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Blog #3 “How do I stay positive about being single when everyone I know is either engaged or already married?” — Nikki Huo Nikki, I understand your frustration. I know it can sometimes feel like everyone is moving forward in life and getting married of having babies. Then there’s you — just going on dates — with your homework and maybe with your dog. I would first recommend trying to change your mindset. It is so easy to focus on what we do not have and become consumed with what other people are doing. Look at your singleness as an opportunity to serve the Lord. Go on a missions trip, feed the hungry, become a jr. high leader at your church. The options are endless. There is nothing more attractive to a born-again, Christian man than a woman serving the Lord who is not merely waiting around for a husband. Instead of being focused on scoring a husband aim to serve God and be content with where you are. As Christians he is our prize. So while serving him, and taking your mind off of what you are “missing out on,” discover that life has more meaning and satisfaction in Christ. Another option is to go out and have fun. Be adventurous and do the things you have always wanted to do (keeping the Christian perspective in mind of course). Try new foods, travel with your girlfriends, or go see your favorite band in concert. My married friends (and friends in relationships) do love being in relationships, but they all say that the one thing they miss is being able to pick up and do anything. Take advantage of where you are at in life and where the Lord has you. Being single is not a punishment, nor does it mean you have caught some sort of singleness disease. Regardless of the comments people say, enjoy this stage of your life and serve the Lord and experience new things in life.

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