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Lauren Daniel January 19, 2011 Block 2 English Jellyfish There once was a mad fish. He was put in a sandwich. The person who put him in the sandwich Thought, “Hey I’m going to make a jellyfish sandwich.” He got his fish and his dish and put jelly all over his face, And then put his face on his fish and smeared it until it was ready. The people around him could smell his B.O., but that’s not the whole thing. He stuck the fish in his armpits so the fish would have more taste. He put the jellyfish sandwich in his mouth and ate the whole thing until he was full. After he went for a run, he came back he had a long time in the bathroom. The End! The fish wasn’t really mad, He was dead.

The Jellyfish  

A poem I wrote about a funny, funny jellyfish.

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