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My favourite singer‌ From the French team

Hi partners,

Lana Del Rey, whose real name is Elizabeth Grant, is American. She is a 25 year old girl; she was born on 21 June 1986 in New York at United- States. Her type of music is Indie-pop. She composed “Born to die”, “Video Games” and “Blue jeans” this year. She began her career since 2009. Her reason for the fame, her success comes from her powerful voice. It's after her clip of Video Games that Lana Del Rey is the subject of a buzz on social networks in the fall of 2011. I discover Lana Del Rey on social network and to radio. If I meet Lana, I could ask for her autograph. I choose this artist because I am crazy about her voice. Then she has a wonderful style, so cute on her. I often listening Lana Del Rey because it’s my favorite singer at the moment! Do you like Lana? Alicia 

Peter Gene Hernandez it’s my favorite singer. His stage name is Bruno Mars. He was born on eight October of 1985 in Etats-Unis, He has twenty seven years. Bruno Mars is singer since 2003. He plays a drums, guitar, and piano of course he is a singer. He composed POP, SOUL and ROCK music’s. Bruno Mars it’s songwriter and performer.

I listen Bruno Mars since 2009. I download his musics. I buy three of this album. If i met Bruno Mars in the street I would ask for autographs. I discovered Bruno Mars on the internet.

Hi ! My favorite singer is Beyoncé. Her full name is Beyoncé Giselle Knowles. She’s a American girl. She was born on September 4 , 1981 in Texas. She compose a R’N’B, POP .. Beyoncé is an actress, dancer and famous singer ! She has got five Grammy Awards. Her boy friend is Jay-Z, he is a rapper. They have got one baby. Her name is Blue Ivy Carter, she is three years.

I would like to see Beyoncé in concert, I listen her music every day in my bedroom, in the bus … I discovered Beyoncé in two thousand seven, I think she is very beautiful girl and I LIKE HER <3 Emma .

Hello guy's !

Rihanna whose real name is Robyn fenty . She was born on February 20 , 1988 in Saint micheal at Barbados. She is a famous singer in America and in France . She's music evolve mainly between R&B and pop , she composed « Umbrella » and « Don't stop the party » in 2007 , « Rude boy » and « Russian Roulette » in 2010 and « Only girl (In the world) » , « What's my name » and « Talk that talk » this year . Music of the sun , Rihanna's firt album, released in August 2005. This album, a mix of reggae, R & B with a touch of pop, the first sign of success and the singer has sold more than 2 million copies I discover Rihanna to radio . Iam crazy about her because she has a wonderful voice . I listen her music when I do my homework , when I go to bed or when I wash me .

Esther <3

Dear penpal,

What's your favorite band ? Me, it's Coldplay. It's a band of four peoples. Chris Martin sings, plays the piano and the guitar. Jonny Buckland plays the guitar. They have thirty five years old. Guy Berryman is a bass player and Will Champion is the drummer, they have thirty four years old. They are americans. This is a British rock band. It trained in London, on January 16th, 1998. Their types of music are the rock and the britpop. They sold over fifty five million albums. The name of their first album is « Shiver ». It went out on March, 2000. Their last album is « Mylo Xyloto », it went out on October 24th, 2011. They sold it in two millions copies. My favorites songs of this band are « Viva la vida », « Green eyes » and « Paradise ». I listen Coldplay since five years. I heard this band for the first time to the radio. I often listen this band, when i do my homeworks. I have never been to one of their concert, but i would like. I haven't got a CD, but i download a lot. Do you know Coldplay ? If yes, do you like them ? I can't wait to read your letter ! Chloé.R


My favourite singer is Mylène Farmer. Her real name is Mylène Gautier. She was born on September, 12 th of 1961 in Pierrefonds in Québec. She is 50 years old. She began singing in 1984 when she was 23 years old.

She is a French author, composer and interpreter. She composed pop rock, variety and dance. She composed “Tristana”, “Ainsi sois-je”, “Désenchantée”, “Oui…mais non”, “lonely Lisa”, “du temps”… She had a lot of rewards (NRJ music awards, M6 awards, Victoire de la musique. I like Mylène Farmer because she has a beautiful voice and her music is catchy. I discovered because my parents have got CD. I have got 4 CD of Mylène Farmer. I often listen her and I listen in the net.


I’m going to speak about Pink, my favourite singer ! Pink name is Alecia Beth Moore. She was born the 8 of September of 1979 in Doylestown in Pennsylvania and she’s American. She’s virgo.

She has got a little brother, Jason.

Alecia is an actress and a famous singer. She began her career at 20 years old. She composed pop rock and pop punk music, like “Lonely Girl”, “So what” or “Sober”. She has been playing the piano and the guitar for a long time. She made 6 albums since 2000. Alecia was played in some movies, for example “Rollerball” or “Catacombs”. I love Alecia because she’s natural and sensitive. She writes texts that talk about all sorts of things like love, adolescence, life…

Léa B.

y favorite singer is Shakira Isabel Ripoll

Shakira was born in two February 1977 In Barranquilla (It’s in Colombia). She is Colombian and she can speak English, Spanish and She takes French lessons. Shakira is a song writer and she sing. She sings lot of types of music: Pop, Rock …

chose Shakira because I like sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s music. My favorites music are: Loca, Waka Wakaâ&#x20AC;Ś I like rock music and I think she sing very well. I often listening her music.

my favourite singer is victoria justice is not only singer is also actress in a famous American series "victorius" it is born 19 February 1993 it has performed in many films such as: spectacular or the boy who cried wolf. Victoria has produced many songs as: freak the freak out or make it shine itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a pop music with a little rock. It is known to be a glamor girl or simple enough in each of his films, but there is always a love story that unfolds in the background if. charline

HI ! I am going to talk about my favourite singer, Bruno Mars or Peter Gene Hernandez. Bruno Mars was born on october 8th in 1985, so he is 26 years old, in Honolulu ( a city of Hawa誰 ). Actually, he lives in the U.S.A.. He is a composer, a drummer, a pianist, a guitarist and a famous singer. He

has been singing for 9 years. He composes music pop, music rock and soul music. My favourite songs of him are « The Lazy Song » and « Grenade ». I love ( frendly ) Bruno Mars, I listen his song every day ( in this moment, I listen the lazy song :D ), I have got his last CD and I've a poster of him in my room


My favourite singer is ZAYN JAWADD MALIK , He was born on 12 of January 1993 in Bradford and he has got 18 years old . Zayn is muslim, English and Pakistan . He play on the band ONE DIRECTION , the band composed gotta be you , one thing and what makes you beautiful for exemple . Zayn study in thong high school , he has got 3 sister’s ( doniya-wahaliya-sofa) He play in x-factor on 2010 but he don’t win similar that the rest of the band . His band composed the Niall Horan , Louis Tomlinson , Liam Payne , Harry Styles and this .

I choose this singer because I listen his music all the time and because I am a fan of their Group. I like Zayn is a very beautiful boy !

Hello friends!  I want to talk about Adele my favorite singer, do you know Adele?

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, known under the name « Adele ». She was born on May 5th, 1988 in London. She begins to sing at 4 years old! Now she is a composer, interpreter. She composed: pop, soul, the neo-soul and other one. She is very famous, in France, America, England and all the world. I love her, what about you? I love her, and I chose her because she is a little fat, but she is very beautiful, she sings really well

and I love her songs. I sing her song every day but not as well as her. She has a very, very beautiful voice. My favorite songs are “Someone Like You” “Set the fire to the rain” and “ Rolling in the deep”. She is amazing !


Hello Friends…. My favorite singer is Harry Edward Milward Styles/ Harry Styles. He was born on 1 February 1994 in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, in England. He was playing on a band the White Eskimo but today he sing in a new band the “ONE DIRECTION” (a British band). He sing Pop and Pop & Rock , I love this kind of music. He sing with his band:

Another World, Same Mistakes, What makes you Beautiful, Stand up … He sing with his friends Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Liam Payn and Niall Horan. I like him because he have a very good voice and a pretty smile… Write you soon …


SNOOP DOOG -I choose Snoop Doog because , he is my favourite singer , I love Rap and Pop and he very famous and I music Addict . I like to work listening to music

-Snoop Doog was born in 1971 in California . His full name is Calvin Broadus Jr . He composed Rap , R&B , Pop …

-He sings Sweat , The Doogfather , No Limit Top Doog … -He is very famous , I love it

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

HELLO I'll tell you about my group prefer music that is LMFAO. This is a group that is composed of two members: Blue sky and redfoo. SKY BLUE was born August 23, 1986 in Los Angeles. It comes from a family of celebrities. Before forming a duo with his uncle, was Skyblu DJ for other celebrities:, Dirt Nasty. With Redfoo, he decided to create a group where they only talk about music festivals, alcohol and girls. They agree on a name: Sexy Dudes. Unlike his uncle, the look is more of Skyler ... blur. Between crazy, a little pop or Gothic, it is not too find his style.

REDFOO whose real name is Stefan Kendal Gordy was born September 3, 1975 in Los Angeles Country. He comes from a wealthy family so was born rich. After a childhood so easy, he launches into the disc jockey. It was less successful than his nephew, but his popularity will go up a notch with the creation of their duo, Sexy Dudes. IT is beginning to create music with the help of his nephew, and write lyrics. After a long labor, their song is in enf creates: "I'm in Miami Bitch".

Note: the reason why I am a fan and why it is my group prefer? It's just that I like pop and electronica in general, I find that the songs are well written and very well sung. What I love and that make me laugh is their crazy side and festive. This is a group that I think is unusual and which aims to make people laugh and dance.

My favourite singer is Christophe MaĂŤ. Christophe MaĂŤ is French and he is born on the sixteenth of October in nineteen seventy five in Vaucluse in France. His full name is Christophe Martichon. His music is reggae, jazz and blues. He has composed "on s'attache" and "c'est ma terre". I chose Christophe MaĂŤ because I like his music, I listen to him all the time. I knew him by radio and TV. I am very fan of him and I would like to go to his concert.

My favourite singer...  

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