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The target market chosen is dark tourists. Dark tourism is associated with tourists who are interested in morbid landmarks. The product that has been chosen meets the needs of the tourists, as it is a tour of landmarks where horrific attacks occurred, unsolved mysteries and the resting place of victims from the War. Many dark tourists travel internationally to gain further insight on events which they may have researched previously. The activities chosen have been highly publicised which will reinforce the authenticity of each attraction. The tour does not have a specific age group, because it can be very helpful for those researching the topic. However, it is not for the faint- hearted and may be gruesome. Dark tourists can include school groups; this type of product can educate and entertain; as visiting different sites is required to learn more about history in interactive ways. Furthermore, it is a niche market and specific to those who have a genuine interest in dark tourism as not everyone agrees with this type of tourism and may find it distasteful. Moreover, the tours will have accurate content and will be well structured to keep all visitors satisfied and entertained.

About England

England has a population of 55.5 million People with 39.9 million tourists’ arrivals last year. England is notably known for the Royal family and Fish and Chips. However, it holds many dark secrets from the past, making it a haven for dark tourism with its ghastly attractions (visitbritain,2018). The weather is very unpredictable; on average the highest temperature is 10 degrees and lows are usually 4 degrees. London is very diverse with many people living there from so many different cultural backgrounds. The city reflects this, with various events such as Notting Hill Carnival- a carnival celebrating Caribbean culture. As well as different types of restaurants including Indian, Caribbean and Italian, which many tourists appreciate as well as local people; as they get to experience new food and drink and enrich themselves more into the culture. Chicken Tikka Masala has become Britain’s favourite dish. (dailymail,2018). In the British homeland, there is a sort-of quirky, eclectic mix of dark tourism destinations, ranging from disaster and war memorial sites via beautiful old cemeteries to Cold War and nuclear sites. (, 2018).

Activities Day One – IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM

The imperial war museum has a collection of articles which we will explore how it memorialise war and remember those who lost their lives. The collection examines how conflict is remembered and represented through memorials such as war graves, battlefields and museums. It also studies the importance of conserving wartime heritage and the tourism that surrounds wartime heritage sites.

(Imperial War Museums, 2018) Day Two - JACK THE RIPPER TOUR

Jack the Ripper was known for savagely killing young women in the 19th century and still to this day has never been identified. You will be taken straight into the cobbled alleyways and dimly lit passageways that have hardly changed since those long-ago nights where the unknown killer committed the murders.

(Bavington, 2018)


Highgate Cemetery is split into two halves, the East and West. There are 53,000 graves home to war heroes and some influential figures such as Karl Marx- famous Philosopher. It was opened in the 19th century. You will be able to walk round the cemetery and be given information about the deceased.

(Imperial War Museums, 2018)


From medieval torture to grim executions and infamous royal prisoners, the Tower of London has long found itself at the centre of the London’s dark history. You will be able to view the crown jewels, see the white tower and visit the Bloody tower as well as the Tower gate where Anne Boleyn was executed.

(Historic Royal Palaces, 2018)

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Getting around London With a range of transport links, it is easy to get around London.

Just purchase a visitor oyster card for ÂŁ5 from stations or travel shops and add as much credit as you want to get around London. It can be used on the Tube, trams, London overground, national rail stations and buses.

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