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The Versatility of the Common Paper Towel "The paper towel has become a staple in most households. It is an inexpensive product to use for a variety of jobs. Most people use these items when they clean their kitchen counters and appliances. The absorbent ability of the paper allows it to easily soak up the water and soap used for cleaning without leaving a sticky residue behind. The quality of the towel will depend on the grade of paper used to make it. Towels made of lower quality materials will often tear apart when they absorb too much liquid. Most towels made of paper have the paper fibers pressed to together to form the sheets found on a roll. In same cases, stronger, denser fibers can be added to create stronger, thicker towels. These items will be higher priced than the generic brands and can be used for heavy duty cleaning jobs. This type of towel is good for wiping grease off of the metal parts of cars, bicycles or power tools. The denser fibers will trap the dirt and oil inside the towel so it doesn't spread to other areas. The denser towels often come with designs printed on the outer surface. This allows them to double as napkins for table settings. Probably the most common type of paper towels are those used in industrial and commercial washrooms. This are the standard brown paper sheets placed inside the metal dispensers. Companies can purchase these through wholesale suppliers so they are inexpensive items to keep on hand. This can be very cost effective considering the amount of people who frequent public or workplace restrooms. This product has replaced the classic towel roll, which used a length of material placed on a roller as the product people could use for wiping their hands. The individual paper sheets are a more sanitary method to use."


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