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feel at HOME residence at waterloo

feel at HOME residence at waterloo

feel at HOME residence at waterloo

feel at HOME residence at waterloo

feel at HOME residence at waterloo

feel at HOME residence at waterloo

It’s about living the total Waterloo experience: Bonding with roommates. Grabbing a crazy carpet from the REV Front Desk and heading out into the snow. Impromptu study groups. Grabbing a bite to eat at an on-campus cafeteria.

Rez. The memories last a lifetime. Ready to make your own?



Columbia Lake Village 120 Village 1 1,356 UW Place 1,383

Where you choose to live will have an impact on your university experience, from the friends you make to the marks you earn. Residence is about meeting new people and exploring new ideas. It’s about studying, socializing, living independently and making your own choices.

Mackenzie King Village 312

But here’s the thing: you’re psyched to start classes and enjoy your freedom, but living on your own for the first time and finding a way to fit in? Not so much. We understand. With more than 24,000 full-time undergraduate students at Waterloo, university can seem a bit overwhelming. But here’s a secret: simply by living in residence and becoming part of that tight-knit community, you’ll experience a genuine sense of belonging – and Waterloo will quickly feel like home. In short, you’ll know in your gut that Waterloo is the right FIT.

In fact, Waterloo Residences is committed to providing you with a welcoming, safe, environment that promotes personal and academic growth. We have committed, caring staff that offer customer service and respect for our valued students.

Ron Eydt Village 1,000

Important! Mark May 28th on your calendar! » Because residence spaces are limited and the demand is high, we will not be able to guarantee a space for you if you miss the residence deadline.


Between classes, studying, meals, sleeping and socializing – and being independent for the very first time – life will be a lot to balance. But don’t worry. With all the resources and support offered in residence, you will learn the skills to handle your new freedom and responsibilities so you can achieve your academic goals and still have a good time too.

Front Cover TOP: slippers la la la l al ala lalal. BOTTOM: Studying yayayayayayay!

We make room for first-year students


We’re here for you

1 Hanging out at the UW Place Coffee House. 2 Staying in touch with mom from residence. 3 Enjoying the good eats at Mackenzie King Village’s Iron Chef Night. 4 Listening to students perform at the UW Place Talent Show.

1 live. study. be. in rez.

Your residence contract





Ever wonder why 83 percent of first-year Waterloo students choose residence over off-campus life? Easy. Living in residence isn’t just about being able to roll out of bed and still get to class on time (although that’s a bonus).

» You Belong in Residence


» Become a Leader


» Stephanie’s First Year


» Get the Academic Edge


» Here to Help » Ron Eydt Village

8 10

» Village 1


» UW Place


» Mackenzie King Village


» Columbia Lake Village


» A Great Deal


» Eat to Succeed


» Where Do I Sign Up? » Parents Give the Ultimate Gift » One Last Check

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Fitting in is a snap

Ontario. Canada. The world. Whether you hail from places near or far, everyone fits in at residence no matter where they come from.

We understand if you’re still feeling a bit nervous though. Maybe you’re wondering about your new roommate or how you’ll ever find your classes. And sharing a bathroom with people you barely know? How exactly is that going to work? One word: relax. In Waterloo Residences, you’ll find people and services to help you get it together on all fronts. And we’ll be there from the moment you walk through our door. (Oops, your door.) Success in residence means co-operation, consideration, compromise, and respect. By living in residence, you are helping to build a successful community – your way.

study up

» Attend workshops or tutoring sessions in residence. » Study in the special study lounges or rooms. »M  eld minds – and notes – over late night pizza with friends who live down the hall from you.

REZ EVENTS All work and no play? No way. One of the best things about living in residence is all the events and activities you’ll have to choose from. Depending on your course load, participate in as many or as few as you want. Dons and Residence Council plan most activities, but you can get involved too. Some past events held in residence include: » Coffee House » Talent shows » Fashion shows » Residence formal » The infamous “Gotcha” game (trust us, it’s fun) » Game nights and movie nights

quinntin Quinntin Fong

Residence life is custom-made for socializing, but it’s also an excellent place to bump up your academic grades too. In fact, there’s an incredible amount of support in residence to help you succeed academically. Why not:

1 2

UWP, Wellesley Court South first year – Mathematics/ Chartered Accountancy 1 » What  can’t you live without? My agenda. 2»W  hat’s your favourite food? Soup from the Davis Centre. 3»W  hat’s your average school day like? There’s no “average” day! 4»W  hat’s it like sharing a bathroom? It’s like having a brother. 5»W  here’s your favourite on-campus hangout? SLC Great Hall. 6 » Describe the housing experience? Home #2.

You Belong in residence 1 Getting help from the Front Desk Assistant at UW Place. 2 Having fun with friends at one of the many residence events.

you belong in residence

Not only will you have a chance to meet people from across the globe, you’ll learn from each other too. In some ways, it’s like getting a global education without ever leaving your home.

stephanie’s first year What’s it like living in rez for your first year?

Leadership opportunities include: » Residence Council » Residence Tour Guides » Front Desk Assistant » Marketing Advisory Board » Residence computer consultants » Peer leaders Find more information at

Why choose Waterloo Residence? That’s a no-brainer. Living with other students on campus gives you a competitive edge. For instance it offers: »C  onvenience and serious time-savings opportunities. Instead of waiting for an early morning bus across town, think a quick 10-minute trek across campus. And don’t forget, no monthly bill to pay or home maintenance. And in some cases, no food to prepare. »P  eople and programs to help you study smart and meet your academic goals. » New friends and cool activities to keep you busy all year. » A safe and secure place to live and learn. » Support when you need it. » Lots of chances for personal growth and leadership.

chanele Chanele Polenz

But did you know residences also offer opportunities for leadership? Residence leadership positions are excellent volunteer opportunities. Others are even paid, part-time jobs!

Village 1 first year – Honours Biochemistry (Co-op) 1 » What  can’t you live without? Books, music, and pictures of friends and family. 2»W  hat’s your favourite thing to do on campus? Explore campus with friends – there’s always something going on. 3»W  hat’s your average school day like? Really busy. About 6 hours of classes or labs a day, then homework and some time for activities or hanging out with friends. 4»W  hat’s it like sharing a bathroom? Not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. There’s nothing better than those morning sink conversations getting ready! 5»W  here’s your favourite on-campus hangout? Rez and the Earth Sciences Building - they have comfy couches, a great cafe, and what’s better than hanging out with dinosaurs?

september » I remember feeling anxious about moving in and meeting my roommate – the only ones more nervous were my parents! Once I had figured out everything I had packed but didn’t need, and everything I needed, but didn’t pack, I went out with my roommate and made new friends! When my 18th birthday came at the end of the month, I was feeling homesick, but my floor and Don threw me a party with a huge birthday cake!

october »B  y October, I had learned most of the “ins and outs” of campus and could find my classes without asking. I love Halloween – getting dressed up and seeing everyone’s creativity! My favourite was the people who were Tetris pieces. And Residence Council ran games like Fear Factor with candy as prizes! I also liked being a Residence Tour Guide, sharing my first-year residence experience with prospective students.

november »W  ith exams around the corner, it was time to buckle down! A lot of my friends had similar class schedules, and we got together to study in the cafeteria or a lounge. Walking to Village 1 for spicy chicken wraps was the best study break, and working with friends made everything less stressful.

december »R  ight before finals my Don threw a holiday floor party, and we had a silly gift exchange – I got a bright blue fuzzy scarf – a really fun way to end the term! Then it was time to go home. I had missed my family and high school friends during the term, but I found myself missing my Waterloo friends and my residence family over the break – it was amazing how close we had become!

» I was excited to start a whole new term and reconnect. We all got together the first night back to share holiday stories and catch up. I was also excited about my new classes, especially Introduction to Tourism. Professor Smith was phenomenal, and the course was a blast!

february »W  inter snowstorms make the best stress relievers. My floor would borrow crazy carpets from the REV front desk and toboggan or have snowball fights before curling up in the lounge with blankets and hot chocolate to watch a movie together. Reading Week was a great time to visit my family without feeling like I was missing something at school.

march » I couldn’t believe I was almost finished first year, and I tried to make the most of my last few weeks. The Residence Charity Ball was a great way to get everyone together and just dance! It was funny to see people all dressed up because I was so used to seeing them wandering around in pyjamas!

april »T  he last month of the term was fun and sad at the same time. The warm weather made pick-up Frisbee and soccer common exam break activities, and we could study by the creek that runs through Ron Eydt Village. I was proud that I had completed my first Waterloo year, and I realized I wouldn’t trade my time in REV for anything!

5 stephanie’s first year

become a leader

We asked Stephanie to share some of her first-year experiences with us about residence life.

You know that Waterloo has the largest co-op program of its kind in the world providing endless opportunities for professional development.



become a leader

Q: What are the Living-Learning Communities for fall 2010? A: They include: » Accounting and Finance (includes the Accounting and Financial Management, Biotechnology/Chartered Accountancy, Computing and Financial Management, and Mathematics/Chartered Accountancy programs) in Village 1 » Arts and Business in Ron Eydt Village » Biology in Ron Eydt Village » Health Studies in Ron Eydt Village » Physical Sciences (Chemistry, Computational Sciences, Earth Sciences, Mathematical Physics, Medicinal Chemistry and Physics programs) in Ron Eydt Village » Recreation and Leisure Studies in Ron Eydt Village » Faculty of Environment at St. Paul’s » Music at Conrad Grebel » Peace and Conflict Studies at Conrad Grebel » Social Development Studies at Renison Q: How about activities and events? Are there any specific programs I should be aware of? A: Absolutely. You’ll have loads of opportunities all year to delve deeper into your area of study by attending: » Organized events (i.e. dinners in residence) with professors, staff members, and upper-year students in your academic program or fields of interest. » Academic and career enrichment activities, one-on-one student success plans, research and resources workshops, study groups, and weekly connections to on-campus services. Q: Who are the Peer Leaders? What do they do? A: Peer Leaders are upper-year student leaders who provide academic support to the students in the Living-Learning Communities. One Peer Leader from your academic program will be assigned to your cluster. Peer Leaders will share their experiences with you and act as your link to resources and people on campus.

A Available to all B Beneficial

» Haley, first-year, Health Studies

C Convenient What could be more convenient than getting extra academic support right in your own residence? Waterloo Residences and Faculties work together to bring you extra academic help and support when you need it. No LivingLearning Community for your program? No problem. You still get extra academic assistance in residence too. Tutoring centres are offered for: » Accounting and Financial Management » Engineering » Math » Science Study Skills Sessions are also available for students and provide the confidence and preparation needed to ace that final exam! Topics covered include: » Essay-based exams » General exam-time tips » Tips for writing multiple-choice exams

Get the academic edge Absorbing the benefits of being in a Living-Learning Community.

Q: Okay, I’m hooked. How do I select a Living-Learning Community? A: On the Residence Community Ranking Form, you will be asked if you are interested in being part of a Living-Learning Community. Indicate that you are interested in joining the Living-Learning Community for your program. Your ranking form must be completed by May 28th, 2010. After May 29th, you will receive confirmation about the residence community and Living-Learning Community you’ve been placed in. At this time you will be given instructions on what to do next.

Our students say …

“Transitioning to university has been extremely smooth with the constant support from the Living-Learning Community. Peer leaders, faculty, staff and upper-year students are amazingly insightful and they provide the necessary academic and social advice to spur us into becoming successful students. I love being part of a Living-Learning Community!”!” » Janice, first-year, Accounting and Financial Management

get the academic edge

get the academic edge

Q: What are the benefits? A: Our experience shows that students who participate enjoy an enhanced university experience. You’ll get: » Relationships and connections with upper-year students (Peer Leaders), faculty, staff and alumni in your academic program. » Academic support from living with students who share your interests and course load. » Academic and social development with students in your academic program. » Academic support through programming provided by your Peer Leader.

“The tutoring sessions are so helpful for me and my grades! The session times are a great fit with my schedule, and the tutors are amazing.”

Q: What is a Living-Learning Community? A: You’ll live with a small group or “cluster” of 10-16 students who are enrolled in the same academic program as you. You’ll also all live within a larger residence community of 40-50 students from a variety of academic programs. You’ll share classes, living space, friendship, and experiences with your Living-Learning group.

Tutoring in residence is as easy as …


living learning at waterloo

first year – Accounting and Financial Management

2»W  hat’s your favourite food? Rice! 3»W  hat’s your average school day like? Short and sweet.

6 » Describe the housing experience? Something that everyone must have.

We know you’re busy. And while we expect all students to maintain basic cleanliness while in residence, in traditional-style residences, our cleaning service staff scrubs the washrooms and common areas on each floor daily. They’ll also remove garbage from your room weekly. In suite-style residences, staff cleans the common areas (i.e. floor, laundry facilities, lounge, central complex) daily.

Residence Life Staff consists of student-staff – Dons – and full-time professional staff members. Dons are upper-year students who have a real passion for residence. They live and work in your building and are on call to help everyone get acquainted, answer questions, and uphold policies and rules. You’ll also meet the full-time professional Community Co-ordinators and Residence Life Co-ordinators (RLCs) responsible for educational and social programming, resolving disciplinary issues and much more. Both positions require backgrounds and experience in student development and counselling, or a related field of study.

Admissions and Marketing Have questions about living on campus or off campus? UW Residence and Off-Campus Housing office is here to help. Located in the Student Life Centre, staff can provide details on special needs accommodations, information on important deadlines, and residence tour requests. And when it’s time to look for off-campus housing, this office can support you on your search. Very handy for students searching for off-campus housing on their co-op terms.

Counsellor in residence You can talk to your friendly and experienced professional counsellor about personal issues and trauma, relationship problems, stress, anxiety, depression, sexual harassment, eating disorders, and other issues. Counselling is offered on a short-term basis.

Tutoring in Residence Having trouble with an upcoming assignment? Help is never far away thanks to the Tutoring in Residence program. In addition to regular tutoring hours, the program also offers midterm and final exam prep sessions. See the previous page for more information.


4»W  hat’s it like sharing a bathroom? Not as bad as I thought it would be. 5»W  hat’s your favourite thing to do on campus? Play sports at PAC!

Residence Facilities


Get connected! The residence network, known as ResNet, provides you with campus-wide network connectivity, Internet access, and technical support. Ethernet cards and cables are available to sign out (no charge) at each residence Front Desk. There’s wireless Internet in all our residence rooms and common areas to make it easy to do research, study and even connect with friends down the hall without having to leave your room.

Desk Services

1 » What  can’t you live without? Food.

Mathew Marr

UWP – wellesley court south

Here are some of the people and services you can count on:

Who do you see if you’ve locked yourself out of your room, want to sign out a movie, have a question, or just want to play pool? Your residence Front Desk Assistant (FDA). Village 1 and Ron Eydt Village have FDAs on duty 24-hours a day, seven days a week. UWP, MKV, and CLV are open 8 am to midnight 7 days a week. The FDA is a great starting point if you have questions or concerns about your residence or academic experiences at Waterloo and can point you in the right direction.

9 here to help

here to help

Studying is much more fun with a friend!

They have made it their mission to ensure you have a successful term while living in residence. And they’re conveniently located to offer that help – in some cases right down the hall or next door.

Here to help

When you come to Waterloo to study and live, you’re not only signing on for academic support from professors, university staff and TAs, you’ll also get the support you need from residence staff and volunteers.

Doing laundry is a breeze when you can study at the same time!

The Village 1 Community Centre is a great place to catch up with friends.

Did you know?

Did you know?

REV double room

» 24% of first-year students live in REV!

V1 » Village 1

Is REV your right FIT? Transition into university life with people who are new to school too! How? Join the Ron Eydt Village community. REV is the only residence made up entirely of first-years and it’s a great option if you want to meet new friends who really get what you’re going through. (The homework! The papers! The laundry!) There’s always someone just around the corner to hang out with. And if you’re looking for someone to study alongside you? Well, just imagine 50 other people, and a Don on your floor, to cram with.

Nervous about what others will think of your singing in the shower?

Dig your crib

»G  et together. 1,000 first-year students call REV home every fall.

Your building. The best place in REV – the Community Centre. There is a large dining hall, TV lounge, Internet café, and games area. Not to mention a cafeteria, laundry facility, and fitness centre. Serious convenience.

V1 is one of our largest first-year residence communities, and the perfect place to make the transition to university life and make new friends. Whether you have a roommate or live alone, V1 will be the key to your academic and personal success by helping you to focus on what’s most important to you. There is always someone to study with. And don’t forget there are Dons in every house to support you.

Village 1 single room

Dig your crib

»E  at up. On-site cafeteria features a fabulous stir-fry bar as well as daily specials. » No  excuses. The residence fitness centre is located in REV. »S  pringtime fresh. A central laundry facility means you can always have clean clothes. »L  earn it. REV is home to 5 Living-Learning Communities.

» Get together. 1,356 first-year students call V1 home every fall. » Eat up. On-site cafeteria is open until 12:30 am daily – perfect for grabbing a late-night spicy chicken wrap. » Springtime fresh. A central laundry facility means you can always have clean clothes. » Learn it. V1 is home to 1 of our Living-Learning Communities. » close commute. A short walk from both academic and support buildings.

Check it out

Your floor. Every floor has a lounge, complete with couches, chairs and cable TV. There are two single-sex washrooms on every floor.

Is V1 your right FIT?

Concerned there won’t be a toilet available when you just gotta go? Don’t be. Our students tell us that with so many different schedules, the washroom is rarely busy and you’ll often have the place to yourself!

Check it out

Your room. REV is made up entirely of double rooms. Everyone has a roommate! The rooms are fully furnished, include a high-speed Internet connection and are cable ready.

» 32% of first-year students live in V1!

REV » Ron Eydt Village

Your room. V1 is made up of single, double, and interconnecting rooms. The rooms are fully furnished, include a high-speed Internet connection and are cable ready. Your floor. Every floor has a lounge, complete with couches, chairs, and cable TV. There is also a small kitchenette with a microwave and full-sized refrigerator for residents to share. Excellent if you feel like whipping up some KD at 11 pm. There is one large single-sex washroom on every floor. (Don’t be nervous. Our students tell us that with so many different schedules, the washroom is rarely busy and you’ll often have the place to yourself.) Your building. The Community Centre is the hub of activity in V1. There is a large cafeteria, TV lounge, Internet café, games area, as well as study rooms perfect for group study during exams. You’re bound to bump into someone you know in the Community Centre.

village 1

Ron Eydt Village


village 1 is number one

Nothing’s more fun than a good game of ping pong with your floor mates.

The Community Centre in MKV is a great place to socialize and study.

mackenzie King village

UW place

Perfect balance

UW Place= freedom Did you know?

Did you know?

» 33% of first-years live in UWP!

» Less than 1% of first-year students live in MKV!

UWP » UW Place

Is UWP your right FIT?

Your room. UWP is made up of 2-, 3-, and 4-bedroom suites, so everyone has roommates to share cleanup. The bedrooms and living areas are fully furnished and the suite has either one or two bathrooms. Your bedroom includes a high-speed Internet connection and is cable ready. Your building. Your building is one of six buildings that make up UWP. It has a TV lounge on the main floor – perfect for a movie night! The Beck Hall Community Centre is the best place to unwind and hang out with your friends. It has a TV lounge, games area, and Internet café.

MKV is our newest residence community. MKV is a great place to learn how to live on your own, from grocery shopping to cooking your own tasty meals. There is a lot of common space in MKV, so it’s easy to meet new people when you’re coming and going from your suite. In MKV, you have a balance of privacy and social interaction based on what makes you happy!

Beck Hall MKV suite

»G  et together. 1,383 first-year students call UWP home every fall. »S  pringtime fresh. A central laundry facility in each building means you can always have clean clothes. »E  at up. The grocery shuttle ensures that you won’t go hungry. »L  earn it. UWP is home to 1 of our LivingLearning Communities. » SUITE  STYLE. Different building types – Halls and Courts – provide a variety of room and floor layouts.

Dig your crib » Get together. 312 first-year students call MKV home every fall. » Springtime fresh. A central laundry facility means you can always have clean clothes. » Eat up. The grocery shuttle ensures that you won’t go hungry. » chill out. Air conditioning keeps you cool when it’s hot outside. » COOPERATE. Home to both 4- and 8-stream students.

Check it out

Dig your crib

Is MKV your right FIT?

MKV » Mackenzie King Village

Check it out

If you’re looking for a residence where first-years and upper-years live together, UWP could be right for you. It’s the perfect place to meet new people who can help show you the ropes of living on your own. Sure, at first glance it looks like UWP is off campus, but it’s actually the closest residence to many academic buildings. Plus, it’s also right across the street from the plaza where you can grab a bite to eat after class. And, if you’re the independent type who wants to hightail it off campus from time to time, fabulous Uptown Waterloo is only a 10-minute walk away!

Your room. MKV is made up of 4-bedroom suites. This means you have three roommates to share the cleanup. The bedrooms and living areas are fully furnished and the suite has two bathrooms. Your bedroom has a high-speed Internet connection, and is cable ready. Your building. Each floor has large common areas perfect for group studies or just meeting up to go to class. Your floor also has a residence Don for support. The Community Centre is fully equipped to keep you entertained when you need a break. Think a TV lounge with a big-screen TV, games area, and Internet café. Don’t forget the study rooms if you need a change of scenery or some quiet when hitting the books.

There’s always someone new to meet in the Community Centre at CLV.

Not only that, you can stay home all summer before school knowing you have a room ready for you – instead of spending the money to get to Waterloo to go apartment-hunting.

Here’s what you’ll pay Residence and Room Type

Did you know?

Is CLV your right FIT? Looking for something different? CLV is made up of a fun mish-mash of students: first-year, upper-year, exchange, and graduate students. It’s the perfect place to meet new people who can help show you the ropes of living on your own. Sure, CLV is a short walk northwest of campus, but some students love the feeing of being away from the hustle and bustle of campus. And because it’s set apart from main campus, CLV has its own atmosphere of independence, academic achievement and shared community spirit.

Your room/townhouse. CLV is made up of 4-bedroom townhouses, so everyone has roommates to share the cleanup. The townhouses are fully furnished and have one bathroom. Your bedroom includes a high-speed Internet connection and is cable ready. Your townhouse also has a small outdoor patio – perfect for a BBQ any day of the year! Your community. The Community Centre is a fab place to unwind and hang out with your friends. It has a TV lounge, games area, and Internet café.

winter or spring term

full year – fall and winter or fall and spring

Meal plan required

single room




interconnecting room




double room







Mackenzie King Village single room in 4-person suite


UW Place – Beck Hall, Eby Hall, Wellesley Court, Wilmot Court, Waterloo Court, Woolwich Court

CLV South Unit

Whatever residence you choose, you’ll be only a 5- to 15-minute walk or 2- to 5-minute bike ride from your classes, the libraries, athletic facilities, the Student Life Centre, and other campus facilities.

Check it out

Dig your crib

fall term

Village 1 and Ron Eydt Village CLV » Columbia Lake Village

» Less than 1% of first-year students live in CLV!

Best yet, students who live in residence are able to balance life and studying more easily since they can avoid spending time on the bus each day getting to school. More time for papers and books? You can’t put a dollar figure on that.

»G  et together. 120 first-year students call CLV home every fall.

double room (2-person bunk bed) in 3-person suite




single room in 2-bedroom suite




single room in 3- or 4-bedroom suite





Need a financial helping hand this term? The University of Waterloo is committed to making sure that lack of money doesn’t get in the way of your success. You’ll find details about eligibility at

Paying your student fees Your fall Waterloo Residences and meal plan fees owing will appear on your Quest account with your tuition and other university fees at the end of July. Look for it at For full payment instructions and due dates, please visit the Student Accounts site: infofin/students/stdfees.htm.

Take a bite out of cost Remember, how much you pay depends on where you live and how much you like to eat. If you live in Ron Eydt Village or Village 1, you’ll add on a required Residence Meal Plan Allowance amount for each term. If you live in any of the other residences, you’ll have the choice of purchasing an optional Value Plus Meal Plan or buying your own groceries. More details about how the meal plans work are available at

Flex it!

»S  pringtime fresh. A central laundry facility means you can always have clean clothes.

» Meal plans are composed of meal plan dollars and flex dollars.

»E  at up. The grocery shuttle ensures that you won’t go hungry.

» Flex dollars can be used for laundry, photocopying, textbooks, vending machines, and more.

» Easy rider. A shuttle bus takes you to campus.

Financial aid is here

Still think living off campus is a better deal? Just consider that average groceries are estimated at $1,400 for one term (4 months). Suddenly that optional plan doesn’t seem so optional anymore does it?

» Use your meal plan dollars at on-campus eateries and you’ll get the most discounts.

» Hot tip! In residence, laundry can only be done using flex dollars, so you will definitely want to have flex dollars on your WatCard. (Unless you plan on saving your laundry for home. “Not recommended,” says Mom!)

Your deposit will be subtracted from the amounts shown. In the fall term, a two-term contract is required, and your deposit will be subtracted from the fall term.

15 a great deal

columbia lake village

Columbia Lake Village is Home

Not as much as you’d expect! Think of it this way. Factor in the discounted meals, utilities, Internet service and cable, and suddenly residence looks downright economical.

a great deal

What does living in Waterloo Residences cost?


5 4

6 eat to succeed

Eat to Succeed 2


Eat right at rez!

Waterloo Food Services has choices for students who crave variety, great nutritious food, and convenience.

What can I expect from Waterloo Food Services? » Top-notch customer service. » High-quality, great-tasting food. » An unbelievable variety of food choices conveniently located around campus with flexible dining hours. » Savings! You save money on the food you purchase with a meal plan.

Sounds easy, right? It is, but just remember that different residences require slightly different meal plans. Here’s what we mean:

Get with the (meal) plan!

Keep your money in your pocket and use a Waterloo meal plan. Residence meal plans are simple to use and let you eat when you want to. (Say, scarfing down a platter of wings with friends before the Big Game or keeping the energy up at 3 am in Mudie’s or REVelation during exam time.) So how does it work? 1. Purchase a meal plan each term and load up your WatCard – a.k.a. your student ID card – with cash, to purchase food. 2. When you buy a food item, the money will be taken off of your WatCard. Think of it as a decliningdebit system. 3. Got a big appetite? Add extra flex dollars at any time. See page 15 for estimated meal plan costs.


Spice up your term with a Waterloo meal plan. It’s convenient. Just go down to the caf anytime, even late at night, and grab a snack. Also, you don’t have to worry about buying groceries and preparing meals – everything is done for you, so, you can focus more on school and extracurricular activities! And don’t forget that you get discounts off of most food purchases. They add up.

Crunch into savings

Think creamy, delicately spiced Indian butter chicken, seasonal grilled vegetable risotto, and pork schnitzel with a mushroom demi-glaze. (And yes, relax – there are fries, burgers, subs and pizza, too.) Sound pretty good? That’s because the goal of our award-winning Waterloo Food Services is to offer the best food service program at any university or college in Canada.

Pick your best plan

What’s the plan

Who needs it?

What’s the scoop?

Required Residence Meal Plan Allowance

Ron Eydt Village and Village 1

It’s the basic plan that will give you ample flexibility and choice, particularly if you don’t have a kitchen on your floor.

RMPA Residence Lite

This is a good option for students who go home on the weekends or are light eaters.


Here’s a great option for average eaters.


An excellent choice if you plan on eating on campus seven days a week.

Optional What’s the plan

Who needs it?

What’s the scoop?

Optional Value Plus Meal Plan

UW Place or Mackenzie King Village

A good idea for students who don’t want to cook all their meals in residence or for off-campus students who want the flexibility of grabbing a bite at school most days.

Best Buy

Our most popular optional plan. Choose this one if you plan on eating on campus most days. You’ll get the biggest discount too.

Basic Plus

It’s the best bet if you plan on cooking some meals, but would also like to eat on campus regularly.


Choose this if you plan on cooking most of your meals, but would like to eat on campus the odd time (and still get a discount).

» We’ve got meals for students with special dietary needs, from vegetarian to Halal.

Here’s what you’ll pay

» Extended hours during exams and Ramadan. » Green-friendly, sustainable food choices. » Different meal plan options to suit different students. » Weekly menus you can check out online for each eatery. » Nutritional analysis of menu items plus Nutrition Works! – a Food Services brochure with tips on how to eat healthy. » Food Buzz web pages with information about cooking on your own, recipes and just about anything about food! » All unused portions of your meal plan dollars will carry over to your next term (so you never lose the money). Want to know more? Visit today.

Required Residence Meal Plan Allowance: Ron Eydt Village and Village 1

Henry, Residence: V1

What’s great about Mudie’s? What’s your favourite meal? The overall atmosphere of the cafeteria is awesome. The energetic staff, the buzz of all the students eating together – it’s great! My favourite dish from Mudie’s is steak. They don’t have it often but when they do, it’s fabulous.

1 Locally produced Pork Chop grilled then topped with roasted red pepper sauce served with steamed green beans and a sour cream topped baked potato. 2 Fresh seasonal zucchini stuffed with wild rice and dried cranberries accompanied with roasted new potatoes and steamed seasonal veggies. 3 UW Bakery’s own artisan bread filled with locally made black forest ham, tomato slices, shredded lettuce and sliced onion; served with a side of crisp French fries. 4 From Mudie’s “Favourite Plate” station, build your own rice bowl…fragrant whole grain rice crowned with your choice of toppings – pictured here are roasted peppers, pea sprouts, julienne carrots and a wedge of lemon. 5 Roasted chicken accompanied by rice and steamed, seasonal broccoli and served with a freshly baked cheese bun. 6 Yogurt Parfait – perfect anytime…layers of crunchy granola and flavoured yogurt, topped off with your choice of fresh berries and fruit. These meals are served at both Mudie’s and REVelation Cafeteria.

Plan name

Meal plan dollars

Flex dollars

Total cost per term

Total cost for 2 terms

residence (lite)















Optional Value Plus Meal Plan: All Other Residences (UW Place and Mackenzie King Village) Plan name

Meal plan dollars

Flex dollars

Total cost per term

Total cost for 2 terms






basic plus





best buy





1 2

Residence is guaranteed at Waterloo Residences

What are the odds? Single rooms 66%

To be eligible and take advantage of the Residence First-Year Guarantee you must:

Double rooms 34%

» Be admitted to a first-year program.

Traditional-style 56%

» Receive an Offer of Admission dated no later than May 25, 2010, which you accept no later than May 28, 2010.

Suite-style 44%

» Submit your Residence Community Ranking Form and a $500 non-refundable deposit no later than 11:59 pm EDT, May 28, 2010. » Meet any conditions outlined on your Offer of Admission.

1 Performing for fellow students at the UW Place Talent Show. 2 Judging students’ dishes at Iron Chef Night in MKV.

Selecting your residence is easy. On the Residence Community Ranking Form, you’ll choose between UW Residences and the University College Residences: St. Jerome’s University, St. Paul’s University College and Renison University College. You’ll also choose whether you’d like to live in a Living-Learning Community.

» Rachel, first-year, Ron Eydt Village

We do our best to accommodate students with physical, sensory, environmental, medical, psychological, or learning-disabilityrelated needs. Serious dietary restrictions can be accommodated through room assignment or specialized menu planning with Food Services. We work in collaboration with the Office for Persons with Disabilities to place you in a room that meets your needs. It’s very important that you tell us your special accommodation need on your Residence Community Ranking Form (as well as registering with the Office for Persons with Disabilities). If you would like to live in one of the University College Residences, please contact them directly to ensure they are able to accommodate your specific need(s). For more detailed information, visit residences/disabilities.html.

When will you be able to make the choice? If you’re accepted into Waterloo Residences, you’ll receive instructions in mid-June that will tell you how and when to access the online Waterloo Residences Preference Form. On this form, you’ll have the opportunity to tell us: » Which Waterloo Residences building you’d prefer: Ron Eydt Village, Village 1, UW Place, or Mackenzie King Village. (If you’ve been placed in one of the University College Residences, you will receive a residence contract from them directly.) » Your personal characteristics. » If you’d like an academic connection. » If you have any specific friends you’d want to live with. » What meal plan you’d like. For further details about the room assignment process, please visit

Pick me, pick me! If you request a roommate, that request automatically becomes your first preference and overrides any other preferences. The computer process tries to match you with the roommate you requested, as long as you’ve followed the computer’s rules for assigning roommates. If you request more than one roommate, you may be placed with all requested roommates or with any one of them. Here are the rules you must follow to get matched with your requested roommate: » You must both get into Waterloo Residences. » You must be the same gender. » You must be in the same academic stream. » You and your requested roommate(s) must select each other on your Waterloo Residences Preference Form, with each other’s correct Waterloo student ID number and name. » Requests for room changes are not accepted once room assignments are completed, but you’ll be surprised how well you’ll fit in and meet friends, especially with the guidance of your Don.

19 where do I sign up?

But here’s the best news: Residence is guaranteed at Waterloo Residences – as long as you submit your ranking form and non-refundable $500 deposit by the deadline date.

Now pick your residence

Special accommodations

Your residence contract

So now you know that staying in Waterloo residence means living in outstanding facilities, meeting new people, and becoming part of an awesome, safe, community.

“I love where I live even though it wasn’t my first choice of residence.”

where do i sign up?

– Remember, the deadline to submit your Ranking Form and non-refundable $500 deposit is May 28, 2010.

The parent’s side

Q: What issues were you most concerned about when Stephanie moved away from home? A: We were worried about Stephanie learning to balance self-reliance with the academic expectations. It’s such a big step for kids. We held our breath a little in the beginning, but it was never an issue. The support in residence is constant. Q: How often did you and Stephanie communicate by phone or email during the first month of university? A: Between cell phones, MSN, and emails, one of us heard from her almost every day. Often only a quick hello, but we welcomed the contact. Q: From your perspective, how quickly did Stephanie seem to adjust to her new surroundings? A: She was excited and acclimatized almost immediately. Her roommate was wonderful, a long-time school friend was on the floor beneath hers, and the residence leaders were making sure everyone joined in the fun. Q: What changes have you noticed in Stephanie since she’s been at university? A: She has an amazing ability to interact effortlessly with so many different people. For someone so young, her self-confidence and leadership tendencies have blossomed in the residence environment. Q: What advice would you give to parents who are now in the situation you were in last year – that is, their daughter or son is about to take the plunge and move away from home? A: We think that living in residence is a big piece of the overall university experience. They’re on their own, but not alone. That brings a lot of comfort.

sheau Village 1 first year – Honours Biochemistry (Co-op) 1 » What was move-in day like? Move-in day was hectic, but really exciting! There were lots of people to help and it was a big adrenaline rush to meeting all my house mates! 2 » Was it difficult saying goodbye to your family? Yes and no. It was hard to think I’d be away from my family but at the same time, I was excited and ready to make new friends. 3 » How was the transition to university life? Was it hard to meet people in your residence? At first it was a little intimidating, but all first years are looking to meet new people, so everyone is very open and nice! 4 » What’s your favourite thing about living away from home? Freedom! I get to manage my time the way I see fit, and it’s brought me one step closer to being independent! 5 » What are three essentials that I shouldn’t leave home without? Clothes hangers, pictures of friends and family, and shower shoes! 6 » Is it difficult to keep in touch with your family and your friends from home? It’s not difficult at all. There are so many phone and texting plans available. If that doesn’t work, there’s always Facebook, Skype, MSN and other online means!

Making the journey together The transition to university is an important step for parents and their kids. But the transition is also full of mixed emotions. You’re excited your son or daughter is going to get her first taste of freedom and independence and can’t wait to hear all about it. At the same time, however, it’s no easy thing to send your child out into the world. It’s natural to feel happy and sad about saying good-bye. It’s important to remember that living in residence offers so many benefits that go beyond the classroom. » Academic support » A convenient living environment » Campus involvement » Social and cultural experiences » Making new friendships that will last a lifetime We encourage you to share in this experience and help your child embrace the new experiences they are about to enjoy. Call, write – and don’t forget to send care packages! For tips and information on how to help your son or daughter easily transition to university life, visit our Parents’ Guide at www.housing.

Safe and secure The safety and security of students is a main concern at the University of Waterloo. We take pride in offering students a safe environment to study and live.

Our own police Waterloo has its own campus police service with officers on duty 24 hours a day. These officers have the same law enforcement powers as regional police. They understand student life and have instituted a number of services to ensure that students feel secure at all times.

Safe travels Waterloo has a complimentary shuttle service available 7 nights a week, all year round from 7 pm to 2 am. The shuttle meets students at well-lit designated stops on campus and drives them to their specific campus destination. A shuttle is also available to take students to nearby off-campus locations 7 nights a week. This shuttle leaves the Student Life Centre every hour from 7:15 pm to 1:15 am.

Goodbye darkness The entire campus is well-lit in the evenings and emergency help lines put students in instant contact with the UW Police.

21 parents give the ultimate gift

A new home away from home. Residence life is a choice that will help your student throughout an entire career at the University of Waterloo. And guess what? They might just learn a few things about cleaning up their room and sorting laundry. (We can always dream, right?)

Q: What was move-in day like for you? How did it seem for Stephanie? A: It was fabulous for all of us. The upper-year students had everything unloaded from the SUV and into the room in minutes. From that point on, the orientation activities kicked in, life at REV began in earnest for Stephanie, and the empty nester phase started for us.

» Vivian, first-year, Geography and Environmental Management

We know it’s tough – waving goodbye the first day at Waterloo. But you’re giving your child the opportunity to learn and grow in a welcoming, supportive, fun, healthy environment overseen by our Residence Life staff.

We interview one mom to find out how she feels about her daughter’s first year at Waterloo – and what it’s like to see your daughter move away from home. Here’s what she tells us.

Sheau Lih Vong

Parents give the ultimate gift

“My parents and I both feel that I’ve changed for the better since I moved to residence. Ironically, we now give each other more love and support than we ever did!”

One last check

Did you remember to…  ccept your Offer of Admission: it must be A dated no later than Tuesday, May 25, 2010 and you must accept it by Friday, May 28, 2010.  ill out the Residence Community Ranking F Form and submit a $500 non-refundable deposit by 11:59 pm EDT on Friday, May 28, 2010. » The form can be found at: » You must indicate on this form, if you have a special accommodation need.

519-888-4567, ext. 32679 Fax: 519-746-8152

Department of Housing and Residences

University of Waterloo 200 University Avenue West Waterloo, ON N2L 3G1

 heck your email for a confirmation from C Waterloo Residences or one of the University College Residences. If you’ve been placed in one of the University College Residences, you will receive a residence contract from them directly.  ill out the Waterloo Residences Preference F Form by its deadline date.  heck your room assignment online to see C where you have been allocated.  ccept the residence contract that’s emailed A to you, by its deadline date and start packing.


We can’t wait to welcome you to your new home!


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