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The Importance of Staff Learning Staff learning is the process in which employees and other members of an organization enhance their skills, capabilities and knowledge to perform their jobs. This can be achieved through studying, experience, or training. Employees cannot reach their full potential and high levels of productivity without the necessary experience required in their respective fields. Poor business performance is as a result of poorly trained work force and this may be very costly in the long run. Overall, learning impacts organizational competitiveness, revenue and performance. Training is an important element in ensuring a learned staff so, it is unwise to cut on training budgets even when the economy slows or when profits are low. It is of the following importance: Optimum Utilization of Human Resources: Through training, the utilization of human resources is optimized. This also helps the employee in achieving the goals of the organization as well as their individual goals. Development of Skills of Employees: Through learning, employees become experienced with time. Therefore, their job knowledge and skills are enhanced at each level. Productivity: It is through adequate learning that productivity of employees is increased. This helps the organization to further achieve its long-term goals. Quality: Through learning, managers, employees and other stake holders acquire new, innovative and better ways/methods of doing things. This improves the quality of work and work-life.Healthy Work Environment: Training helps individuals to build good employee relationship. That way, individual goals will be in line with organizational goals. Health and Safety: Learning helps employees know how to handle equipment while undertaking their chores. This ensures their safety. Team Spirit: Training creates a sense of team spirit, team work and inter-team collaborations. When people work together, the overall productivity is increased and high profits realized. Organization Climate: Training builds a positive perception and feeling about the organization.


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