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my beauty mark

Underneath my beauty mark, lies . . . a zit. In fact, it’s not a beauty mark at all. Just eye-liner over a blemish. I go by Lauren, or LB, and my purpose in this life is to help others see the beauty in the world. I consider myself an contagious optimist. I believe laughter and smiling combined with determination and elbow grease can fix any problem, even a zit on the day of a photo shoot.

I’m outgoing with a desire to learn. With a vision, I can achieve.

my passions

God, advertising, Spanish, learning, Polynesian Dancing, snowboarding, laughing, awkward experiences that make the funniest stories, people, expression

Table of Contents


Résumé, 5 LA Clippers, 7 BYU Wellness, 11 Fresca Vita, 13

Résumé Objective: I am a senior in BYU’s advertising program seeking a planning internship at Y&R.


Brigham Young University | Provo, UT

Major: Communications, Advertising Emphasis | Minor: Editing

graduating December 2013


BYU AdLab | Account Planner • • • •


Clients: LA Clippers, Mormon Messages, BYU Wellness Conduct and analyze quantitative and qualitative research for clients Prepare creative briefs and creative strategies Prepare and present research and strategies

Missionary Training Center | Spanish Teacher


Stowaway Magazine | Advertising Manager, Assistant Art Director


• • • •

• • • •

Understand mindsets and become interested in people of various backgrounds Teach Spanish and teaching principles to missionaries Adapt lesson plans to meet needs of individual students Maintain a positive attitude while consistantly receiving feedback

Manage advertising and social media teams Successfully lead sales team to cover all costs for Stowaway (non-profit) Oversee advertisements to ensure a consistent brand image Research, write, edit, proof, and design articles

Freelance | Graphic Designer • • •

Clients:, brides in Utah Design logos, business cards, signs, invitations, etc. Create brand-specific graphics in a timely manner

Leadgenix | Copywriter/Internet Marketing Intern • • •

Summer 2010

Wrote and published articles, blog posts and web content Developed online marketing strategies and executions Performed basics of SEO and HTML coding

VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints | Full-time missionary in Tucson, AZ • • •


Developed people skills through full-time service Continually adapted one message to meet thousands of people’s needs Obtained and exemplified good morals such as honesty and gratitude

BYU Dance Department | Tap Instructor



SKILLS Problem solver, analytical thinker, lover of people Proficient in Microsoft Office, SPSS, Qualtrics, Adobe Suite World Traveler | Belize, Cayman Islands, Hawaii, Honduras, Mexico Fluent in Spanish

LA CLIPPERS challenge

Increase ticket sales and fan base for the Los Angeles Clippers, who share a city and arena with the LA Lakers.


Conducted primary and secondary research and created a unified campaign with various strategic executions to target the transient LA community with the campaign, “Make It.”


Carl Lahr , Sr. VP of Marketing and Sales for Los Angeles Clippers, and Ed Lamb, CFO for Los Angeles Clippers, chose to execute our campaign out of five other campaigns. They were impressed with the cohesiveness of the campaign and Carl Lahr said the research efforts were “above and beyond.”

my role

Sr. Account Planner. Organized and managed secondary and primary research. Created a strategy and assisted in developing targeted creative executions.

the BIG idea

Most of the people that live in LA were not born in LA, like the Clippers, but they came to LA to change their lives and find success. The Clippers are building their own success, in LA, and so are the fans.

strategy statement

For young people and families of diverse backgrounds, the Clippers show that LA is the place where you come to earn your success story and to become.

“Make It,” award winning campaign • Student Gold ADDY, Integrated Campaigns • Won BYU capstone competition, chosen by client

research Strategy

LA Clippers

What media is most effective in LA?

How are the LA Clippers perWhat are the demographics?

What could be improved?

I strategized and helped conduct the research listed avove and below.


Those surveyed felt a strong relation to the American Dream—that no matter where they came from, they can work hard to make anything happen.

“I can make it in LA no matter where I come from.�

creative brief

LA Clippers


Increase ticket sales and the fan base of the LA Clippers. We proposed a “five-year campaign, complete with a strategic and creative plan. It includes social media, sponsored jersey patches, and other forms of traditional and non-traditional advertising linked by one big idea.


Our target market are young people and families in the LA area. The campaign will speak to the transient community, those who have recently entered or who are entering the LA scene. They believe that they can work hard to make their own success. We acknowledge the Hispanic and foreignborn populations.

objective 1. 2. 3. 4.

Unearth a new connection between NBA fans and the LA Clippers. Create a stronger branded social media presence and interaction. Find the best brand to sponsor the team for the benefit of both parties. Increase ticket sales online and game attendance by ten percent.


American Dream, hard-earned achievement, motivational, inspiring

creative assignment

Using personal success (American Dream) stories from the Los Angeles Clippers, create a campaign that includes social media, outdoor, print, and other unconventional advertising to drive target market back to believe, “I can make it in LA, along with the Los Angeles Clippers.�

I developed a promotional T-shirt that will be given away at opening games and sold throughout the season. The T-shirts represent the big idea and allow fans to personalize the fronts according to where they are from. The T-shirts will also carry a hashtag on the sleeve that will allow fans to share their designs through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

LA Clippers

I helped developed the strategy and rhetorical concept for the print ads.


Karyn Garrison, Account Executive; Peri Musser, Book Designer; Jeremy Erni, Copywriter; Alan Trejo, Art Director; Lauren Bryce, Sr. Account Planner/Research; Julia Zanatta, Account Planner


• Carl Lahr, Sr. VP, Marketing and Sales at LA Clippers • Ed Lamb, CFO at LA Clippers • Doug Witt, Department of Business Management, BYU Marriott School

BYU WELLNESS challenge

After changing University wellness policies, research was needed to understand students’ needs and how the use of current wellness facilities can increase.


Seventeen ethnographies and focus groups and over 800 completed surveys were completed to put together an integrated campaign across campus that would lead to a simple, yet all-encompassing webpage.

my role

With a team: conducted primary and secondary research, analyzed findings with SPSS, wrote creative brief, presented research findings and suggested solutions to the client.


Creating a brand for BYU Wellness as an entity rather than separate programs. The new brand is more cohesive, complete with a new board of leaders and a campus-wide campaign to drive students to a new user-friendly website that organizes every wellness resource in one place.

This website was created from our research and suggestions. Their previous online presence consisted of scattered services on the main website. Now, all of their services are together at

BYU Wellness

creative brief To support BYU students in their efforts to succeed in every avenue of their busy lives. Inform and educate BYU students of the benefits and opportunities in BYU Wellness.

All BYU students whether or not they are currently participating in BYU Wellness activities feel the stresses of a rigorous college lifestyle. Often times the necessities of a balanced life such as exercise, eating right, and adequate rest are put on the backburner to accomplish more “pressing” educational and social tasks. Students don’t feel like BYU cares about overall wellness, just academia. BYU has many opportunities and resources for students’ wellness, but they are under-utilized due to poor communication between BYU and its students.

• Women’s Services, Y Be Fit, Free Counseling

• Tracks, Pools, Weight Rooms, Intermurals, Exercise Classes, • Nutrition Classes, Counseling & Support Groups 1. Light

2. Challenging 3. Enriching

• One-stop website (all advertising points to this) • Social media, especially facebook and email

• Outdoor and guerilla: beginning of semester booth, music promotion, posters, events BYU Wellness helps stretch you without straining you.

Fresca Vita challenge

Our clients were several entrepreneurs who wanted to develop an organic “lunchable-type” product. They needed us to do research to form a target market, a product line, and an advertising and media campaign in which to market it.


For affluent, busy women ages 25-35 who are health conscious, Fresca Vita is the healthy on-the-go lunch that gives them more “me-time” in their hectic schedules.


Fresca Vita was designed to fill a need that we found in the on-the-go food market— organic, packaged to go, and balanced between ingredients and portions. We came up with a distribution, media, and brand plan to strategically launch their new brand.

my role

I was responsible for organizing primary and secondary research and writing the creative brief. I also assisted in developing the product and its brand strategy.

A map of our survey respondents

research primary

• nine ethnographics

• nine in-depth interviews • two focus groups

• 100+ responses from our survey secondary

• taken from over seventeen sources

A photo from one of two focus groups for Fresca Vita

Fresca Vita

creative brief To help women who are too busy to make their own lunch understand that there are healthier options than Lunchables to meet their pre-packaged lunch needs. Lunch doesn’t have to be stressful or unhealthy.

Ambitious and busy women between 25-40. They’re health-conscious but aren’t part of the “hard-core organic” crowd. Thinking about lunch is unproductive to them and takes too much of their few, precious moments of “me-time,” where they would rather spend time with friends and family, relax, do the latest Pinterest craft or exercise. “I want a healthier lunch option that’s ready-to-go so that I don’t have to waste my few moments of free time a day worrying about packing something or how I’m not eating healthy enough.”

Mix-and-match options, new idea of freedom Satisfies everyone’s cravings

Easily accessible in food markets; reasonably priced •

Informative yet simple

Friendly: environment, family

Clean and pure

Print: website, social media, women’s health magazines (Self)

Non-Traditional: In-store advertising, displays and samples; fresh garden plots in downtown areas; popular women’s health events; airline promotions

More energy per calorie; more me-time per meal; more grab per go.

the big idea Fresca Vida offers freedom. Freedom of prep, freedom to choose, freedom from preservatives. Freedom: life in your body, on your terms.

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