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“Accomplishments: Promises Kept” John Foust Campaign Kick-Off Speech 2-26-11 I know everyone here is wondering- is John going to run for re-election. Let me end the suspense. Yes, I am running for re-election and I am proudly running on my record. When I ran for Supervisor in 2007, I made several promises to you. I am proud of the fact that, to the extent I possibly could, I have kept those promises. When I ran, I laid out plans for addressing • Transportation • Land use and growth • Education and youth • Environment and parks • Taxes and the budget, and • Making government more open and responsive. We have maintained a list of accomplishments that runs for 20 pages- on legal size paper. I’m proud of each and everyone of those accomplishmentsfrom the smallest to the most significant. I am going to mention highlights of my accomplishments in each of those areas in just a moment. But before I do, I want to tell you about what I think my greatest accomplishment has been. In large measure, it was accomplished in the 2 months between the time I was elected and the time I 1

took office. When I look back over the past several years, the smartest and best thing I did was hiring the staff I hired and making some of the appointments I made. • Jane Edmondson • Julie Ide • Dianne Peikin • Jennifer Boysko • Donna Keefe • Ben Wiles • Cheryl Patten • Wes Callender • Joe Gibson • Jay Donahue- Planning Commissioner (Hanley- make or break you) So let me tell you about some of the things Team Foust has accomplished.


Environment and Parks • County’s first tree conservation ordinance o Advocated for 5 years on EQAC • 4 synthetic turf fields with more on the way, including 2 at Herndon High School • 2008 park bond (many projects in Dranesville) • Dedicated funding source for stormwater and stream restoration projects- critical for improving the Bay • Expanded McLean Central Park and Turner Farm Park • Board adopted plan for reducing carbon pollutants contributing to global warming

Transportation • Obtained funding for over 2 dozen sidewalk, bicycle and trail projects • Led the effort to include completion of Route 7 widening from Tysons to Loudoun in the Tysons Plan and to obtain funding for engineering • Long sought after traffic lights at Riverbend Road and at Seneca Road, both on Georgetown Pike • Important road improvements including turn lanes and access ramps • Board adopted tax on commercial and industrial property to pay for about $50 million per year of transportation improvements in the County. • Obtained funding and had studies completed for road improvements at 12 intersections in McLean area near Tysons Corner.


Housing and Human Services • Working with the Board and non-profits we have preserved and expanded essential human services in a very tough economy • Adopted Housing First Policy to address homelessness • Adopted Housing Blueprint focusing Fairfax County housing resources on the most needed members of our community including homeless, disabled and those with lowest income • Adopted Housing Foreclosure Policy that provided counseling and financial assistance to those facing foreclosure

Land Use and Zoning • After 5 years of study, completed the Tysons Comprehensive Plan o Worked with community and got support o Transit oriented development o Vibrant urban center for living, shopping, working, being entertained o Fundamentally important to economic development in our county and region o Won the American Planning Association’s most prestigious award • CIT /Route 28 Comprehensive Plan o Worked with Loudoun and Herndon o Transit oriented development • McLean revitalization o Pedestrian task force o Undergrounding of utilities 4

• Worked to preserve character of existing neighborhoods from in-fill development o Adopted ordinance that limits the towering effect of new in-fill development o Impacts of HOT Lanes and Dulles Rail are a challenge o Noise wall on Beltway o Noise walls on Connector Road o Sound box over rail yard at West Falls Church • Capital improvement projects including o Great Falls Fire Station o McLean Dolly Madison Library o Herndon Fire Station

Schools and Education • We listened to priorities of constituents and protected important programs from elimination • Restored funding for county services to schools (SRO’s) • Fought successful fight to protect state funding for Fairfax County (LCI) • Did financial analysis that convinced Board not to support Gatehouse II • Supported creation of fund to repay VRS


Taxes and Budget • Tough 3 years • Focused on fiscal responsibility and economic development • Budget o Vice Chairman of Budget Committee o Since great recession  Cut $180 million in General Fund spending  Eliminated nearly 500 positions  Despite dramatically increased demands for county services, average homeowner is paying less property tax today than 3 years ago  Have worked hard on making government operate more effectively and efficiently  Unlike many jurisdictions around the country, we made dramatic fiscal improvements without making draconian cuts to essential public safety, education, and human services. • Audit Committee o Chairman of Board’s Audit Committee o Monitoring how money is spent o Looking for efficiencies o Have increased revenue and decreased costs o Leading regular review of Dulles Rail cost and schedule • Economic Development o Chairman of approximately 50 member Fairfax County Economic Development Commission o On March 8, the Commission will present a proposed strategic plan for strengthening and diversifying the County’s economy 6

Making Government More Open and Responsive • Constituent services-critical o Snowmageddon  Staff worked 24/7  Solved immediate problems  Followed up and improved VDOT’s system • Promised to make sure residents had an opportunity to influence decisions that affected their communities before the decisions were made and I have delivered. o Budget o Tysons Comp Plan o Route 7 widening at Georgetown Pike. Protected residents of Great Falls and historical character of Georgetown Pike by stopping plans to create a huge and unnecessary interchange at Georgetown Pike o Riverbend light o Synthetic turf fields • Improved the working relationship between the County and the Town of Herndon Conclusion  We are moving in a very positive direction in Fairfax County and the Dranesville district  We have a tough year ahead of us and I need your help  With your continued support, our team will get another 4 years to keep Fairfax moving forward.  Thank you.


John Foust Campaign Kick-Off Speech  

"Accomplishments: Promises Kept"

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