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My Arcadia Campaign March 29, 2011

Lauren Cirkot Lindsay Powers Brian Lanzetta Kaitlin Bucolo

Client / Client contact information: Client: My Arcadia Contact: Mike Costello: Project name or nickname: My Arcadia Campaign Prepared by: Kaitlin Bucolo: Lindsay Powers: Lauren Cirkot: Brian Lanzetta: CAMPAIGN SITUATION/BACKGROUND/OVERVIEW: The overall music industry does not have the power it once had. There are many artists trying to spread the word about their music. Musicians have to be self-promoters at this point. My Arcadia is an unsigned rock/pop/alternative band from Bronx, New York. The band formed in 2009 and has a leading front woman Jacqui Sandell. From their early formation in 2009, the band quickly began working on developing a sound and a fan base. Their first EP entitled “City by the Sea� was produced with the help of Paul Leavitt who also produced albums for bigger bands such as All Time Low and Senses Fail. After finishing the records, the band went out on an east coast tour playing sold-out gigs. By the end of 2009, My Arcadia was named one of the Top 20 Unsigned Artists of 2009 by, a top website for the discovery and promotion of new music and emerging artists. In 2010, the band won the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands contest, where tens

of thousands of bands across the country compete to grab the title and win a spot on the Ernie Ball Stage on Warped Tour. They were one of four bands chosen nationally. They were also featured in the most popular alternative magazine, Alternative Press, as an unsigned band to check out. They are a unique band and they are changing the scene. With very few bands in the scene that involve a lead front woman, they are quite successful. Within the first two years, the band has worked hard and won titles and exposure that most bands work years to achieve. The band just announced they will be playing on Warped tour for six dates on the East Coast. The band is also currently writing and recording its first full-length album, which is an ideal thing to promote The campaign will focus on expanding the local fan base of My Arcadia to more national through the promotion of their upcoming tours on the east coast. This will happen through social media campaigns. Brand personality: alternative rock band, female front woman TARGET AUDIENCE: We are directing this campaign towards high school students and college students. The audience is both male and females between the ages of 14-22. This audience thinks in terms of the Internet. Social media communication is key. They are growing up a lot in this age group. They look to music to guide them, and they love knowing what is new. Any fan of this scene is likely to go to the gigs and music festivals on a regular basis. They like to spend time with their friends. This age range is likely to take some pride in appearance and a sense of individuality.

Giving them a free download will get them intrigued and want to hear more. IF they like them, they will go to a show or buy the full album. This age group will spread news through word of mouth and the Internet. Gossip is key to getting the word around about My Arcadia. OBJECTIVE/STRATEGY/TACTICS The first objective in the My Arcadia campaign is the increase frequency on social media outlets. It is important to include social media in our campaign because we are targeting college students and high school students. These students are the social media generation. In addition, we will hope that our efforts to increase frequency on social media sites will also increase interaction on those sites. Our strategies will mainly include targeting the My Arcadia Facebook page, Twitter page, and Youtube page. Currently the Facebook page has 2,679 fans, and in our efforts, we would like to increase that number through the campaign. Secondly the twitter account ( has 747 followers. Also we would like to increase the number of subscribers and views on the My Arcadia Youtube page. For Youtube, we will create a video that will get people excited about the band. The video will be talking to current and potential fans about the band. We are trying to spread the word on these talented individuals. In this video we interview the band and talk about their upcoming tours, album, and give the audience a look at the personality of the band. The first two videos are promotional videos for My Arcadia on Warped Tour. The elements of the videos are images and footage of the band performing. The third video is an interview with the band answering key questions in relation to the Warped Tour and their future as a band.

“We want people to watch the video, download the free mp3, and become a fan of My Arcadia on facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.� CALENDAR After group meeting on March 8, 2011 send Brian video plan material (i.e. information from Facebook, Twitter, quotes) March 10: Meet group to pick a date to interview the band March 15: Interview and film My Arcadia March 20: Meet with group to go over the footage March 24: Meet before class to review video March 27: Meeting with group to go over final project March 29: Present final project

DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY This campaign has a heavy focus on social networking sites. Upcoming bands must promote themselves in the cheapest way possible, which is through the internet. This is key because an unknown band will be able to reach a larger audience through the internet. We will distribute the videos via Youtube. We will send the videos to Mike from My Arcadia to use on the bands Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, main website or anywhere else they wish to put it. MEASUREMENT TOOLS/EVALUATION The success of the campaign can also be measured in terms of social media. Considering the moderate amount of followers My Arcadia currently has on Facebook and Twitter it will be easy to see a clear difference. If the campaign is a success the amount of followers and friends will raise a significant amount. If the campaign is not successful then there will not be a rise in

this number. This is a big part of knowing the success because our target audience is directly involved in the use of Facebook and twitter. In addition, we will measure the amount of views the Youtube video gets.

My Arcadia campaign  

my Senior Seminar class group project. We decided to pick a local band (My Arcadia) and propose new ways to help promote them. This is the...

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