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Web Content Article We believe in cheap college textbooks We aim to provide students with cheap textbooks so they can use their money in any way they want to. Who would rather spend $100 or (more on!) a math textbook when they could buy a cheap college textbook and go out with their friends? We want to provide cheap textbook for student in order to make their lives easier and remove one of the stresses of paying for college. We are able to do this because we initially purchase a new textbook and rent the books out to students. Students can access countless cheap college textbooks on our website and simply mail them back to us when they are done. Our website is user friendly and has a lot to offer. We also have a help tab that assists students while searching for their textbooks. If a student is still experiencing difficulties we offer an instant messenger so students can directly talk to one of our staff members. In addition to our thousands of cheap textbooks, we offer online tutoring. Students are able to pay a low monthly fee or annual fee that allows them to video chat with any one of our skilled tutors. Our homework assistance program has over 50 tutors. All tutors have their master’s degree and go through monthly training in order to refresh their memories or teach them current curriculum. We believe that because we are constantly striving to help students grow in their education that our team should constantly strive to expand our education. Our goal is optimal for those whom sign up for the online tutoring program because we are always improving and expanding our team. We are dedicated to our love for education and our love for our customers. We promise 100 percent satisfaction and like to think of all of our customers as family.

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