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LAUREN BUFFENBARGER 515 Ludlow Ave Cincinnati, OH 45220 e. c. (513) 237-8524


University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning Bachelor of Science in Architecture Class of 2015 GPA 3.4

University of Nevada Las Vegas College of Engineering Entertainment Engineering and Design 2009-2011 GPA 3.6


FRCH Design Worldwide Worked as a co-op student, converted a project prototype from Autoad to Revit, created construction documents, managed communication with clients and engineers. Used Autocad and Revit. 2013 Michael Schuster Associates Worked on various projects in different stages of development as a coop student. Built both physical and Revit models, developed construction documents, mapped sites, and created renderings. Used Revit extensively along with Autocad, Photoshop, and Illustrator. 2013


AIAS Event Coordinator 2014 Online Business Creator and owner of online business selling handmade plush figures. 2013-2014



Revit, AutoCAD, Rhino, Maya, Photoshop, Illustrator, Microsoft Office


Architectural Drawing, Sketching , Shop Equipment, Woodworking, Photography

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POOL HOUSE Given a secluded, rural site and challenged to create a pool house focusing on the experiential sequence of the users as they move through the program.

Stepping planes help to create separation between the private, semi-private, and public spaces as well as define different areas of the pool house program. The stepping and sliding effect of the roof to celing connection also helps to define separate spaces as well as bring more light into different spaces.

Wall to ceiling connection matrix.

Perspectives using watercolor, ink, and photoshop.

NKU PLAZA While working for MSA, created scale model of Northern Kentucky University’s campus to present process and final plaza designs.


RECREATION CENTER While working for MSA, completed construction documents and models in Revit for a local Cincinnati recreation center expansion.

LUDLOW LIBRARY Site and circulation study. Observed surrounding community and developed an efficent plan for a small library and community center.

Perspective sketches.

By iterating the shape of the site and overlaying it upon itself, the overall form of the building was created. The main circulation stairs also reflect this shape while maintaining an efficient circulation path. The different levels of the building also serve to separate different elements of the program while keeping them centered around the core circulation atrium.

TECTONIC MODEL Using mdf and bass wood, created an outdoor pavilion. Focused on the relationship between building and site, mimicking the linear lamination of the mdf pieces in the design of the roof structure for the pavilion.

SPATIAL UNIT An exploration of space through the design and fabrication of forty like units that were then connected to form various spatial compositions. Acted as Fabrication Supervisor.



STAGE DESIGN While attending the University of Nevada Las Vegas, created a working scale model of the Jubilee stage inside Bally’s hotel. All compnents were modeled using Autocad Inventor and Solidworks. It consisted of nine separate stages that were programmed to move together using a PLC.



Architecture Portfolio  
Architecture Portfolio  

University of Cincinnati DAAP Architecture 2014