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The Journal of Sir Lawrence of Penngrove

Sir Lawrence of Penngrove

I testify that this journal represents the true and accurate facts of the life of Sir Lawrence of Penngrove begun on the fourth of October in year of our lord twelve hundred and ten. These facts are presented as they were observed and have been illustrated to the best of my abilities.

Jean Mielot Scribe to Sir Lawrence

Since my Lady of the Valley has wished me to undertake to write this journal, I shall very gladly do so, being so devoted to her service as to do anything in the world for her, without any intention of flattery. But if one were to introduce any flattery, he might say, and I would subscirbe to it, that the lady supasses all others. This then is my journal.

October third Upon waking, much before dawn, as is my recent habit,I found the castle and estate quiet but for the howling of the hounds, no doubt much agitated for the sighting of the mountain lion in the hills evening last. The demense was urrounded by fog as is the case this time of year, and gazing on fields below I saw that they were much dampened from the night’s rain. I was soon to recieve the quest I had been so longing for, as the Lady did enter and confide it to me.

" I will tell you the truth," says she. Then the damsel relates to me the following story: "In truth, my lord, Meleagant, a tall and powerful knight, son of the King of Gorre, has taken our kings beloved daughter into his kingdom whence no foreigner returns, but where she must perforce remain in servitude and banishment.� I quickly asked her of this kingdom. She replied. “You shall quickly learn of this and I shall give you a map, but you may be sure that you will meet with many obstacles and difficult passages, for it is not easy to enter but by one very perilous path.

" It is a very perilous journey, indeed, but you will be aided by sympathetic hermits along the way that remain loyal to our king, they will make themselves known to you, and you should take heed of what they say.� With these words I began my journey.

I set out on my gallant steed and headed south .....

The Incredible Journal of Sir Lawrence  

The Journal of Sir Lawrence

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