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the perfect   fusion  of   country   and  urban   inspiration

There were boat trips, fishing, clay ovens, home brew, bell tents, camp fires, songs, and of course lots and lots of painting. of objects that which got 'prettied up'.

From the street art collections that don the office walls, to the doodle-­jams that took place in our old skate shop spawning the brand we have today, we have always had an affinity with street art and the culture in which it exists. Providing constant inspiration for t-­shirt and graphic designs, street art has helped develop Supremebeing into a full fledged clothing brand well known for its use of colour.

Our collaboration t-­shirts allow us to give a nod to artists and creatives that we are feeling at the moment and who we see will add that extra special touch to our graphic collection for the season. TWCP will become the gallery for all collaboration t-­shirts as well as giving us the platform to release mid-­season collabs and one-­off designs.

The first event dubbed 'CanJam' was located in a disused warehouse that backs onto the river (omitted). Surrounded by gardens and wildlife, the location provided the perfect fusion of urban and country inspiration. There were boat trips, fishing, clay ovens, home brew, bell tents, camp fires, songs, and of course lots and lots of painting. Some of the random objects that got painted included rusty 60's medicine signs, car parts, authentic wartime helmets, ammo boxes, an entire office. All of which got 'prettied up'

We see the events as opportunities for undisturbed creativity with like minded people. It's exciting that for some of these guys it is a real step outside what they are used to, and yet in such a comfortable and familiar head space. Unfortunately these jams are yet to be open to the public, and invites are a rare and sought after commodity (hence the legendary artist line up). However there are of course some fresh T-足Shirt designs that came from the project for the lucky few that get their hands on them.

VURBAN the voice  of  the  urban  artist

how a  group  of  students  turned  abandoned  buildings  from  damages  to  a  dreams..

how a  group  of  students  turned  abandoned  buildings  from  damages  to  a  dreams..


how a  group  of  students  turned  abandoned  buildings  from  damages  to  a  dreams..

the voice  of  the  urban  artist

how a  group  of  students  turned  abandoned  buildings  from  damages  to  a  dreams..

how a  group  of  students  turned  abandoned  buildings  from  damages  to  a  dreams..

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