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February 2018










Free home nursing for people with a life-limiting or terminal illness and emotional support for their families and carers


Your support is so important in the community. Mum’s final hours would have been impossible to deal with without the knowledge and support of the Nurse. I do not know how I would have got though without your help.


9 £12.9

Foreword by Prue Leith Available from many supporting outlets and our website

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The main thing I wish to thank you, for is your help, which enabled me to keep my wife at home for almost three months, thank you again.

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The support we received was invaluable.

serving Shipston-on-Stour, Wellesbourne, Kineton and the surrounding areas

A message from our Chairman Clive Irwin As we recover from the festive season and the recent inclement weather, our memories turn from family and friends and the Christmas period to the year ahead. During 2017 we took the opportunity to reflect on and review what we do, how we do it, and to identify areas where we could further develop and improve the nursing and care services we offer to our patients and their families.

Also, to broaden our referral base we are continuing with a pilot scheme involving the Shipston Medical Centre so that we meet potential patients earlier in the lifecycle of their illness to assess their needs and wishes and proactively plan their future care.

Our review identified the need to form a new operational management structure to manage the future development of the Charity. This structure is now in place and overseen by an Executive Committee made up of a small number of Trustees who have delegated authority to help support the operational team to deliver the primary aims of the Charity in providing high quality care when requested and needed. The office base at the Ellen Badger Hospital has helped develop invaluable closer links with the Community District Nursing team and this ultimately helps us to deliver better nursing and care services to our patients.

Fundraising activity and revenues continue to be relatively robust with strong local support from our communities topped up by a contribution from the NHS. The challenge going forwards is to match the cost of our operational activities with the income we receive on a sustainable longterm basis whilst retaining the high-quality service we offer. The latter aspect will be tested by a Care Quality Commission visit which will concentrate on quality standards and governance including the leadership of the Charity and the service it delivers.

Our review of the services we offer has led to us committing to more night sits for patients, this service has been well received by our patients and families and differentiates us from other similar service providers.

The Charity celebrated 20 years of existence at The Roaring Twenties Ball in September at Admington Hall, providing a poignant reminder of the Charity’s purpose. We continue to be very humbled by the unfailing loyal support we received; this event meant once again we had the bonus of a huge turnout, major publicity and a

significant fillip for our funds. On the evening of the Ball, Andrew Knight, a former Chairman of Trustees, reminded us all of our roots and remembered founder Trustees, many of whom were present on the night. Finally, to all our patients, family carers, staff and loyal volunteers, I hope the festive season was a

peaceful one spent with family and friends, and that the New Year fulfils your expectations. As a Charity we will endeavour to continue to provide the high quality Palliative and End of Life Care that our local community deserves. Dr Clive Irwin Chairman

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Good luck! February 2018


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Sign up for the year by completing the joining form in the SHN 100 CLUB Leaflet, with a cheque for £24 or a completed standing order mandate form. You can enter as many times as you like, each entry costing £24 a year, entitling you to 12 monthly draws. Each month Shipston Home Nursing will draw a lucky winner to receive a cash prize! Our lucky winner will be notified and a cheque will be sent in the post. Players must be 16 or over.


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Opening up the reach of our care Hospice UK and hospices nationally are working in a number of ways to increase access to hospice care and to enhance the service and care they provide. The ethos of Shipston Home Nursing has always been to build relationships with patients and their families through understanding their needs and providing them with the necessary clinical and emotional support.

Not only has our enhanced services increased our patient numbers but it has allowed us to help signpost and provide choices for people and their individual situations, their wants and needs. The feedback we have received from families and friends of people we have cared for, has been truly humbling and has confirmed the benefits we have been able to provide by extending the service.

Every year, our dear leader, Rebecca, summons a report on the collection boxes and, with every year, the subject becomes increasingly exhausted: what else can one write about a plastic box of coins?


Our original logo has served us very well over the last 20 years and is well recognised throughout our community, but we decided that it needed a little refreshment and, more importantly, we wanted to make it ‘spell out’ exactly what we do.

2017 heralded the removal from circulation of all the old £1 coins and there was a moment of panic when no-one seemed to know if the banks would still exchange them after October 31st. It was also highly likely that these coins, lurking in sofas, trousers and car footwells, would probably end up in charity boxes after this date, and this has certainly proved to be the case. Fortunately, the banks will still accept them but, unfortunately, there are few banks left and those that remain have adopted a peculiar policy of only taking £20 at a time. Thankfully, we have a number of excellent local retailers who’ll exchange coins and we increasingly rely on them as an informal banking service. This works well, or, at least did so until the local “market” became flooded with coinage when my brother had the same idea with £4,000’s worth from the November Poppy Appeal!

We asked a group of staff and Trustees to draw a picture to portray the essence of SHN and what it seeks to do and we only gave them one minute to do it! The most common pictures were of houses and hearts so we have used this as the basis of our new logo. We will gradually replace the old logo with the new one as and when we need to replenish leaflets, letterheaded paper and other items. Although we are very well known in the community, we have included ‘Hospice Care At Home’ to ensure everyone understands the service we provide.

On a positive note, the boxes continue to provide a useful and constant income stream and, as always, I’m eternally grateful to my helpers, Louise Sewell, Fudge Ramsay, Ian McConnel and Jo Sweby for checking and emptying these. Above all, it’s the outlets and retailers who deserve greatest thanks: without them, none of it would be possible. The grand total raised for the year is £2174.

We stopped short of adding ‘Free Hospice Care At Home’ but please keep in mind that this is a Free service, available to all people who require palliative and end of life care in the communities of Shipston-on-Stour, Wellesbourne and Kineton and should you want to speak to us you can do so on 01608 664850.

A huge thank you to Percy and his team, for their time and enormous support throughout the year. Well done and many thanks to everyone who kindly houses our boxes and helps raise funds. February 2018



You will have noticed that the format of our annual magazine has changed this year and that we have also changed our logo.



SHN gets a new look!

If you, a family member or a friend have been diagnosed with a life-limiting or terminal condition and feel that our nursing services may help you, please do not hesitate to call our Nursing Team on 01608 664850 for an initial, informal conversation.


the community gives generously through our collection boxes Percy Sewell

We will now build upon the successes of the pilot scheme by extending our early care service to the GP surgeries of Wellesbourne and Kineton with the confidence that we can make a difference to patients and families in these communities.


We piloted our enhanced service in conjunction and with the great support from Shipston Medical Centre and Senior Community Nurses. We asked them to refer to us all patients with recent diagnoses of a terminal illnesses. After an initial assessment of a new patient, much time was then spent understanding their needs, goals and their wishes and these are regularly reviewed and decisions revised accordingly right

through to their final wishes of where they would like to die. Throughout this whole journey, our nurses have been alongside our patients and their families.


In the middle of 2017 we decided to invest further in our service to identify patients with life-limiting and terminal conditions much earlier in the

stages of their illnesses and with particular focus on receiving referrals for those with a noncancer diagnosis.


Our experience of nursing hundreds of patients over the 20 years of doing what we do, has shown the benefits of meeting patients in the early stages of their illness, allowing us to plan their care better and help prepare them and their families for the future. There is strong evidence available to demonstrate that everyone benefits from this and few patients “fall through the net”.


our nursing team Janet Oakey 2017, our 20th anniversary, proved to be as busy and rewarding as previous years. The Shipston Home Nursing team now comprises 16 registered nurses, all with specialist palliative care experience. We have welcomed two new members to the team; Suzanne, who has several years community experience and Sally, who recently joined us from ITU at the Horton Hospital. Both have integrated well into the existing nursing team. We sadly said goodbye to Lilian Smith-Vincent and Sarah Fellow’s from the Nursing team and we would like to thank them so very much for their dedication and support. Their care for our patients has been wonderful and we wish them the best for the future. Back in May, we commenced an extension to the existing palliative care service. This involved accepting earlier patient referrals from the G.P practice at Shipston Medical Centre enabling us to offer support to our patients sooner in their illness.

Regular audits have been carried out throughout the duration of the pilot study to determine whether this enhancement to our services can be rolled out to other surgeries we cover. It is always encouraging for hard work and dedication to be rewarded and in November 2017, SHN received the age UK award for Dignity in Care. Heartfelt thanks go to Mrs Owen and her family who nominated the Shipston Home Nursing team. Three of the nursing team travelled to Oxford to receive the award which was presented by Tim Stevenson OBE, the Lord Lieutenant of Oxfordshire. Nursing can be a very rewarding, but often a challenging occupation and palliative care nursing is no exception. With that in mind, the nursing team

were asked to put into a sentence how they feel about their chosen profession and what palliative care means to them. Here are some of their thoughts: (I have kept them anonymous as the nurses are a shy bunch). “I am very privileged to be allowed into patients’ homes at this very crucial time in their lives and hopefully give them and the family all the support possible.” “I find it very rewarding to help people achieve their wish to die at home rather than in hospital or a hospice.” “Making a rewarding difference, I can touch someone’s life in a moment and create a lasting impression.It’s about making an impact on the lives of the patients and families that I care for at a

sensitive and vulnerable time.” Our main aim is to reach as many patients and families who are in need of our services so that we can help to provide a practical and safe alternative to a hospital, care home or residential hospice. As 2018 starts with cold and frosty mornings, may the Shipston Home Nursing team wish all of their supporters a Happy and healthy New Year. Stay warm and enjoy the sunshine when it appears. If you wish to know more about our work in palliative care please contact us on 01608 664850 or visit our website www. Janet Oakey Head of Nursing and Co-ordination

SHN win dignity in care award “Nominating Shipston Home Nursing for The Dignity in Care Awards was totally deserved as the award’s guidelines described SHN’s work perfectly. The provision of this level of care is truly outstanding. They allowed my husband Cliff to spend his last days in his own home, surrounded by his family and with us all being looked after by the most professional and understanding team of nurses. We couldn’t have asked for anything more. We are so lucky that we have this amazing charity in our area and are thrilled that you won! Thank you all for everything”. Maureen Owen Alison White and Lorraine Cousilla

February 2018


TEAM GEORGE Wolf Runners raise £5000

Sharon Mckenzie

In June 2016 my Dad George was diagnosed with terminal bladder cancer. The diagnosis hit us all like a train and for many months there was an overwhelming sense of disbelief. At 79 years of age Dad was still active, physically strong with a mind and sense of humour as sharp as a tack. My Mum, sister and I were absolutely devastated but Dad made light of the diagnosis and made it clear that he intended to carry on as he was and didn’t want the shadow of this horrible disease to blight the time he had left. Prior to the diagnosis my Dad had rarely seen a doctor let alone the inside of a hospital but he bore the treatment without complaint and always wore a smile even on the darkest days. He made one request only, that if possible he would like to end his days at home with my Mum, sister and I by his side. We of course agreed with no idea whatsoever of how we could achieve this. also asked to join the team in Dad’s memory.

We initially sought guidance from my Dad’s GP Dr Tim Preece who immediately reassured us that this was entirely possible and that the necessary network of support was already in place. Through Dr Preece, Dad was introduced to the local community nurses who visited Dad on a regular basis and could never do enough to help, not only for Dad but our family as a whole. Dr Preece also suggested a referral to Shipston Home Nursing, a Charity we had heard of, but knew little about. A visit was arranged and Mum and Dad instantly warmed to Roberta Matthews, and were put at ease by her quiet professionalism. Thankfully at the time of the initial visit my Dad was well and no support was needed but SHN kept in touch with discreet calls just to check that any needs Dad had were being met. There is little to be grateful for when a loved one succumbs to cancer but we were fortunate in that my Dad remained well until a few days before he died. Those few days are still a blur for us, but we remember so clearly the February 2018

kindness, compassion, efficiency and professionalism of the SHN nurses. It must have been so hard for my Dad to put his personal care needs in the hands of a stranger but he still laughed and joked and the nurses took his sometimes dark humour in their stride. The help and support we received from SHN was invaluable and the knowledge that they were on hand to do more if we needed it, sustained us. My kind, funny, fair and most of all brave Dad died on the 21st January 2017. My Dads illness had consumed our family for so long

that we all wanted to channel our grief into something positive as Dad would have wanted. We also wanted to thank SHN for their invaluable support and to raise money to enable them to continue their amazing work. The 2017 Wolf Run was a heaven sent opportunity to do just that. The idea of Team George was born and my brother in law Stephen and husband Alex stepped forward to lead the team. Dad’s granddaughters and their partners jumped at the chance to compete and most touchingly family friends


After months of training and energetic fundraising, all the team, young and not so young, were determined to complete the event together in memory of my Dad. On the 2nd September 2017, a gloriously hot morning, Team George took part in the Wolf Run. For me it was the best day of the year but then I wasn’t covered in sticky, smelly mud but I know that all members of the team had the most amazing time. My Dad would have loved it and my Mum, sister and I all agreed that we could not have honoured Dad in a more fitting way. The best part of all, was raising an incredible £5,000 for SHN. We can never thank our sponsors enough, their generosity knew no bounds.

“Thank you SHN for the work you do and in particular for everything you have done for my Dad George and our family.”

Rita Turner edited report by Gill Sutherland - Stratford Herald

Sharing the story of the death of a loved one is not easy, but Allen Turner wants to talk to me about the loss of his beloved wife Rita to help promote the invaluable work of Shipston Home Nursing. Rita sadly died aged 71 in August 2016 from thyroid cancer a year on from being diagnosed. The nurses “were our angels” says Allen.

They are both warm and open, keen to talk about Rita, to keep her with them, even though the pain of losing her is still etched on their faces, and tears well up as memories are recalled. “We met at the Beat Club at the Townsend Hall around 1961. She asked me to dance… and I’d taken dance lessons in 1959 so I wasn’t afraid to get on the dancefloor,” laughs Allen. “From then on we were together.” Rita was just 17, with Allen in his early 20s. The young couple dated for a few years. “Eventually Rita’s mum said ‘it’s about time you two got married’ so we did. We got married at St Catherine’s in Campden in 1967 – it would have been our golden wedding anniversary this month,” adds Allen poignantly. “The wedding cost us next to nothing because we had nothing,” explains Allen – who speaks with a lovely Birmingham lilt – who came to the area from the city as 15-year-old to do agricultural work. He continues: “Rita had her dress which was plain silk; after it went to the nuns and they made February 2018

a vestment for the priest. Recycled you see! “We moved into a tied house on the Batsford Estate, and I was a cowman there.” The couple also lived in Newbold before settling in Shipston. They have one daughter, Sally, and a doted on grandson, Andrew, who’s nearly 12 – both live in New Zealand. When I ask what Rita was like as a person, Christine and Allen both smile, and as they talk a picture of a wonderfully able and forthright character emerges. “She was a Cotswold warden for 21 years,” says Christine. “She got on really well with all the farmers. If there was a footpath that was

up and then she’d tell me where to go. Nearly every weekend we went somewhere – everywhere and anywhere – usually in the middle of a field. Christine tells me that Rita would also use Skype everyday to keep in touch with her grandson. “She would even babysit – keeping an eye on Andrew when he was younger while Sally did the ironing. She watched him grow up through the years.” In 2015 it was discovered Rita had medullary thyroid cancer – which is rare, one in a thousand cancers. “She slowly became unable to reach for things,” explains Allen.

The Turners have a close extended family, and when Allen welcomes me into his Shipston home for tea and a chat, his sister-in-law Christine Dudfield is also there to lend emotional support.

One day I needed help and I rang SHN and one of the nurses was here in four minutes

overgrown she’d have a word with them and it would be sorted. She was very well respected so they’d listen to her.” Recalling happy memories of their years together, Allen continues: “We ticked over; never really had any money, but we were happy… I’d finish work at midday on a Friday, by the time I got home the caravan was loaded up, we’d hitch

“When she found swallowing difficult we went to Warwick Hospital. They referred us to a specialist at the Queen Elizabeth, Birmingham. “They did a very tricky surgical procedure – she was a bit of a guinea pig really. During a nine-hour operation she had all her lymph glands removed down her neck and across her shoulders.”


Rita’s major concern was that she would be able to talk – her priority was to be able to chat with Andrew in New Zealand, explains Christine. But she’d had to have a tracheotomy during surgery and so had to use a white board. “She used a white board to speak which for such an independent person was difficult,” says Christine. Eventually she was able to speak again, but sadly the cancer came back. Allen explains that her oncologist put her on strong cancer-fighting drugs. Allen adds: “She knew her end was coming, and being able to talk to Andrew was the main thing – she was determined she would talk to him for as long as she could. We bought an iPad to make it easier.” Back at home in Shipston, Rita at first adamantly declined the services of the district nurse. But as her cancer spread she accepted help. “We were put in contact with Shipston Home Nursing through our GP, Sue Pritchard,” says Allen. “They made sure we had everything we wanted, and at first visited alternately with the district nurses. They made sure her dressings were OK. They also sorted out a bed for downstairs – so Rita could keep an eye on me in the kitchen!” Allen says that without Shipston Home Nursing Rita would not have been able to die at home as

she wanted, but would have had no choice but to go into a hospital or hospice. He can’t praise their fantastic dedication highly enough. Christine echoes Allen’s praise for SHN, in fact since the loss of Rita, she has raised nearly £4,000 having her head shaved for the charity, with which the family continue to be involved with and supported by. “Rita asked the priest to come and she arranged her own funeral; everything was planned exactly as she wanted it,” continues Allen talking about his wife’s last days. “SHN were with us every day. On the last day they knew more than I did what was happening and so they arranged an overnight nurse. Rita’s breathing got awkward and they eased the pain with a bit of morphine – which she had refused up until then. “I’d gone to get some sleep and at about midnight the nurse said I think you’d better come down;

and at 12.45am she passed as I held her hand.”

Restaurant scheme serves us well Suzie Coyte

Heartbreakingly Allen describes how, because she couldn’t talk by the end, she had been writing on a white board. “It was only after that I realised what she had written. She couldn’t see or write very well so she’d written something a few times one on top of the other, she’d written ‘love you’ – and she never said that.”

The Restaurant Scheme has had another successful year in 2017 with many of the local pubs and restaurants taking part, and kindly supported by their customers for this annual fundraising initiative. A huge thank you goes to all of those eateries who agreed to raise funds for the Charity. Your support is truly appreciated. Nine marvellous pubs and restaurants supported us through the year and raised the wonderful total of £3260.78.

Before I go, Allen wants me to know that he is getting well looked after by Christine and her family who have ‘adopted’ him, and by SHN. “They’ve invited me to some of their do’s and one of the senior nurses Barbara lives up the road, and she’ll pop in for a cup of tea. They are angels they really are.”

If anyone knows of any pubs, restaurants or hotels that are not involved in the Restaurant Scheme but might be interested in joining the scheme, please call me and I will contact them with details on this very simple fundraising idea.

In Memoriam: Rita Turner 30th April 1945 – 15th August 2016

Once again, thank you to everyone who played their part in supporting the Restaurant

Scheme, without which we would not have the funds you provide, every amount counts and is vital to the Charity. THANK YOU Suzie Coyte 01608 661188 Our local Pubs and Restaurants are so supportive, guided by Suzie making this a brilliant fund raiser. The scheme has been operating for 16 years and each year raises valuable funds for the Charity. Thank you Suzie so very much.

Book sales continue to flourish Ian McConnel It has been another busy and successful year for the Inns, Pubs, Shops and Surgeries who have continued to promote and sell Peter Titchmarsh’s excellent book “20 Walks in Shipston Country”. During 2017 over 450 copies have been sold and nearly £3,500 has been raised from these sales and the monthly SHN walks. Increasingly buyers are realising that, as well as well as the very informative description and directions of each walk, the second half of the book includes “A Detailed Description of Towns. Villages and Other places of interest” which can be very helpful to tourists, house hunters and indeed anyone who is keen to widen their knowledge of Shipston Country. Our Star Sales outlets this year have been The Red Lion in Long Compton and The Ebrington Arms who have both sold over 40 Books - Special congratulations and thanks to them and also to the following who have all sold over 20 copies - Howard Arms Ilmington, Ilmington Village Shop, Ettington Shop, Wyatts Farm Shop, The Castle Inn at Edgehill and Tysoe Village Shop and Café. The Shipston Home Nursing Walkers continue to meet monthly 11am in Winter and 6pm in Summer returning to the start/meeting point for suitable refreshments. The pace is leisurely, the gossip juicy and excellent exercise for dogs. If you would like to join us, please let me have your email address and I can send you details of each walk in advance - or call on 07498 923249 or 01608 685257. February 2018

Shipston Country

This fully illustrated guide book describes the towns, villages and other places of interest in the valley of the River Stour and in the hill country surrounding it, with Shipston-on-Stour at its centre. It also describes twenty circular walks, varying in distance betwe en two and ten miles.

My enormous thanks to Ian for his hours of dedication, mileage and enthusiasm, raising funds Published in supp ort of Shipston Home Nurs ing for Shipston Home Nursing, selling this delightful book which the truly generous and inspirational Peter has published for us. So much money has been raised and many thousands of books sold.

All proceeds arisin g from the sale of this book will pass to Shipston Home Nurs ing


Registered Charity No 1061405



20 Walks in Shipston Country

Featuring 20 circular walk s in Shipston Country with a detailed description of its towns, villages and othe r places of interest

fundraising is key Rebecca Mawle Our thanks to everyone who has donated during 2017. All donations have been gratefully received by myself or our Treasurer Chris Owen. The Roll of Donors below mentions many, but by no means all who have donated. Your generous support enables the Charity to continue to operate effectively. The Trustees and I are extremely grateful. Enormous thanks.

our fantastic roll of donors 2017 The Cherington Arms The Chequers Inn Ettington The Peacock Oxhill The Plough Stretton-on-Fosse The Norman Knight Whichford Shukurs Brasserie Kineton The Fuzzy Duck Armscote The Howard Arms Ilmington Jonjo O’Neill Mrs Eirwen Hall Mike & Mo Rosenthal Richard Suthons Whichford & Ascott Allotment Holder’s Society The Traditional Ilmington Morris Men Paul Bryan Lighthorne Village Carol Singers Jane Rigby Lighthorne Ladies Jenny Wilson DMG Roper Trust Shipston Sports Club Darts Team Stella Symons Charitable Trust Mel Pritchard Jeremy Wiggin Mrs M Mitchell Mrs K Willis Mr S Bosley Mrs J Warnick Rebecca Ridgway The L&D Seccombe Charitable Trust Jules Cattell The Eulalie BuckmasterTrust Nonni Meynell Mr M Forsyth-Forrest The Stretton Cycling Club - Nick, Ben, Christina, Andrew, Bernard, Mark, Anna, Ian, Louis and Martin Penny White Ettington Villagers, in Memory of Marion Nason Midcounties Co-op Shipston-on-Stour February 2018

The Tartan Fling Committee Paddock Farm Butchery Julia & Roger Newman Jim Stewart’s family Justin Spray Simon Downer The Whichford & Ascott WI David Hodges Averell & George Kingston Nicola Loades John & Judy Spencer Benedicte Wield & Bridge Players Shipston Rugby Club Deborah Williams Whichford Pottery Richard Gray Tysoe WI Keith Coombs Trust Anthony Coombs Gareth Onions Gerald Hart Dumbreck Charity Judith Melling Wendy & John Gardner Margaret Sherwood Barton-on-the-Heath Village Fete Patrick & Fudge Ramsay Jane Spencer Bridget Fox Ginnie Morris Val Lake Angela Balfour-Kinnear Julia Stirman The Croft School Alveston Willington Fete The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust Samantha Welsby Newbold & Tredington Primary School The WOLF Run Team Charlie Morton David and Helen Walkely

The Rotary Club Shipston-on-Stour The Friends of Idlicote Church Simon & Lucy Miesegaes Maggie & John Sargent Derek & Jane Ecclestone Sharon Bygate Debbie Foster Richard Mawle Jill Perrin Ilmington Show Committee Ian & Ann The Gate Inn Brailes Katie Haycock Roy Bateman Tysoe Luncheon Club Michael Appleton Bryan & Pamela Greenway Phil & Liz Wragg Mrs L Mills Jane Hobbs Linda Sadleir Christine Archer Greta Barnes John & Jupe Marshall Alison Egan’s Mum Suzie Coyte Shah’s Wellesbourne Julia Melvin Hilary Bryan ( Marmalade Judge) St Michaels Church Whichford Helen Peacocke Shipston Building Supplies Cherington, Stourton & Sutton Country Flower Show Committee Trish Holmes Roger & Liz Maycock Feldon Valley Golf Club Brailes Mark Foster, Technique Print Group Rob Bowen, HL Barnes Martin Harris Simon Allen Richard Johnson The Chandlers Arms, Epwell Alium Flowers Moreton-in-Marsh


Turners Shipston-on-Stour The Bower House Shipston-on-Stour Sarah Scotter Liz James & Friends Joan Downer Richard Goodman Stour Valley Wildlife Action Group The Macfarlane Charitable Trust Mary Manville-Hales Jenny Mead Peter & Andrea Kimberley The White Bear, Shipston-on-Stour The George Hotel, Shipston-on-Stour The Horseshoe Inn, Shipston-on-Stour The Black Horse Inn, Shipston-on-Stour The Red Lion Ilmington The Castle Inn Edgehill The Peacock Tysoe The Royal Oak Whatcote Halford Bridge Inn The White Hart Newbold-on-Stour The Rose & Crown Ratley The Ebrington Arms The Bakers Arms Broad Campden The Red Lion Long Compton The George Inn Brailes The Scorfen Charitable Trust Andrew Knight Foxwist Framing Shipston-on-Stour Shipston Sports Club Rimmell Saddlers, Shipston-on-Stour Shipston-on-Stour Fish Bar Sheldon’s Fine Wines, Shipston-on-Stour Peter Creek Shipston-on-Stour Co-op Clarke Electrical, Shipston-on-Stour Time in Hand, Shipston-on-Stour Southam Plumbing Supplies, Shipston-on-Stour

Fosseway Hire, Shipston-0n-Stour Just Pets, Shipston-on-Stour E H Spencer, Shipston-on-Stour London House Antiques, Shipston-on-Stour Mrs Browns Tea Rooms, Shipston-on-Stour Bumble & Wild, Shipston-on-Stour Boots Chemist, Shipston-on-Stour John Lyne Home Improvements, Shipston-on-Stour Taylors Butchers, Shipston-on-Stour Walford & Round Opticians, Shipston-on-Stour Halford Bridge Garage Tysoe Village Stores Tysoe P O Tysoe Social Club Mr & Mrs Calderan, Shenington

Baldwins Newsagents, Brailes La Tradition Brailes Pillerton Garage Ettington Stores & P O Talton Mill Ilmington Village Shop Tysoe W I Wests Bakery Wellesbourne The Bell Inn Alderminster Blockley Village Stores Horse & Groom Bourton-on-the-Hill The Chequers Ettington Ettington Stores Hook Norton Brewery The Sun Inn Hook Norton Ilmington Stores The Village Stores Long Compton Wyatts Farm Shop Fosseway Garden Centre

The Churchill Arms, Paxford The Arbour, Shipston-on-Stour Ivy Heart, Shipston-on-Stour Seccombes Estate Agents Sheldon Bosley Knight Estate Agents Emma Morris The Surgery Sibford Gower The Wykham Arms Sibford Gower The Bell Shenington Whichford Marmalade Festival Sophie & Colin Corlett Caroline Larkin Shipston Medical Centre Hastings House, Wellesbourne Shipston Therapy Centre Di Feilding Annabelle White Carl Watkins Sue & Mike Sanderson

Andrew & Josephine Finding Team Ben Nevis / Ollie Howes New Year New You Team / Rachel Tame Salts Healthcare Ltd The Cotswolds Distillery, Stourton Adrian Roberts, Four Leaf Clover Ian McConnell Percy Sewell Stretton-on-Fosse Carol Singers Miss A Thompson

Rebecca Mawle Head of Community Fundraising Shipston Home Nursing rebecca.mawle@ 01608 674929 Lower Farm Barn, Great Wolford, Shipston-on-Stour CV36 5NQ

A snapshot into a wonderful fundraising year


The Wellbeing Day

Generously hosted and organised by Beverley and John Beaumont. A truly special day for all concerned. The Butts, was a gentle haven of calmness and fragrances that all 20 people who experienced Pilates with Jamie, Indian Head Massage with Nina, Reflexology with Karen, Body Massage with Avril, Acupuncture with Anna Hazlehurst and Brigitte with Mindfulness, throughout the house. Enormous thanks to the Therapists for giving their day in support of SHN. Beverley and John served the most delicious soups, home-made bread, and gluten free treats. Thank you to Mary-Jane and Stella for their cookery expertise. The wonderful day raised a brilliant £725. Many thanks to John and Beverley for their enormous welcoming hospitality and generosity. Nicola, Fred and I decided to tackle the Car Boot at Studley, Alcester at 5.30am one Sunday morning in April. An interesting 9 hours of selling, raising £155 towards raising funds from the 2nd hand clothes people have kindly donated. Not something we would want to do every Sunday! February 2018

A beautiful crisp sunny morning in April, at Walton Hall for the 10k Run and Walk, there were 91 runners and 181 entries, more than previous years which was very exciting! Our enormously generous sponsorship for marketing the event came from Hutsby Farms and Forsyth Farmwork. I am so grateful to both Ken, Richard and Freddie Hutsby and Anthony and William Forsyth for their terrific support. Results: 1st Sam Weaving, 2nd Kia Bailey, Joint 3rd Sarah Yell and Jade Storer. The following runners were sponsored Sandra Anderson £50, Rebecca Fosette £15, Linda Nichols £10, Rebecca Billings £100. We received donations from Pennyann Scholes and Mr and Mrs Olrenshaw. Many thanks for your thoughtful gestures. Walton Hall provided Bacon Butties and Sausage rolls for our entrants, Paddock Farm kindly donated the delicious sausages. Emma

The World’s Biggest PUB QUIZ

Raising funds for the Charity at The Black Horse in Shipston-on-Stour. This fun evening, organised by Gayb Saunders and Lou Woolley raised a brilliant £120. Six teams had an entertaining evening, the winning team were non- other than John and Beverley Beaumont and Mark and Mary-Jane Barnes. Congratulations to you all! The prize was thoughtfully put back in the pot to add to the funds raised. Thank you so much Gayb and well done to Lou for keeping control of such a rowdy crowd!


Morris donated banana bread and the Co-op Shipston donated bananas for energy! All these amazing people that support SHN. Many thanks to each and every one of you. We raised a grand total of £1,344. Doubled 2016! Brilliant. My thanks to all the marshalls and special thanks to Rose and Steph for their knowledge and expertise of timing the runners! Huge thanks to Gilda our fitness guru for planning the course. Well done to everyone!

THE TARTAN FLING The amazing committee have done it again…. my enormous thanks to you all. 220 teenagers between 13-18 met at the Townsend Hall in Shipston, in April, for the Tartan Fling. They had a wonderful time reeling, accompanied by the talented Craigievar Band. This event has been going successfully for many years; the children are looked after and catered for by the Committee of parents who are enormously grateful to the generosity of Jill Judd who provides all the cutlery and crockery for the evening. The event raised £2000 each for Shipston Home Nursing and The Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance.


These yearly fundraising events have a marvellous following of people from near and far! We are so grateful to our supporters who donate the most beautiful, designer pieces, ladies and men’s, that are in beautiful condition, and probably worth far more than we sell them for, but all profit for the Charity. Thank you all very much indeed. Last Springs sale raised £925 and the Autumn £1603. Enormous thanks to Nicola, Debbie, Sarah, Liz, Jane Cleave, Jane Cussons, Marlyn and Di for all their help setting up and selling. Bridget, Ginnie and Julia you are stars in the kitchen. Thank you. Jackie Vallance provides the best cup-cakes ever seen to sell to happy families! Justina, Jayne Scandrett, also donates new clothes and we are very grateful for these.

The Bishop of Coventry joined John and Judy Spencer at Newbold on their farm to bless their ground, one Sunday in May. John suggested that a collection was made for SHN, they had a pig roast and drink for the congregation who came along. The day raised £337 for the Charity. Christian Aid received £314. Thank you so much for your support.

Midcounties co-op

The Midcounties Co-op, Shipston Square, Shipston-on-Stour have donated £3,969 to the Charity, which they have been collecting for the last 18 months. This amount was raised by points on customer’s cards and paying for bags. Debbie went to receive the big cheque after Easter. At the presentation there was a cake stall which raised an additional £66 for the Charity. Enormous thanks to John and his brilliant team for their fantastic support. February 2018


PLANT & Home produce SALE

Donations were received from David Hodges, Barcheston and Averell & George Kingston, Sutton-under-Brailes. Thank you both so much for your generous gestures. A morning of dry weather, perfect for our hundreds of supporters and keen gardeners. My enormous thanks to Caroline, Fudge and Sophie plus their other halves for all their hard work, endless time and enthusiasm, they really have made this event top notch! The sale of raffle tickets raised £2133 and plants £3132. The grand total was £5302. Many thanks to Nicola and Sarah for running the Produce stall and raising £308.50. So many generous people gave preserves, cakes, biscuits, eggs and rhubarb, which made the stall look very appealing. Huge thanks to Ginnie and Bridget for running the kitchen and keeping everyone happy. Once again, many thanks to you all, for your donations, support, time and enthusiasm. The Plant Sale was and is such a popular event and Fudge and Caroline have continued to make it one of the best in our fundraising year. Thank you both.

Wellesbourne Street Fayre

SHN had a bottle stall, run by Liz James and her friends, Sue Dee and Emma Nash, raising £177.42. Enormous thanks to Liz, for taking on the role of running this stall. I was away, so that was extremely helpful. Many thanks to all the local supermarkets and businesses for donating bottles. A few locals mentioned to Liz that our Nurses had looked after their loved ones and how grateful they were for their compassion and expertise. Thanks to Nicola and Joan for providing lots of bottles also.


This event was sponsored by Technique Print Group £500 and HL Barnes Stratford-onAvon £100. Enormous thanks to Mark Foster and Rob Bowen. A £100 donation was also received from Mill Meadow Charitable Trust. The ‘Beat the Pro Competition’ raised £170. The Auction and Raffle raised £967.50. The winning team was Fosters Flyers: Steve Pendleton, Mark Foster and Jon Rose, second was The Toppers: Andy Lyne, Ken Smith, Phil Mosley and Chris Titchmarsh and third was Awesome: Bob Clarke, Julian Ferguson Davey, Geoff Taylor and Richard Stevens. The teams enjoyed a good afternoons golf and it was lovely to return to Feldon Valley. Many thanks to all who supported the day. Total raised £3,597.

Dr Geoffrey Harry Freeman TESTIMONIAL

Shiela Freeman and her two daughters Hazel and Kate have raised £770 from the ceremony to celebrate Geoff’s Life. Many thanks to you all for your support. Geraldine Beare from Somerset also donated £25 in memory of Geoffrey, her great Uncle. To all the Shipston Home Nurses who helped Geoff Freeman The Freeman Family, and Shiela in particular would like to say a very big personal thank you for all you have done over the weeks and months as Geoff ’s condition deteriorated. You not only made sure that he got the best treatment, by putting us in touch with the right people at the right time, but you stepped in and made sure the family pulled together and were able to keep going. From the moment the Shipston Home Nursing team appeared on the scene we knew we could rely on help when it was needed and even that it would be offered before we realised the need for it. Each and every one of you guided us through the ups and downs of caring.

The support we received was invaluable and meant that Geoff was able to do what he wanted - to stay at home and finally to die at home with his family around him. We could not have managed it without you, and at times we felt there were doubts that it could be achieved. I know that donations larger and smaller are being sent, but the thing that I most want to give is my heartfelt thanks to all of you for your kindness and support.

100 years celebration of TYSOE WI



In June, Anne de Verteuil from Bainbridge Island, Earthbound Expeditions, visited Deborah’s beautiful garden. 31 fortunate gardeners had a wonderful experience. In July Anje Birne and the Rose Society had the enormous pleasure of an afternoon in Deborah’s garden. Deborah kindly donated £1165 following these wonderful days. The Armscote Manor Tulipa bulb has raised £2,500 from the sale of the beautiful bulbs. These are so popular with our supporters. Enormous thanks to Averil Plank, Taste of the Country, Deborah Hope, Bumble and Wild, and many sales from Armscote Manor. Thank you once again Deborah for your continual support.

Many thanks to the following for donating £1030, which helped funds for the talented Jazz Band. Mrs Michael Freeman. Mr and Mrs Derek Atkins, Mr and Mrs Patrick Ramsay, Mr and Mrs Mark Sewell, Mr David Hodges, Mr Christian Kwek, Mr and Mrs John Sargent, Duncan Matthews QC, Mr and Mrs David Cleave and Mr and Mrs John Melvin. Enormous thanks to Bridget and Simon Herrtage for allowing us the use of their magnificent garden and superb ampitheatre. We had a most splendid, fun evening and all 125 guests had a terrific time. Our grateful thanks to the following: The Cotswolds Distillery, Sheldon’s Wine Cellars, Taste of the Country, Bumble and Wild, Moo Meadows, Emma Morris, Talton Mill and The Bower House. My very grateful thanks to Pennyann, Hannah, Issy, Debbie, Fred, Sarah, Ben, Suzie, Mike, Paula, Kate, Janet and Laura for their invaluable help setting up and working on the evening. This included the sale of raffle tickets, washing up, waitressing, serving wine, which saved our costs and made the evening so much fun! Thank you also to Jo and Kay for being so marvellous! The Grand total raised £4283.



Richard Gray generously donated £1,000, to make the total raised on the day to £1,434. It was a beautiful sunny day that was perfect for this special afternoon. Hundreds of butterflies and birds were seen by many supporters and lots of families and their children. Stour Valley Wildlife Action Group, worked hard all day. Many thanks to Sheila and Adrian for providing a delicious tea of the most amazing variety of cakes, enjoyed by everyone. Thank you to Lawrence Adamson for car parking duty. Max Tyler came along and helped Richard in the morning and stayed to be on duty for the afternoon. February 2018

Enormous thanks to Judy and Ann-Marie for their wonderful support and for raising so much for two very good causes. We are very grateful to you for all your hard work. Hi Rebecca, I’m not sure who came as a response to your advertising but there was a lovely nurse called Shirley who works for SHN who came and loved it. We were very busy and lots of people were very enthusiastic. I think I have just about recovered! I think I explained I was sharing the proceeds between you and Eco Workshop. I shall be sending you a cheque for £1500. I hope that it helps a little bit towards the care that SHN provides.

A lovely service, beautifully organised by the WI on July 2nd in St Mary’s Church, Tysoe. The church looked absolutely- amazing. A full church with a memorable service with the WI taking part. A retiring collection for the Charity raised £224.30. Many thanks for supporting SHN at this marvellous celebration.

The Christmas Gift Fair

This year we returned to Ettington Community Centre, which proved really successful. Our supporters, volunteers and stall holders were happy with the extra space, and the new facilities. Many people kindly gave donations during the Fair and they have been included in the Donor Role. Once again, thank you very much. The fantastic total raised was £6228. My enormous thanks to the following for their time, enthusiasm and support, you are all brilliant. This event could not run without you! Fred, Mike, Bertie, Rory, Daryl, Charlie, Nicola, Liz B, Jenni, Sophie, Caroline, Jane, Hannah, Gilda, Alison, Paula, Pixie, Anneli, Sarah, Jenny, Fudge, Liz J, Debbie, Bonnie, Janet, Posy, Gill, Sarah, Di, Annabelle, Bridget, Joanna, Ginnie and Sue F.


Samantha Welsby, Headteacher at Newbold and Tredington Primary School has written a lovely letter with a donation, in memory of Jane.


“Please find a donation of £235 from the parents of Newbold and Tredington Primary School, who contributed to a collection following the death of Jane. Your service provided critical support for the family at a difficult time and the parents wanted to show their appreciation through a donation. Your support is so important in the community. Many thanks Samantha Welsby.” Many thanks to you all. Sam Welsby, daughter of Jill Gledhill Shipstonon-Stour, has sent donations totalling £556.45. Sam is extremely grateful to SHN for their support at such a difficult time. “Dear Shipston Home Nursing Team Thank you for all your amazing support you gave to Mum and Dad. In particular I would like to thank Donna for her support and honesty at a very difficult time, My Mum (Jill Gledhill) was a proud lady and your team made her last few days uncomplicated. Enclosed are three cheques, one from Daniel and myself, one from my staff at work and one from a neighbour. Once again thank you for your caring support at a difficult time and I hope that many more people can benefit from your support”


Sarah Holman has been part of the community, since a little girl, when she lived with her parents and sisters at Foxcote, Ilmington. So when Shipston Home Nursing developed 21 years ago, Sarah has been supportive and pro-active in her donations. She was a wonderful character, generous of her time, kindness and enthusiasm. Sadly, Sarah passed away last year in her beautiful Scotland, that she loved.A wonderful Thanksgiving service was organised at Ilmington church and the Retiring Collection was for Marie Curie and Shipston Home Nursing. We received a marvellous £2110. Grateful thanks to all Sarah’s family for this donation.

KAEREN REVELL Dear Shipston Home Nursing I enclose my cheque for £100 in loving memory of a much- loved friend, Kaeren Revell, together with my thanks for the wonderful support and nursing you gave to Kaeren towards the end of her life. I’m sure your concern and support will be there for darling Kaeren’s deeply grieving husband, Andrew, in the days ahead. Vibrant, elegant and fun-loving Kaeren was such a loyal friend (and like the daughter I never had, as well) brightening my life with her luminosity of spirit whenever she visited me. A light has gone out in my life, and I miss her greatly. I know how wonderful your Nursing of this darling girl will have been, ensuring Kaeren’s last days were as painfree as possible, in her home surroundings. Bless you for all you did for my precious friend, and you continue to do for others. With my gratitude Stella Platt “To all at Shipston Home Nursing, in loving memory of Kaeren Revell. Wishing you all some ‘sparkle’ at Christmas, Kaeren added the ‘sparkle’ to mine - greatly missed. Peace & love Stella Platt. Keep doing all the wonderful Nursing you do so admirably”. Thank you so much Stella for your donation and your beautiful, compassionate letter in memory of your dear friend Kaeren.

Caroline Iacaruso

Fred and I went to Caroline Iacaruso’s funeral in Dunchurch. This was the most beautiful service, full of warmth and love for a very special lady. Caroline and Pino had supported the Charity since 1997. Always attending the Fairs with Pino’s superb culinary delights on their “Take Two Cooks” stall. Caroline, was a very happy lady if she took more than any other stall holder, so she could give us a generous percentage of her takings. Everyone loved Pino’s cooking and of course his sales of “Honey” a charming book written for his wife, and his paintings. Edilio organised the most

Dr Graham Williams Charlie Wells It is important that I pay tribute to Dr Graham Williams who passed away in January 2015. Graham was a Shipston GP, and I know many people in this community will remember him very fondly indeed. I first knew Graham because I was at school with his daughters, Katherine and Rebecca, and occasionally was invited back for tea! When I first started as a district nurse in Shipston in 1994, Graham was the Senior partner at the medical centre. I was very inexperienced in community nursing and Graham was the kindest mentor and a wonderful teacher. His manner with patients was a wonderful cocktail of professionalism and kindness and he drove around in a black Porsche with great pzazz. When we first set up Shipston Home Nursing, Graham was a wonderful supporter and I am so grateful to him. I would like to say thank you for the generous donation given to SHN by Graham’s family. February 2018

DESIGNER SALE POP-UP SHOP MODA ROSA from Alresford Rosie, Jane and Zena wended their way to Darlingscott for yet another enormously successful two days sales. Maggie and John Sargent generously opened their home to many ladies to find a perfect new wardrobe and ridiculous bargains for these beautiful designer pieces. Squeaky brought her jewellery and Bruno his artwork, raising a grand total of £2068. Many thanks to John and Maggie, Nicola, Joanna and Angela for their time and energy in making this such a successful event. Some rather delicious food was eaten over the two days!

wonderful Thanksgiving service on a sunny day, which we were honoured to be a small part of. The collection was for Myton Hospice where Caroline was nursed and for SHN.


Two of our Nurses kindly ran the SHN stall at the Townsend Hall. This was organised by Shipston Medical Centre, raising the awareness of the community for all the local support groups. The girls sold £86 of SHN wares… Well done and thank you Lilian and Janet!


SHN ran a bottle stall at this event raising £107. Liz James and her friend kindly ran the stall which was enormously helpful to me. Many thanks Liz. Local businesses generously gave bottles and Hilary, Nicola and Debbie also kindly donated a few. This all helps to generate funds and raise our profile in and around Wellesbourne. Huge thanks to all concerned.

Shipston Home Nursing Notelets Each pack contains 12 cards, two of each of these stunning paintings by artist Jennifer Wilson.

£6.0&0P +P

Call 01608 674929 or visit to purchase.


SHN Roaring 20’s Anniversary Ball

Mark and Antonia Davies kindly hosted this very special night celebrating our 20 years of successful service in our community. Admington Hall was the perfect back drop for our night in September with 450 party revellers. The marquee looked magnificent in Roaring 20’s style. Everyone looked so stylish and had dressed in true 20’s fashion! The team from Cotswold Marquees worked tirelessly in shocking thunderstorms to make the marquee perfect on the night!

Images by Jon Head Photography

Andrew Knight our first Chairman welcomed everyone and remembered the important people over the last 20 years that have made SHN the extraordinary success it is. We are indebted to you all.

Jasper and Simon acted as the MC’s. So efficient, we were sitting down for dinner on time! Thank you so much for your charm and looking completely wonderful. Adrian Roberts and his amazing team, Four Leaf Clover Catering, served the most superb, delicious three course dinner for our guests. “The best” everyone commented. The bacon and sausage butties were rather delicious too! James Coker and James Walton our Auctioneers, were outstanding and sold 10 wonderful lots raising £13,350. Huge thanks to the generosity of the people who gave such fabulous prizes.

The Diamond Raffle donated by George Pragnell raised £4,320. Martin Dunne was the lucky winner, who has been a terrific supporter since our conception. Grateful thanks to Charlie Pragnell and his family for their support over the years. Hughie Powell drove his wonderful 20’s fire engine and Floristry van to the venue in the shocking weather, to make the arrival of our guests special. Thanks Hughie. The Ball was an enormous success financially, due to local businesses and supporters, sponsoring various parts of the evening, donating prizes, and helping wherever they could. My grateful thanks to you all for your generous continual support. SHN could not operate without you. The car parking team (Shipston Young Farmers) plus James, Rosie, Georgie and Matthew for being so utterly charming and brilliantly helpful in the most ghastly weather conditions. The umbrella’s loaned to me from Peter Clarke and George Pragnell were the perfect addition!

February 2018

I would like to thank the Committee for their time, support and expertise in helping me make this a truly fabulous night. Hilary Bryan, Suzie Coyte, Debbie Foster, Mark Foster, Jamie Francis, Janine Hunter, Sarah Irwin, Nicola Loades, Fran Robinson and Laura Williams. There are many, many others who helped in so many different ways, too many to mention individually, but thank you all.


Jim Keeling of Whichford Pottery creating the SHN terracotta pot for the auction.

our finances Christopher Owen We are now in our twenty first year of providing free nursing at home for terminally ill people in Shipstonon-Stour, Wellesbourne and Kineton, and in the South Warwickshire area. During the year Shipston Home Nursing converted into a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO) effective 1 July 2017. This change has not impacted the services we provide to the communities in which we work or how those services are delivered. For the financial year ended 30 June 2017 we had costs of £378,022 and made a deficit of £162,100. The deficit was planned by the Trustees as part of a pilot programme to meet our potential patients at earlier stages of their illness, allowing them to be better informed of the care they could expect to receive should they choose to die at home. We received £48,529 from NHS Primary Health Care Trust for the continuing care by our nurses of NHS patients leaving hospital and referred to SHN. We also received £500 from legacies. During 2017 Fundraising events generated a revenue of £95,342 before costs which excluding the costs of the biennial Charity Ball were similar to 2016.

We adopt a prudent reserves policy and have reserves to cover two year’s operating costs, invested in COIF Charity Funds managed by CCLA Investment Managers Ltd. Developments Our Fundraising team continue to review our Fundraising strategy to promote our services and to ensure we have a varied and balanced source of income. We have leased a small office space in the Ellen Badger Hospital, as an administrative base and from which our nurses operate. Our offices are located next to those of the District Nursing team and this has proven invaluable for coordinating our support and patient care with the District Nurses. An interim volunteer Chief Executive has recently been appointed to support the Trustees in further developing the Charity, to ensure that we uphold the highest standards of patient care, while ensuring the sustainability of our services.

The dedicated experienced professional team of Trustees, Nurses and Fundraisers continue to work hard to ensure the longerterm success of the service. Our success also depends on the ongoing generosity of our supporters who I would urge to consider making provision in their wills in favour of the charity and life time gifts of shares, property and other assets. If assistance or

guidance is needed I am always happy to help. Please keep up the good work and thanks for your support and your continuing efforts. Any ideas for Trust, legacy and other income please contact Chris Owen, Treasurer on 01608 686547 or email

Emily runs London Marathon for SHN & mind When I told my family I had decided to run in the London Marathon they thought I was joking. My brother said that the only running he ever saw me doing was to get to the front of the queue at the school tuck shop and my sister said she would lend me her Uber account. I have to admit I am probably closer to Bridget Jones than Paula Radcliffe when it comes to running ability but I am doing it for two great causes so it is worth all the pain and jokes! Mum has promised to dart across London to wave to me from at least three locations and Dad has suggested that I have a helium balloon tied to me so he can see me coming and get his camera focussed.

nurses people in their homes at the end of their lives and Mind which as I am sure you all know is a mental health charity. You will be relieved to know I will not be setting up a live Instagram feed so you will be spared seeing me in various stages of distress but I would be hugely grateful for your support. Virgin money giving page: EmilyRamsay1 or If you prefer to send a Charity Cheque then please contact Shipston Home Nursing or Mind. With love, thanks and best wishes

I am running for two great charities; Shipston Home Nursing a local charity that February 2018

Emily Ramsay


87 Hampton Lucy


Newbold Moreton Pacey Morrell


Bishops Itchington



Wellesbourne Paddox


Compton Verney




M 40




B4 Preston-on-Stour



Pillerton Hersey



Pillerton Priors

10 0

Fenny Compton

Kineton 08

0 M4

The service is available to those living within the areas marked on this map. If you are unsure if the service is available to you then please contact the Nursing Team on 01608 664850 and they will be able to advise you.


The communities where we can provide our Free Nursing Service




Newbold-on-Stour Oxhill




0 10

Tysoe Ilmington



B 40






35 The Sibfords




A4 29



Little Wolford




A4 22





A 3 400

A42 9


Whichford Great Wolford

Long Compton




Little Compton

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01926 886688 February 2018


what’s on in 2018

15th April, 8.45 registration, 10am start Walton Hall CV35 9HU Sponsored by Forsyth Farmwork & Hutsby Farms Enter at £5 adults, £3 children

Designer & Second Hand Clothes Sale

Wednesday 25th April, 6.45pm The Bower House, Shipston-on-Stour Further information available from our website.

Plant Sale

Saturday 12th May, 10am - 12 noon Sheldon Bosley Hub CV36 4DQ Please bring plants to the Hub on Friday 11th For more information please contact Caroline Gunn on 01608 663508 or Fudge Ramsay on 01608 680000

Bottle Stall Wellesbourne




Sunday 22nd April, London Support Emily Ramsay See page 14 for details



Saturday 21st April, 9.30am - 11.30am Sheldon Bosley Hub CV36 4DQ Free Entry




Wolf Run

Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd September Welsh Road Farm, Offchurch, Warwickshire Enter a team and raise money for SHN For more information please email or visit

SHN Golf Day

Friday 12th October Feldon Valley Golf Club, Brailes, OX15 5BB £250 per team Kindly Sponsored by HL Barnes Accountants

Date TBC, 2pm Wellesbourne Please come and support the bottle Stall If you would like to donate bottles please contact Rebecca on 01608 674929


10k Run/Walk at Walton Hall

spring fashion show by Dice


Floral Design Workshop

Saturday 24th March, 10am - 4.00pm The Butts, Cherington CV36 5HZ £60 per person – includes refreshments and a two course lunch. Limited Places For more information visit To book a place please call Beverley on 07866 988355 or email

Designer Pop-up Shop

Thursday 1st 5pm - 9pm & Friday 2nd November 9am - 4pm Darlingscott Farm CV36 4PN £5 Donation

Christmas Gift Fair

Tuesday 13th November 5.30pm - 8.30pm & Wednesday 14th November 9.30am - 3.00pm Ettington Community Centre CV37 7SX £5 Entry includes coffee and homemade biscuit

For information on any of these events please contact Rebecca Mawle on 01608 674929 or email or visit unless otherwise stated

Making a regular donation makes a difference! If you would like to make a regular or one-off donation please complete the form below and return to: Chris Owen, Shipston Home Nursing, Ellen Badger Hospital, Stratford Road, Shipston on Stour, Warwickshire CV36 4AX. Tel: 01608 664850 Email:

q Make a difference right away by making a one-off donation q Sign-up for a direct debit and support us monthly – please send me details q Through your company, including sponsorship, cause-related marketing and one-off donations q Through you or your child’s school – please contact me

You can also help us through: q Legacies, in memoriam and angel funds – please contact me q Trusts – please contact me q Your own events or activities – please contact Rebecca q Share-giving – please contact me





I would like to make a donation to Shipston Home Nursing of £ Shipston Home Nursing q I wish this donation to be anonymous

Gift Aid Declaration Registered Charity No 1162586

Using Gift Aid means that for every pound you give, we get an extra 28 pence from the Inland Revenue, helping your donation go further, and it doesn’t cost you a thing. SIGNATURE


Please find enclosed a cheque made payable to

I declare that I am a taxpayer and I want the Charity to treat my donation of £ which I made on the / / (date of cheque) and any future donations I make as Gift Aid donations. I understand the requirement is that I must pay an amount of income tax or capital gains tax at least equal to the tax deemed to have been deducted from this donation. q I would like Shipston Home Nursing to claim the tax back on this donation

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