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People’s Convention A system that will work for us. Next June at least five candidates will be elected to Dublin City Council from this district. In the run up to that the political parties will be knocking on our doors looking for our vote and making all kinds of promises, but once the election is over they will be gone and we will be out of the picture. The people you elected and claim to represent you will never once ask you or anyone else in the constituency how he or she should vote. Our only say we get over the running of our city will have been to scratch a number on a piece of paper once every five years.

But one group of people you can be sure they will be asking is the leadership of his or her party. They were selected by the party, and their loyalty is to them not you. Because of this they can railroad through any measures they like regardless of your opinions on the matter or how much it affects you or your family. Whether it’s huge increases in taxation, devastating cutbacks to the essential services we rely on or laws which make it easier for the banks to repossess our homes. They know that once elected they are “home and dry” for five years and can act with impunity because they know they that the councillors we elect will never put them under any pressure.

This has to change. In the Peoples Convention our aim is to create a structure in each area by which the voters of will select the candidate of their choice. When elected, these candidates will forward the motions going through City Council for decision by the people of the area . Every voter will have the right to vote for or against that motion. In that way we will have a City Council which reflects the wishes of the people of Dublin, not the vested interests. We shouldn't we be forced to rely on people who have proven time and time again that they cannot be trusted?

WE NEED PEOPLES CANDIDATES IN NEXT ELECTION The Peoples Convention is a community based initiative whose aim it is to make sure that people in Ireland have a real say in what happens in this country. Ireland is in crisis. We can recover but only when we have the power to make that recovery a reality. We don't. The political parties serve vested interests not ours.

Peoples Convention

CONTACT: 0857815487


Would you like to be a Peoples Candidates in the local elections next June?

The people of the constituency will select the candidates.

The job of a Peoples Candidate is to vote in the council chamber as instructed by the people who elected them..

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