, “It takes special people to excel in the funeral profession. People who are happy and thrive in this

line of work find that it’s more than a job ... it’s a calling.” The purpose of a funeral is twofold: to mourn the death of a loved one, while celebrating his or her life and to begin the grieving process for the living. Roller Funeral Homes assist in all stages of planning, from completing paperwork to helping arrange financing and ensuring that final wishes are carried out.” The success of Roller Funeral Homes has been recognized by Arkansas Business, the city of Little Rock, and readers of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette who have voted Roller the best funeral home every year since 1999. In addition, the company has been awarded the Hospice Compassion Award, Corporate Humanitarian Award by the Governor’s Office. “As happy as we are to receive these honors, there is nothing more fulfilling than knowing at the end of the day that we have helped families lay their loved ones to rest and pay tribute to their lives.” Mrs. Byler said. “We are honored that families choose us to play such an important role and that we are able to do this, with “all our respect.” . 45


brooks Pool Co., Inc. P.O. BOX 7342 LITTLE ROCK, AR 72217 501.771.1501 brookspools.COM

Number of Employees: 6 Top Executive: Clyde & Clay Brooks Product or Service: Custom Concrete Pools, Spas & Water Features

Years in business : 44

What have you learned after 25(+) years in business? “Compromising on integrity or best practice to “sell” a job is never an option. We’d rather lose a job than compromise on the functionality or quality of a project,” said Clayton. “This is why our customers return to us, why they refer us and why we’re the first choice of second-generation Brooks Pool Company customers.”



A third-generation company with over four decades of experience in the pool construction industry, Brooks Pool Company brings an unmatched combination of knowledge, skill and expertise to every project, enabling us to take on projects of any description from breathtaking infinity pools and lavish fountains to tranquil water features. Each project is constructed and finished at our highest standards and comes with a guarantee of quality beyond compare.

Brooks pools:

Brooks Infinity Pool and Spa

bringing an uncompromising standard of integrity to every project Since 1969, Brooks Pool Company has created thousands of timeless waterscapes on the grounds of private residences and many well-known commercial projects throughout Central Arkansas and remains the preferred choice among the state’s top general contractors and homeowners unwilling to compromise quality for price. These valued relationships and extensive list of projects affirm the company’s place at the heart of the pool construction industry in Arkansas. John Brooks founded Brooks Pool Company, and his son, Clyde, and grandson, Clayton, continue his personal commitment to unparalleled quality, bringing an uncompromising standard of integrity and strong commitment to excellence to every project. Collaborating with professional landscape architects, designers and con-

tractors allows Brooks Pool Company to focus on all the fine construction details and deliver the highest quality craftsmanship to create highly individualized aquatic structures that blend naturally and beautifully into any setting. Relying on only a few select subcontractors and personally overseeing every detail of each project enables Brooks Pool Company to stand behind their guarantee that you cannot buy a higher quality pool than a Brooks pool. The Young family in the Edgehill neighborhood of Little Rock recently experienced the Brooks Pool Company’s “perfectionist, open-minded and professional” work ethic for a second time to create their backyard pool in 2012. “I wanted it to look like it had been here forever,” said Diana. Young told Brooks Pool Company what she envisioned and, teaming

up with a local renowned landscape architect, they made it a reality. “It’s heaven in the middle of the city,” Young said. Now that the pool is built and the area is landscaped, the Young family and their friends enjoy quality time together in their own little piece of paradise. In addition to creating custom residential pools, spas and water features, projects have included everything from Little Rock Athletic Club pool and the fountain at Lakewood Village in North Little Rock to numerous community pools, apartment complex pools and hotel pools around Central Arkansas. This history is the foundation of Brooks Pool Company’s promise to its customers: You can buy a less expensive pool, but you cannot buy a higher-quality pool than a Brooks pool.


Snell ProSthetic & orthotic

l a b o r at o r y

625 N. UNiversity ave. LittLe rOCK, ar 72205 501.664.2624 | 800.342.5541 sNeLLpaNdO.COM

number of employees: 62 top executives: frank snell, CpO

rick fleetwood, CeO

product or service: prosthetics, Orthotics, pedorthics and postMastectomy

year founded : 1911

What have you learned after 25(+) years in business? “perhaps the most important thing i have learned is the certainty of change. Whether it is the emerging technology that continually yields ground-breaking innovations or the recent legislation that will soon determine how the various portions of health care are delivered to our patients, success will come to those who work the hardest to master these coming changes.”



snell’s competitive advantages include using the latest technology available; an emphasis on providing continuing education for all professional staff members; a devoted staff (some have been with the company for more than forty years); the company’s commitment to community service and support of non-profit organizations; and the benefits of community-based care at eleven offices across the state.

Snell laboratory:

Snell Prosthetic & Orthotic Laboratory

exCeLLiNg iN prOsthetiCs aNd OrthOtiCs fOr Over 100 years. In 1911 when R.W. “Pop” Snell first started the orthopedic appliances company that would eventually become Snell Prosthetic & Orthotic Laboratory, there were no rules, regulations or precedents to guide him. He simply set out to handcraft his first artificial limbs knowing that an important need was there to be met — and better solutions could be devised by someone who stepped forward and led the way toward developing them. With no established precedent to follow, Snell set his own style, chose his own steps and introduced his own innovative ideas and designs. Patients learned of Snell’s skill largely through word of mouth and referrals. From those early limbs fashioned of tough rawhide and pliable red willow through the war years that followed, which brought waves of returning disabled veterans in need of his services, the business prospered. It was a business to which the family remained committed. From the beginning, the Snells have filled leader-

ship positions, creating the benchmark for quality and service in the fields of prosthetics and orthotics. When the first standards tests were established in 1948, Ed Snell (nephew of “Pop” Snell) was among the first practitioners in the country to qualify as a Certified Prosthetist and Orthotist (CPO). Continuing education, professional certification and licensure remain as tenets of the company. Current Snell Laboratory president Frank Snell, CPO, LPO, FAAOP, a great-nephew of the original founder, began working alongside his father at the rapidly-growing company at age 14, developing the skills required for an Orthotist/Prosthetist. When he joined the company full time in 1972 as a graduate of Northwestern University, he brought with him new management skills and methods as well as new insights and goals. O ver the past centur y, Snell Laboratory has taken an active role in the amazing strides made in the prosthetics and orthotics field. Rawhide and red willow wood

have long been replaced by high-performance materials such as carbon-fiber composites and advanced thermoplastics. Ever-improving technolog y continues to focus on improving patient comfort and mobility, with greater accuracy of fit, lighter weight and greater durability as perpetual goals. Today practitioners at the company routinely fit patients with microprocessor-controlled prosthetic legs and orthotic knee joints. In their persistent pursuit of excellence across the decades, Snell Laboratory has enthusiastically investigated and implemented new procedures and methods that keep them in the forefront of developing new technologies — through beta testing of new products in tandem with leading manufacturers and through rapid adaptation of the newest measurement, fitting and fabrication technologies, they continue to help those with physical challenges overcome obstacles so that they may lead productive, independent lives. . 47






Attention MeMbers And Guests 3 201

Sat-thurS: 11am - 9pm Fri- Sat: 11am - 10pm

808 front street • Conway, ar • 501-296-6453 • MikesplaCeConway.CoM

CheCk out MiChelAnGelo’s new hAppy hours 8pm - 10pm mOn tO thurS

mOn-thur: 4pm - 10pm Fri-Sat: 4pm - 11pm Sun: 10am - 2pm & 5pm - 8pm

1117 oak street • Conway, ar • 501-329-7278 • MiChelangelosConway.CoM 48 . MAY 2013 . 49

50 . MAY 2013


Art, Food, shopping, And more...


Monrow boutique

You will leave looking Fabulous

1116 Oak St. • C onway, AR •501-205-1280 806 2nd St. • Conway, AR onway 501.327.6523 •


1700 Altus Rd., ste 100 • ConwAy, AR 806 2nd St. • Conway, AR 501.205.4735 • fACebook.Com/monRow-boutique

501.327.6523 • . 51



Travelers entering Arkansas by way of the Greenville US-82/US-278 Bridge.

The Natural State is a sight to see. From the high peaks of the Ozarks to the Delta marshes, Arkansas’ varied landscape is breathtaking; but it’s the towns you find along the way that truly captivate travelers. Take a tour of three of the state’s hidden gems — and stay awhile if you can.

52 . MAY 2013




he Argenta Arts Foundation (AAF) formed in January 2010 to develop the Argenta Arts District by creating events, marketing the district, providing support for other art endeavors and stimulating the economic development and

revitalization of the community. The AAF executes eight annual events in addition to a weekly farmers market and monthly art walks and provides support for other art ventures, such as Tales From the South, the Little Rock Film Festival, Arkansas Sculptors Invitational, the Thea Foundation Art Festival, the Argenta Film Series and The Joint’s Main Thing Theater performances. In partnership with the Argenta Downtown Council, we have created an environment to attract the arts and now have 10 arts organizations, eight performance venues and 10 visual art venues. In May 2012 we launched the Moon Shot Project. Designed to increase college attendance, the Moon Shot Project calls for A+ Teaching Method in all North Little Rock School District Schools, bringing City Year to scale to serve off-track students and

as facilitators and will provide support for the eightweek program. We will continue to host Artist Inc. for Central Arkansas in the future. The AAF believes the arts are a proven method to

Art Connection. The AAF started Art Connection, an art-based after school/summer

increase revitalization and economic development

work program for under-resourced teens, in September of 2012 and currently employs

of our downtown and will continue our efforts to

20 teens.

attract art-related businesses, artists and young,

The AAF has been selected as a host for the Mid-America Arts Alliance Artist Inc.

college-educated individuals who will contribute to

program in September 2013. We’ve recruited artists in a variety of disciplines to serve

our growth. . 53


Fairfield Bay


omeday Starts Today in Fairfield Bay Nestled on the north shore of the pristine Greers Ferry Lake, Fairfield Bay showcases a community of people who enjoy the great outdoors while living a lifestyle of new experiences. With its tree-lined country boulevards, winding trails, yearround fishing and championship golfing, Fairfield Bay is home to a growing community of residents and vacationers alike! Natural Setting. Resort Living. Countless amenities are part of the outdoor resort lifestyle in Fairfield Bay, including fishing and boating on scenic Greers Ferry Lake, teeing off on two 18 -hole championship golf courses, hiking Sugar Loaf Mountain – the first designated National Scenic Trail in Arkansas – and exploring the historic boulders and caves at Indian Rock, where de Soto visited in 1542. There are 8 championship tennis courts, 3 resort-style pools, fitness center, library, country club and more in a mild climate that makes it the ideal location for year-round memories. Always Something Happening. The community holds some of

54 . MAY 2013

Arkansas’ most unique festivals: Bloomin’ in the Bay (April), Surf the Bay (June) and StoryFest (Oct). Always a treat, the outdoor amphitheater regularly hosts music, plays and more. With outstanding quality of life and affordable housing tucked in the peaceful beauty of the Ozarks, Fairfield Bay is where the amenities of a Mountain Lake resort and the qualities of a caring community come together. Come see us!

Pine Bluff CVB




Bluff ’s



secrets are the many museums and exhibition centers that can

be found throughout the city, each specializing in its own interpretation of a unique subject. “Murals on Main” is an informal exhibition of a dozen murals painted by renowned artists on the sides of buildings along Main Street since 1992. The Arkansas Entertainers Hall of

locomotives and an array of displays.

include agricultural and industrial artifacts.

Fame, inside the Convention Center,

The Arts & Science Center for Southeast

The Hall of Honors pays tribute to those who

Arkansas houses permanent and rotating

highlights Arkansas’ sons and daughters

served our country from Jefferson County,

collections and is best known for its family-

from WWI through Afghanistan.

in the entertainment world with a

oriented programs, ranging from hands-on

collection of memorabilia.

children’s exhibits to stage productions.

The Arkansas Railroad Museum is home

The Pine Bluff/Jefferson County Historical

to Engine 819, the Cotton Belt Railroad’s

Museum is in the restored Union Station

legendary “Queen of Steam.” Visitors

Train Depot, which is on the National

can tour several rail cars and view vintage

Register of Historic Places. Collections

Pine Bluff’s museums welcome visitors with no admission fees. . 55

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3 201

Voted one of Ay’s Best Burgers 1023 W. MarkhaM Street • LittLe rock (501) 376 -1195 • . 63

64 . MAY 2013

FOllOw uS On FAceBOOk

PeOPle HelPing

PeOPle 1001 S. 21st Street • PO Box 305 Fort Smith, AR 72902 . 65

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@ AYMAG.COM 74 . MAY 2013

VIDEO Go to the recipes page to catch this month’s video tips or view past month’s videos.


76 . MAY 2013

yo u r t

e lock

o lo rc h c d l bo l iz e d t o u w it h a p


The Full Moon 3625 Kavanaugh • Little Rock AR 501.663.4367 • . 77

78 . MAY 2013

Enjoy an exquisite glass of wine or flavorful imported beer, paired with cheeses or a zesty tapenade. Savor the ambiance of rich cherry wood inside or the shady outdoor courtyard … it’s an Old European sense of wellbeing.

1pm-10pm: Thur-Sat 1pm-8pm: Sunday

479.363.6411 89 S. Main • Eureka Springs wine, cheese and conversation




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82 . MAY 2013

Arkansas Medical, Dental & Pharmaceutical Association 120th Annual Scientific Session & National Medical Association Region V Conference

June 6 - 8, 2013 101 East Markham | Little Rock, Arkansas Featured Speakers Edith Irby Jones, M.D., M.A.C.P.

Deidre Walton, JD, MSN, RN

For More Information, contact AMDPA at (501) 265-0156 or

Register Today at . 83

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check out the




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AY Magazine - May 2013  

AY Magazine turns 25 this month and we celebrate by bringing you 25 reasons we are About You. Also this month read about Uncorked! Live, a n...

AY Magazine - May 2013  

AY Magazine turns 25 this month and we celebrate by bringing you 25 reasons we are About You. Also this month read about Uncorked! Live, a n...