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Stache Creative



SUMMARY If you’re a millennial, close your laptop. Turn off the TV. Put your phone down and stop refreshing your news feed. If you’re a millennial, you speak a different language from all the previous generations, and that language thrives on hyperconnectivity.



Stache Creative spoke to millennials and learned that they already like Nissan, but they don’t think the brand is on the same level as Toyota or Honda. Nissan lacks the multicultural millennial brand power that its competitors have. Currently, Nissan wants to connect with its African American, Hispanic, and Chinese American consumers. Stache’s campaign addresses this issue without alienating other millennials.

Millennials define their generation through technology, but that doesn’t mean that all millennials are the same. Their varying beliefs and lifestyles demonstrated a greater truth: millennials prefer to self-identify themselves rather than be defined by a monolithic term denoting an ethnicity or a stereotype.R1 Unlike previous generations, this generation expresses itself through its social circles – and these social circles are constantly at its fingertips through Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Stache’s campaign speaks to them in their own language.

Based on the Nissan NSAC Case Study, Stache Creative’s campaign plans to meet the following objectives: • Develop key consumer insights for multicultural millennials, ages 18-29, in the African American, Hispanic and Chinese American segments • Increase total multicultural share by 68% so that Nissan has 22% of the total multicultural share • Design creative strategy to reach multicultural millennials (in-language where applicable) • Support creative strategy with tactical media buys • Create buzzworthy lifestyle, promotional and public relations events • Extend the creative strategy to benefit social media • Design a positive dealership experience • Design an overall positive Nissan brand experience through Nissan owned media • Create recommendations to monitor plan performance with benchmarks and indicators as well as potential pitfalls for the campaign

in-depth interviews with millennials different vehicles test driven at dealerships from Georgia to Arizona survey respondents from across the country concept testing participants in focus group and nontraditional settings

126 36 875 93

are “Nissan cars cious a p s , le b a d n e dep of and have a lot .” cool features

In-depth Interview Insights • • • • • •

The overall opinion of Nissan is positive, but many people do not know much about the brand Nissan’s previous commercials are not very memorable Nissan is rarely considered a dream car A majority of dream cars are status symbol brands, including BMW, Lexus, Mercedes and Audi Reliability, good gas mileage, safety and good looks are important in vehicles Millennials do not enjoy the buying process but love driving away with a new car

“Nissan is an innovative company that stresses the impact of technology.”

“I don’t have any feelings either way about Nissan. I don’t even know what cars Nissan makes. I’m less familiar about Nissan cars than Honda or Toyota.” -Ana Maria, 27


-Ricky, 22


-Antonio, 21

-Jessica , 25

“I know Nissan m akes good car s, the first but it isn’t ca come to r company to mind.”


• • •

Millennials enjoy a wide range of activities, such as traveling, spending time with friends and family, watching television, going to movies, listening to music and spending time outdoors While millennials would like to have different kinds of new technology in their vehicles, being able to connect an iPod to the vehicle is especially important A majority of millennials see themselves as ambitious, adventurous, social and spontaneous

Respondents’ feelings about Nissan are below:









=96 TOTAL=667



spirited girly eco-f c i t rien rge h oug e


dy strong sl

Millennials who participated in the online survey chose words to describe how they want a vehicle to make them feel. The size of the words indicates volume of response.

rous smar t e ventu n e

Online Survey Insights


l ad

ed tren tur cul

nergetic cute

erf ul

lassic xyc

Because dealerships are individually owned, it’s hard to determine how they uphold brand standards Millennials appreciate friendly sales people but are uncomfortable with pushy ones Millennials don’t like being spammed with information after they visit dealerships This generation wants to be taken seriously when making big purchase decisions

confident t

neous pow

r ula pop


Secret Shopping Insights

t spontaneo u s ortan c oo mp

manly stylish ha t s ppy a i ly f


RESEARCH The millennial generation is first and foremost defined by age, but beyond this, it’s important to understand the mindset that sets this group apart.

The Millennials: Digital Natives

Many millennials say their use of modern technology is what distinguishes them from other generations. This technology gives them a way to define their own identities, priorities, political beliefs and religious convictions.R2



Millennials are constantly linked to each other through technology. This has resulted in them also being called the “Always-On Generation.” Social media are an immense part of their lives. Approximately 84% of millennials have a profile on a social network, and they are very likely to visit and engage with these sites multiple times a day.R3

76% 69% 81%

Mobile Usage

Millennials are also more likely than any other generation to own a cell phones and are very dependent on them. According to the Pew Research Center, 95% of millennials have a cell phone, and 83% have admitted to sleeping with it right next to their bed. Millennials text more than anyone else with an average of 88 text messages a day and make an average of 17 calls per day.R4

The First to Hop on the Brandwagon

Research suggests that brand identification is just as important as religion and ethnicity to millennials and this affects what they share online.R5 Online interactions are how they influence one another and therefore give a brand its power. Millennials love to love brands.

Desire to Change the World

Millennials take their love for brands further and expect brands to fill the holes they see in the world. They want their favorite brands to address their education, environment and humanitarian relief concerns. According to a multicultural millennial study, 81% of millennials feel that it’s time for them to address world concerns because these issues have become much more serious.R6

Do not want to live by the rules of others

Will stop at nothing to get what they want Express themselves in many different ways R5

Consumers want their favorite brands to address the issues on their minds: • • • •

94% of those polled felt it was important for companies to support a cause 53% of consumers say they purchased a brand because it supported a cause 73% would try a brand they normally wouldn’t because it supported a cause 64% would pay more for a brand because it supports a cause that is important to them R8

Race? All or None of the Above

Today millennials dislike specific descriptions of their races. On self-identifying forms, millennials either check off multiple boxes or mark none at all. As the most racially mixed generation to date, millennials identify more strongly with those of similar cultures and lifestyles than they identify with a monolithic race descriptor.R5 Nissan should understand that members of the target market don’t define themselves entirely based off skin color. While they enjoy seeing people who look like themselves in ads, they more strongly identify with similar lifestyles and values. Additionally, primary research suggests that different races of millennials aren’t different enough to justify marketing to them in completely separate ways.



INDUSTRY There are two types of technology that make a car function the way customers want: tangible and intangible. Millennials are less likely to be interested in the intangible technology that makes the car function because they do not understand it as well. Naturally, they are more excited about tangible technology within the interior of the vehicle that makes their drive more enjoyable. Millennials want to stay connected even when they are in their vehicles; therefore, they are more interested in cars that can be connected with their cell phones or iPods. Automakers who satisfy millennials’ needs for connectivity will be most likely to attract these customers.R10 The future of the auto industry will be driven by new advances in technology. Safety and communication will be emphasized, as these are things that are very important to consumers. It will also be necessary for automotive companies to continue to developing relationships with consumers in order to advance in the industry.R11

Major Technologies Offered in the Auto Industry Pictured under Nissan vehicles are current trends that major car brands offer.R12

HID headlights Reducing C02 emissions


Safety sensors Park and reverse assist Suspension and braking

Intelligent cruise control

Battery operated cars and hybrids


Relying on computer technology for control

Car audio systems (Satellite radio, Bluetooth, Navigation, iPod, MP3 input jacks)

Driver assist

Attracting Millennials: Marketing vs. Design


Some brands market their existing cars directly to millennials while others design cars specifically for them.




Toyota’s Prius C campaign, The Game of LIFE, is about the millennials coming of age, buying a car, starting a career, and starting life.R13





Honda’s Leap List commercials target millennials who are about to take big steps in life (such as getting married) and encourage them to take their CR-V on adventures before they have the chance no longer.R14





Kia’s Soul is marketed to millennials by giving it a unique, younger personality that is portrayed by the commercials’ iconic hampsters.R15











like extremely

like slightly

dislike very much

like very much

dislike slightly

dislike extremely

When surveyed on how they feel about different automobile brands, the majority of millennials indicated that they liked or disliked each brand only slightly. Nissan can take advantage of this ambivalence and jump in to become the vehicle brand that millennials love.


Chevrolet has designed two exteriors of concept cars and is allowing millennials to design the cars’ interiors.R16


Hyundai’s Veloster is marketed as a “hangout” for millennials that includes an Xbox jack, video screen and handsfree texting.R17





African American • •

Crave individuality R18 61% want to make phone calls in their cars R1 View more websites on their cell phones and tablets than any other group R19 63% aspire to be entrepreneurs R20

By nature, multicultural millennials are forced to adapt in their own respective ways. African Americans are overcoming a history of discrimination that previous generations fought. Both Hispanics and Chinese Americans adapt to speaking different languages and combining their own culture with American culture. These multicultural millennials also must adapt to ever-changing technology. During their lifetime, computers, the Internet and cell phones have become mainstream, and this generation has embraced these technologies.


Hyperconnected Confident Optimistic Aspirational Adventurous Bright

Multicultural Millennials

The targeted multicultural millennials are called Adapters in this campaign due to primary and secondary research findings.

• •

Demographics and Psychographics

Chinese American

Hispanic • • • •

89% feel that a college degree will get them ahead in life R22 70% use a hybrid language called “Spanglish” R22 Socialization begins with the family R22 72% expect to have a better life than their parents R22

• • • •

Buy cars as big life changes happen Do not associate their cars with sexiness Becoming more individualistic and less dependent on family R21 Combine their Chinese beliefs with American values R21

Adapters Through their adaptations, multicultural millennials show more similarities than differences, relating them back to millennials in general. They embrace new challenges and aspire to achieve their dreams. The Push campaign acknowledges this and ensures ads are acceptable to all millennials while tailoring media to each multicultural segment of the Adapters.



STRATEGY Big Idea: Push

encourages Adapters to live beyond the screen in pursuit of their passions while using Nissan as the connector

Creative Vision

Speak to Adapters in a way that will both captivate and reward them for interacting with Nissan

Every generation experiences a shift, whether culturally, globally or technologically – what sets Adapters apart is their ability to leverage innovation and push it beyond basic use. The driving platform of this campaign is the idea of Push, stemming from the idiom “push the envelope,” which is precisely what connects this unique target to Nissan.

• • • •

Creative Strategy


Advertising will convince Adapters that Nissan’s innovative standards will further enhance their revolutionary spirit by encouraging them to push beyond the screen and live out their aspirations.

Connect significant aspirations and the pursuit of passion with Nissan by familiarizing Adapters with Nissan’s brand image to the Adapter market Create strong brand awareness by using technology to speak to Adapters on their own terms Invite buzzworthy interaction with the Nissan brand Portray Nissan accurately as innovative, inspiring and noteable Cultivate cross-cultural relationships with Adapters with eye-catching executions and interactive platforms, all under the Push theme tied closely with the Nissan brand

The campaign tone uses informal and inspirational language to connect with Adapters by retaining Nissan’s recognizable voice. Ads are then connected to Nissan’s innovations through copy.


The campaigns will integrate the Push theme into all creative executions, regardless of platform. Ads push beyond the dimensions of the platform and bring the Adapters into real life.


Print Ad

In a world saturated with social media, these ads inspire Adapters to be proactive and get out to live beyond the screen. The creative isn’t asking Adapters to discontinue their usage of technology but rather to push that usage one step further and let Nissan take them into their next adventure.

Setting. r.



Easily recognizable images from the Adapters’ tech-infused lives attract their attention with an added mystery of what is happening under the page. Adapters will be rewarded upon physically pulling back the page. Once lifted, they will encounter an unexpected scene that tells a larger story by presenting Nissan as the hero that gets them there.


both sight in n limited fold dow have un hen you vigation, ay). w na – nd ed w grou pp e ck ui th ba eq by e fully . to th e sun, traveled r comes fades in l with th road less Nothing . 2013 Pathfinde ks just as wel or take the ns l directio (which w ways ready to for pixe f le tt oo nr se t al oo s – don’ seats, m no mistake; it’ geration ag e ex ak m But me is no r. The na athfinde issan P . 2013 N ty limits ci or ns restrictio



“Spectacular” print ads — those that had extra oomph, such as scent strips, audio chips or even more pages in a layout — stick in readers’ minds. C1

Turn your high score into a hat trick.


Nothing is as traffic upda fast as actual real time and tes. On th that e the satellit e navigation field or the concrete includes jungle, let Altima sp system on eed up yo the 2013 ur game. always m And guaran Nissan ake the sta tee that yo rting lineu u’ll p.

core high s trick.


Opff.& s u ho




me he ga Take t ur fingers o from y feet. r u o y to

15 sec

He pu Like -

With ga s it’s offic mileage lik e this, ial by the th Altima vows up e end of the whole city will kn night. to 32m ow The pg, no prenup 2013 Nissa n reqired.

s clude that in , let e and jungle al tim te re re l c a e con issan s actu fast a e field or th the 2013 N t you’ll a th on ntee th es. On on system guara d ti n a A g . vi na ame g r u . p d up yo arting lineu st ke the

w out.

rt hToSta


Show up & show out.

t a ring


a Hill


on it!!!




*As requested, this ad is shown in English. The Spanish translation will be placed in the magazine.


The #PushToStart tagline speaks back to Nissan’s current “Shift the Way You Move” tagline. #PushToStart capitalizes on a recognizable Nissan innovation (push button start) while creating a double meaning, motivating Adapters to use their Nissan to start their adventure. The hashtag is the call to action because it generates the conversation between Nissan and Adapters. This initiative encourages Adapters to build a sustainable relationship with Nissan through social media without being counterintuitive to the Push campaign.

With gas mileage like this, the whole city will know it’s official by the end of the night. The 2013 Nissan Altima vows up to 32mpg, no prenup reqired.



Out of Home Week 1

The billboards will be purchased in daily commute areas, giving drivers something to look forward to while ensuring that the message won’t be lost. The executions will include 3D imagery to visually jump out at viewers, demanding their attention. The idea of living beyond the screen will be present by the actions of lifesize mannequins. A slow reveal method over the course of four weeks will show slight progression to create a story that attracts commuters and causes anticipation for what will happen next.

Radio Week 2

Nissan “Pleasant Sounds Brought to you by Nissan”


ANNOUNCER: Commercial break, huh? Not this time. Enjoy the next 23 seconds of pleasant ambient sounds. Brought to you by Nissan. SFX:


ANNOUNCER: Wasn’t that nice? It’s pretty awesome in real life too. Nissan. Push to Start.

Week 3

Ambient noise will be modified based on the designated spot markets, ranging from ocean waves in cold areas to rustling leaves in warmer spot cities. This is integrated into the campaign by engaging Adapters while they are in a state of captivity. This approach will resonate with Adapters because of its unconventional quality. Nissan gives back to listeners by giving them a break from the usual clutter of radio advertising. By taking this more unconventional approach, Nissan garners several benefits: •

Week 4

• •


A positive brand association with Nissan because it rewards the listener Stirs interest in areas outside of spot markets that coincide with using Nissan as a connector Memorable because it is unconventional and thought-provoking

Alternative Media

A longer-lasting and more interactive alternative media strategy will tie into the Push campaign’s focus of getting Adapters into the world beyond the screen with the help of their Nissan. Life-size installations of hashtags and @ symbols with Nissan logos will be placed in popular places in spot cities. People will be encouraged to take photos with the installations with their phones and mobile devices and send their photos to Nissan via social media. The decision for which symbol to use will follow the same usage as on social media: hashtags are things to do and @ symbols are places to visit.

Online Radio: Pandora

The Cube in Times Square is a multimedia canvas with two LED video screens displayed across sixteen light boxes on the corner of 42nd & 8th. The surrounding screens will show the Nissan logo and core vehicles. When people tweet their photos with the @ symbol in Times Square to Nissan, their photos will be displayed on The Cube. Times Square is particularly beneficial for this interaction because many visitors to Times Square are tourists and not from New York, where public transit is popular.


“If a radio ad sounds like a typical ad full of clichés, it will fail.” C2

Different and interactive backgrounds for these online theme ads will invoke a sense of adventure and escape. Picture a zipline – a car comes up and people jump out and run off screen, and several moments later they’re racing down the zipline in the background. Moving, motivating moments – brought to you by Nissan.

Graffiti Stunt

The Nissan theme scenario will feature moving interactions between the models and the Nissan on screen. In this ad, the woman will drive up, park the car, get out and walk off the screen. Occasionally, she will come back and open up the back hatch and doors of the Nissan, showing off its great space and easy usability while unloading all of her goods from the Chinatown Market. The scene will run through a series of movements before cycling through again. This interesting change of pace will remind Adapters of the things they could be out doing in their Nissan.

• Week 1: The billboard will go up blank, with the exception of a replicated Twitter feed from Nissan USA’s Twitter with the question, “What will you leave behind?” • Week 2: An Altima will pull in front of the billboard and the artist will be invited to paint around the car and use its features while he works (auxiliary input, stereo, etc.) • Weeks 3 and 4: The Altima is gone, and its outline remains with a Nissan logo and the tagline. This ties with the car being used – it is not on display; someone is out living his through Nissan

Week 1

Week 4


#PushToStart with Nissan LIVE Trails

Welcome to Nissan LIVE Trails, where you are instantly transported to trails less traveled. Travel the trails and earn a free music download! Traverse national forests and mountain ranges in the northeast with the 2013 Nissan Pathfinder or trek the Pacific Coast with the 2013 Nissan Sentra. Push beyond the screen and live your LIVE Trail today.

Download Instructions iPhone 1. 2. 3.

Open the App Store Click search and enter the term “Nissan Global App” Click to download the free application.

Android 1. 2. 3.

Open the Play Store Click search and enter the term “Nissan Global App” Click to download the free application

Once you have downloaded the free app, enter your information and then use your phone to interact with the wall display. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Open the App and navigate to Nissan LIVE Trails in “Multimedia” Follow the on-screen instructions to drive your virtual car. Download your free song upon completion. Live beyond the screen and start your LIVE Trail.

This zoomed-in view of the Nissan LIVE Trails shows how user experience is key.


Poster transit ads will be placed in long wait, high traffic areas, such as above ground subways, bus stops and shopping malls in designated spot market cities. Many people who use public transit use their own cars to get to the transit. Putting these interactive posters here will remind Adapters to think about Nissan even when cars aren’t directly in sight. LIVE Trails will engage with users to explore the simulated terrain while presenting a fresh approach to marketing select car features. Users will first select a vehicle and adventure choice using the native Nissan Global app. Placing the camera over the starting grid, the user will pilot his or her Nissan through a series of discoveries along the adventure’s course, each utilizing different features of that vehicle. Augmented reality via a mobile device will transform traditional out-of-home advertising into an interactive dialog between the user and Nissan, but it will go beyond that screen. Nissan LIVE Trails will pose a question upon completion: “Have you lived beyond this screen?” More importantly, it will provide the answer: “Nissan #PushToStart,” where users will be directed to more information about the selected vehicle. Using geo-location, the device will also display a dealership near the user’s current location. Nissan will partner with music download companies to provide users a free local artist’s song download upon completion of the route.


#PushToStart with Nissan LIVE Trails

Welcome to Nissan LIVE Trails, where you are instantly transported to trails less traveled. Travel the trails and earn a free music download! Traverse national forests and mountain ranges in the northeast with the 2013 Nissan Pathfinder or trek the Pacific Coast with the 2013 Nissan Sentra. Push beyond the screen and live your LIVE Trail today.

Download Instructions iPhone 1. 2. 3.

Open the App Store Click search and enter the term “Nissan Global App” Click to download the free application.

Android 1. 2. 3.

Open the Play Store Click search and enter the term “Nissan Global App” Click to download the free application

Once you have downloaded the free app, enter your information and then use your phone to interact with the wall display. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Open the App and navigate to Nissan LIVE Trails in “Multimedia” Follow the on-screen instructions to drive your virtual car. Download your free song upon completion. Live beyond the screen and start your LIVE Trail.




46.5 million millennials own a smartphone. C3

More than 91 million US consumers used mobile for internet browsing by the end of 2011. This is an increase from 77.8 million in 2010.C3 Adapters want mobile, and with the rise of mobile Internet usage, Nissan can develop a technology site that exemplifies its innovative spirit. Nissan’s new mobile presence will produce more engagement by using a clean, visual interface. Offering more than a list of vehicle models, the mobile site will efficiently display main site content adapted for mobile. Encouraging app-like user experience, complemented with informative content, Nissan will push mobile beyond the industry standard.

Tablet Format

A responsive tablet version of the current main site that will adapt to multiple tablet formats and sizes. Use of AdobeŽ Flash™ based elements should be avoided for both mobile and tablet site versions.




“There’s no doubt the increase in the 15-second ad reflection of modern times. We want everything now. We want it quicker. We really wanted it yesterday. We don’t have time – or, more importantly, the inclination – to sit through a long, epic TV commercial.” C4

TV ads will be placed on Nissan’s YouTube channel in addition to the back-to-back 15-second spots in the 30-second ads.


TV spot opens with a mock social media post, saying the innocuous phrase “No cover tonight!”

The social media post vanishes as a quick montage of scenes appears, as a group of friends are hanging out casually but are stopped by rain.

The main character plugs her iPod into her Nissan Versa thanks to its auxiliary cord, and turns some party music up loudly.

As the rain picks up, the main character opens up the back of her Versa so that the sound can get out without the rain getting in.

Using the Versa as an impromptu sound system, the friends make a party themselves and start dancing in the rain.

The live-action scenes are replaced by the Nissan logo briefly, along with the tagline “#PushtoStart”.

TV spot opens with a mock social media post, saying the innocuous phrase “Looks like another all-nighter...”

The social media post vanishes as a quick montage of scenes appears, as a Nissan Sentra sits idle at the crack of dawn.

The outside of the Sentra is shown, as a boy and a girl sit on the hood watching the sun rise. They look tired but happy after a night out.

Inspired by the peaceful romantic mood of daybreak, the boy puts his hand on the girl’s.

The girl leans against the boy as the two watch the sun rise majestically over the city, resting upon the vehicle that brought them there.

The live-action scenes are replaced by the Nissan logo briefly, along with the tagline “#PushToStart”.


Short, sweet and striking – the 15-second back-to-back commercial spots have been developed to resonate strongly with Adapters. It is easier for Adapters to retain and enjoy shorter television spots than it is to sit through the professions of epic advertising chronicles. Nissan’s new 15-second commercials will captivate Adapters by revealing to them a social media post that they can relate to.These will then quickly transitioning to a montage of exciting clips that tell an unexpected story that relates back to the original post.

15-second video ads are shared 37% more often than 30-second or one-minute ads.C5



OBJECTIVE A paid, owned and earned strategy will be implemented in the media plan to maximize marketing returns within the socially connected world of Adapters. This strategy will be used at touchpoints to reach adapters where they live, work and play. The touchpoints encompass all media and allow for clear measurement and optimization of all interactions with multicultural millennials.

Spot Cities

Why Spot Cities Were Chosen Spot cities were chosen based on the combined percentages of African American, Hispanic and Chinese American residents within each city. For example: Miami: 23% African American + 66% Hispanic + 1% Asian American = 90% M1

Miami 90% Trenton 86% Houston 69% Dallas/Ft. Worth 67% Chicago 63% Atlanta 60% New York City 60% Los Angeles 59% Tampa 52% Sacramento 45% Austin 44% San Francisco 42% • National media strategy combined with 12 spot markets will reach multicultural millennials, ages 18-29, in the African American, Hispanic and Chinese American demographic segments • Awareness will be increased among the target market through a pulsing patterned media schedule beginning April 2013 and concluding March 2014 • The media selected will reach 73% of the target audience 10 times a month during the campaign period



From social media competitions for fanatics to in-language brochures, the Push campaign has considered every audience. The following infographic breaks down which medium is used to reach audiences and how the Push campaign markets and relates to everyone, not just millennials.


Turn your high score into a hat trick.



with Nissan LIVE Trails

TV spot opens with a mock social media post, saying the innocuous phrase “No cover tonight!”

The social media post vanishes as a quick montage of scenes appears, as a group of friends are hanging out casually but are stopped by rain.

The main character plugs her iPod into her Nissan Versa thanks to its auxiliary cord, and turns some party music up loudly. Welcome to Nissan LIVE Trails, where you are instantly transported to trails less traveled. Travel the trails and earn a free music download! Traverse national forests and mountain ranges in the northeast with the 2013 Nissan Pathfinder or trek the Pacific Coast with the 2013 Nissan Sentra. Push beyond the screen and live your LIVE Trail today.

Download Instructions iPhone 1. 2. 3.

Open the App Store Click search and enter the term “Nissan Global App” Click to download the free application.

Android 1. 2. 3.

Open the Play Store Click search and enter the term “Nissan Global App” Click to download the free application

Once you have downloaded the free app, enter your information and then use your phone to interact with the wall display. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Open the App and navigate to Nissan LIVE Trails in “Multimedia” Follow the on-screen instructions to drive your virtual car. Download your free song upon completion. Live beyond the screen and start your LIVE Trail.

Nothing is as fast as actual real time and that includes traffic updates. On the field or the concrete jungle, let the satellite navigation system on the 2013 Nissan Altima speed up your game. And guarantee that you’ll always make the starting lineup.

LIVE Trails As the rain picks up, the main character opens up the back of her Versa so that the sound can get out without the rain getting in.

Using the Versa as an impromptu sound system, the friends make a party themselves and start dancing in the rain.



The live-action scenes are replaced by the Nissan logo briefly, along with the tagline “#PushtoStart”.


Online Alternative


P ai d


Potential New Customers

Location with Innovation


E a r ne d



O w ne d Owners

Nissan Community 1

Push Design with HBCU

2 6B

Public Relations


5 3



Nissan Community



Millennial Buying Guide

2012 ROGUE


Blog Brochures



The role of paid media: Shift from foundation to a catalyst that feeds owned media and creates earned media

PAID Television

When reaching Adapters, television advertising is imperative. It gets more impressions than all other traditional and non-traditional media: This is especially among African Americans, Hispanics and Chinese Americans. All three of these demographics spend a majority of their traditional media consumption on TV at an average of 56%. African American and Hispanic consumers mainly watch network and cable television while Asian Americans prefer satellite and spot TV. M2 To address this TV variety, spots will be placed on network, satellite, and cable channels including BET, TBS, NBC, ESPN, MYX TV and Univision. In-language television is also implemented for the Hispanic millennials that are accultured.M3

• • • • • • • •

106 & Park BET Awards NBA Finals X-Factor Glee Family Guy The Voice Big Bang Theory

Online TV

• • • • • • • •

CSI NCIS SportsCenter I love Jenni Q’viva: The Chosen Fifa World Cup Supermodel me myxTV Top 10

Approximately 67% of Internet users report streaming and/or downloading video content. Adapters, who are heavy online TV consumers, typically accept viewing an advertisement before content in exchange for free access to their preferred shows. Products in video ads often come across as interesting to many multicultural millennials as well as the noticeability of banner ads. Sites that will be integrated for the Nissan campaign are Hulu, YouTube and Vevo.M4


Media Consumption Mix M1






39 %

16 %

27 %

46 %


68 %

25 %


25 %



37 % 35 %

64 %

Percentages of multiculturals who use each medium

Internet Radio

Internet radio sites such as Pandora and Spotify reach 43 million consumers weekly, far exceeding satellite radio streams. Many consumers accessing online radio are in their mid-to-late twenties, which makes advertising through this medium essential for the target demographic. Spotify allows users to connect playlists with their preferred social networking sites.M5


Billboards are an efficient way to reach the target because of heavy traffic and large populations in the recommended spot markets. The most readily available out-of-home medium is billboards. Posters will also be implemented in all the spot cities.


African Americans read on average 17 magazines per month.M2 Magazines are very engaging advertising vehicles for placement of positive messages to African Americans. High readership levels, along with high pass-along rates, make these magazines very attractive for the Nissan campaign.M6 Many Adapters consider video games to be their largest source of enterainment. Due to this, Game Informer will be imperative to reach the target market. Of Game Informer readers, 89% are in the Adapter age range.


Consumers typically use blog content for collecting information, staying informed on specific topics or seeking advice and recommendations. Consumers can base their purchase decisions on other customers’ experiences as reported in blogs. Nissan will increase its online visibility, create content that will build trust and confidence in the brand, and obtain positive brand experiences to report to influential blogs.M7 These blogs will be incorporated into Nissan’s content strategy to reach online Adapters.M7

Online • • •

Online advertising will be used to drive the Adapters’ traffic to Nissan owned sites. Although Asian Americans are among the nation’s heaviest users of the Internet, the sites they frequent do not typically differ from those of the overall millennial population. Banner ads in multiple shapes and sizes will be utilized on these websites because they are popular with Adapters.


Traditional radio is a popular source of entertainment and news for 22% of Hispanics, especially while on-the-job. On average African Americans and Hispanics tune into the radio 23 hours weekly. Chinese Americans have shown to not be heavily influenced through radio advertising and will therefore not be targeted through this medium.M9

• • • • • • • •

WBLS 107.5 (New York) WCAA 105.9 (New York) WVAZ 102.7 (Chicago) WPPN 106.7 (Chicago) KDMX 102.9 (Dallas) KLNO 94.1 (Dallas) KPEZ 102.3 (Austin) KKHH 95.7 (Houston)

• • • • • • • •

KLTN 102.9 (Houston) WFLZ 93.9 (Tampa) WMTX 100.7 (Tampa) WPOW 96.5 (Miami) KDAY 93.5 (LA) KBRG 100.3 (San Francisco) KDND 107.9 (Sacramento) WVEE 103.3 (Atlanta)



OWNED The role of owned media: Build longterm relationships with consumers while building earned media

Corporate Blog

A Nissan blog will allow customers to interact and converse with Nissan in a way not possible with traditional advertising. It is important for the Nissan company blog to be open and genuine. Readers will trust a blog more when it isn’t filtered to only include overly positive posts. The Nissan blog will include additional related content for loyal readers.




• By using social media as the main source of communication, Nissan Community will appeal to Adapters without alienating other Nissan owners • Nissan North America dealers will be organized by regions for destination purposes • Nissan fans, like other car enthusiasts, enjoy being around people who share their excitement about Nissan. Also, those who join these clubs have a passion for their cars and value the friendships they gain from these communities • All activities will be planned in a way that will tie customers’ families with the Nissan brand family • Every year, there will be three different weekend events sponsored by Nissan with ample notification to ensure the highest participation among members

Members will be encouraged to vote on different event options on a Nissan microsite that can be accessed from all Nissan owned sites.

Nissan Community Adventure Weekend

Each regional club will plan several different weekly road trips that include destinations, activities, entertainment and features for the unique vehicles that will make each adventure easier in an innovative way. An example for one of the adventures for the San Francisco region will be a road trip to Yosemite National Park. Activities would include outdoor hiking excursions, concerts, and cookouts. The budget allotted for this weekend will incorporate all entertainment and park fees. Budget = $400,030

Push Nissan to Its Limits

This weekend event will be full of obstacles designed for each segment of the Nissan vehicles. These obstacle courses would include and offroading excursion for the more rugged Nissan vehicles such as the Frontier, Pathfinder, Xterra and Titan. Another obstacle course would be an agility

course for all sedans and crossovers including turning radius, stopping, timed races, etc. The budget allotted for this weekend will incorporate all obstacle materials as well as set up. Budget = $714,500

Nissan Community Volunteer Weekend

For this weekend event, Nissan will partner with United Way to focus on education in the cities of Miami, San Francisco and Atlanta for a weekend volunteer event. These spot cities were chosen because of their high percentage of multicultural inhabitants and the overall accessibility of materials, transportation, and volunteer population. Nissan will push for community feedback and innovative ideas via social media platforms. The goal of this event is to push members to get out and volunteer their time, not just their money, to make a difference. Budget = $340,000



BUYING GUIDE Through conversations with multiple Nissan dealers and extensive research, Stache Creative found that dealers were focused on millennials but proposed the insight on how to fully reach them. Research indicates that car buying trends change through generations rather than through cultures, so the Buying Guide will focus on millennials rather than multiculturals.M20 After discussing general store policies, Kim Huffman of Neil Huffman Nissan in Louisville, Kentucky, asked one question: “How do I reach your generation?” Below is a six step guide on how to sell to millennials.


“The closest we came to operating a car was sitting still in the lot with a key in the ignition.”

“How do I reach your generation?” -Kim Huffman of Neil Huffman Nissan

-Jade, 21

2 6B

5 3

The following overview of the Millennial Buying Guide can be used as an example of the stepby-step process to explain to salespeople how to address millennials.

1. Meet and Greet and Make them Feel Comfortable

Fact: Ms. Huffman’s “consumer comfort level” is consistently the worst rated section of her dealership. Suggestion: In order to feel comfortable, millennials typically do research before going to the dealerships and they sometimes bring their parents along for extra support and




suggestions. For dealers to stretch that comfort level into the dealership, the environment and flow of conversation should revolve around millennials. In-store interactive activities should be available to create a freeing and entertaining environment. Also, references towards competitors should only be informational, never negative.

2. Find their Information. Forget the Spam.

Fact: Millennials do not like being spammed.M9 Suggestion: After a customer is welcomed, the customer’s information should be recorded into the store’s customer database. During this process, the dealer should explain why receiving this information is relevant and that the information will be kept confidential. Salespeople should use the contact to follow-up with the guests by offering relevant information while exercising quantity control.

3. Notice the Parent. Sell to the Millennial.

Fact: While most millennials depend on their parents financially, the millennial’s opinion is more important because they will make the final decision.R3,M10 Suggestion: When recommending vehicles, the attention should be focused on the driver more than the parent. If a parent is present, salespeople can elaborate on Nissan’s safety and reliability features but they should keep themselves in the mindset of the millennial by explaining appropriate incentives (e.g. graduate finance programs) and by making the experience personal.M11

5. Service Department

Fact: Millennials are not impressed by today’s car technology; however, if the vehicle is innovative, it will fit their lifestyle.M22 Suggestion: After the test drive, dealers and consumers will take a walkthrough of the Service Department to give an exhibition of the assistance and engineering available in Nissan facilities. Since millennials trust cutting edge technology and top notch achievements, Nissan can capitalize on these qualities by announcing its honors and celebrating its innovation when possible.

6A. If Purchasing

Fact: Millennials find negotiating painful.M11 Suggestion: If a millennial decides to purchase a vehicle, then the Nissan salesperson should be honest and straight-forward during the time of purchase and negotiation in order to develop millennial confidence and trust in Nissan.

6B. If Deciding: Brochure

Fact: Millennials want fast information.M10 Suggestion: If the millennial is still debating, the salesperson must ensure that the consumer does not leave empty handed. Dealerships should have specified brochures, informational handouts and small promotional products to offer to the guest to make their experience positive and memorable.

4. Test Drive

Fact: Millennials do extensive research before coming into the dealership and if they want more information, they will get it on their mobile phone before the salesperson has time to give them an answer. M12-M13 Suggestion: When it is time for the test drive, salespeople must be quick to recall information. Nissan must utilize tablets equipped with Nissan’s App that includes comparable information about Nissan and its competition instantly.M11

2012 ROGUE



EARNED The role of earned media: listen and respond – earned media is often the result of well-executed and well-coordinated owned and paid media

Push Design

Nissan will push students at selected universities to stretch beyond their engineering comfort zone. The selected universities were chosen from the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) in order to ensure the multicultural millennials and Adapters reach. Nissan will ship each selected university a box filled with an identical assortment of Nissan’s automotive parts. Each university will design and engineer one innovative object from the allotted parts. All the groups will then present its invention to Nissan North America’s headquarters. Designs will be judged based on overall innovation, creativity, usability and eco-friendliness. The first, second and third place winning universities will receive a grant for its engineering program. Grants will help the colleges and universities become competitive and showcase educational programs. Budget = $900,000

Location with Innovation • Location with Innovation • Push Design


To complement the alternative media plan of lifesized 3D @ and # symbols, local schools will have the opportunity to decorate the signs to leave their mark. Nissan will host silent auctions in each city to auction off each community-inspired with a starting bid of $1,500. The money raised will be awarded to The Rotary Foundation, which has an agenda that matches Nissan’s support of humanitarianism and service efforts, such as mission trips, community development work and literacy projects. Budget = $500,000


MEDIA Social media should create a lasting relationship with Nissan’s current and potential customers. Social media should not be used just to sell a car but to development brand relationships. To gain social media activity, Nissan will host two contests of innovation focusing on Nissan awareness, customer appreciation and the overall effort to push social media into social reality.

Push Milliennial Conversation

Millennials are more likely to remember and identify with a company that speaks to them as peers.M15 With this information, Nissan will begin a Twitter chat in order to speak to millennials with casual language. From October 21-27, 2013, Nissan will celebrate National Free Speech Week in order to relate to Adapters’ language. Nissan will implement this social media campaign in order to support retweets and conversation while pushing the way Adapters think of Nissan’s relativity. Nissan will accomplish this through topics that our primary research found empower multicultural millennials: hobbies, milestones, technology and buzzworthy topics.

Can You Survive The Nissan #Push31 Day Challenge?

According to primary research, a majority of participants had a lack of knowledge on the company and its values. In May 2013, Nissan will tackle this issue by hosting a 31-day social media challenge. The #Push31 Challenge will encourage Adapters to tweet or post photos that depict the Nissan word of the day with the hashtag #Push31 for 31 days. The photos must incorporate Nissan and include a reference to the word and an innovative style. The photo must also clearly show that the Adapter was pushed beyond the screen of social media. The followers who complete the entire list of words will win a package of Nissan freebies. The #Push31 Day Challenge will increase multicultural millennial awareness by creatively educating the customers of Nissan’s values. This will strengthen the relationship between the customer and Nissan. Budget = $3,000

Nissan’s #Push31 Day Challenge

1. Shift 2. Innovation 3. Environmental 4. Genuine 5. Revolutionary 6. Powerful 7. Flexibility 8. Fast 9. Adapter 10. Design 11. Pursuit of your dreams 12. Moving forward 13. Award-winning 14. Contemporary 15. Push to Start 16. Comfort

17. Reinventing 18. No limits 19. Inspiring 20. Popular 21. Hyperconnected 22. Future 23. Dynamic 24. Respect 25. Sleek 26. Safety 27. Passionate 28. Family 29. Thought-provoking 30. Stylish 31. Reliability




Events Print



billion targeted impressions








Ebony Essence Jet Fortune People Espanol GQ Game Informer Outdoor Billboards New York City (Times Square) Trenton Chicago Dallas/Fort Worth Austin Houston Tampa Miami Los Angeles San Francisco Sacramento Atlanta Outdoor Posters New York City Trenton Chicago Dallas/Fort Worth Austin Houston Tampa Miami Los Angeles San Francisco Sacramento Atlanta TV BET TBS FOX NBC CBS TeleMundo UniVision MYX TV ESPN Radio New York City Chicago Dallas/Fort Worth Austin Houston Tampa Miami Los Angeles San Francisco Sacramento Atlanta Online TV & Radio Pandora Online MYX TV Blogs Owned/Earned 31 Day Challenge Location With Innovation Push Design Nissan Community

Campaign Expenses

Production Costs



April '13 15 22



May '13 13 20 27



June '13 10 17 24

FIFA World Cup


July '13 8 15 22 29


Aug. '13 12 19 26

Back to School


Sept. '13 9 16 23 30


Oct. '13 14 21 28


Nov. 11



Nov. '13 11 18 25


Dec. '13 9 16 23 30

End of the Year Event Holiday Season


Jan. '14 13 20 27

New Year Holiday Season


Feb. '14 10 17 24


March '14 10 17 24 31


Pre- New York Auto Impressions Per Cost Per Ad Total # of Ads Show Month (target)

56,353 72,560 36,846 143,000 82,650 166,705 161,827

11 7 12 4 24 12 12

11,400,000 7,493,000 8,300,000 1,844,980 7,200,000 6,518,000 21,000,000

200,000 1,650 5,000 8,400 6,000 6,600 3,342 6,000 7,693 7,350 11,000 4,500

3 6 186 84 84 48 48 60 150 72 36 180

12,000,000 83,927 673,899 299,454 662,586 419,890 167,854 139,809 379,262 120,785 116,622 231,002

1,401 650 150 309 400 820 770 210 325 210 2,175 250

8,406 3,900 900 1,854 2,400 4,920 4,620 1,260 1,950 1,260 13,050 1,500

327,200 32,400 322,400 208,000 186,000 206,900 136,500 279,900 486,000 132,400 148,700 30,600

101,600 106,200 113,800 121,300 99,790 86,523 101,600 25,379 34,826

55 55 60 46 75 63 55 20 84

5,800,000 4,700,000 8,200,000 16,200,000 14,000,000 6,000,000 11,040,000 4,600,000 115,000,000

983 253 207 58 184 135 135 758 629 157 254 CPM 18 22 15 20 18 CPM 1 0.32 1.28 CPM 8.65 7.73 10.26 11.00 5.76

530 530 530 265 530 530 265 265 265 265 265

2,082,676 783,042 379,086 162,145 674,638 77,797 169,067 1,047,080 80,826 91,487 115,551 38,015,311 13,159,000 25,000,000 3,000,000 120,000,000 5,400,000 12,825,200 94,860 17,100,000 20,000,000 28,000,000 4,234,000 2,500,000


Total Impressions Total Cost

Total Impressions (target) 787,846,920 125,400,000 52,451,000 99,600,000 7,379,920 172,800,000 78,216,000 252,000,000 91,770,540 72,000,000 503,562 4,043,394 1,796,724 3,975,516 2,519,340 1,007,124 838,854 2,275,572 724,710 699,732 1,386,012 14,982,000 1,963,200 194,400 1,934,400 1,248,000 1,116,000 1,241,400 819,000 1,679,400 2,916,000 794,400 892,200 183,600 1,050,765,000 36,250,000 34,475,000 65,600,000 93,150,000 94,500,000 31,500,000 80,040,000 11,500,000 603,750,000 5,120,136,073 2,207,637,032 830,024,061 401,831,166 85,937,034 715,115,839 82,464,858 89,605,499 554,952,442 42,837,922 48,488,071 61,242,149 1,233,425,065 456,183,732 157,908,000 150,000,000 36,000,000 433,333,333 219,840,720 64,800,000 153,902,400 1,138,320 694,008,000 205,200,000 240,000,000 168,000,000 50,808,000 30,000,000

Total Cost ($) 8,067,941 619,883 507,920 442,152 572,000 1,983,600 2,000,462 1,941,924 7,075,866 1,200,000 9,900 930,000 705,600 504,000 316,800 160,416 360,000 1,153,950 529,200 396,000 810,000 795,894 285,804 27,300 27,900 55,620 60,000 68,880 32,340 22,680 101,400 15,120 91,350 7,500 46,084,963 5,588,000 5,841,000 6,828,000 5,579,800 7,484,250 5,450,949 5,880,000 507,580 2,925,384 1,461,475 520,990 134,090 109,710 15,370 97,520 71,550 35,775 200,870 166,685 41,605 67,310 22,455,283 8,211,307 3,473,976 2,250,000 720,000 7,800,000 115,500 64,800 49,248 1,452 6,085,548 1,774,980 1,855,200 1,723,680 558,888 172,800 2,857,530 3,000 500,000 900,000 1,454,530 5,000,000 5,000,000 9,212,774,318 100,000,000

$50MM $40MM






Media Budget Breakdown




Owned & Earned


Production Costs

Websites & Blogs

Online TV & Online Radio

Total Budget

No contingency was allotted because media rates were increased by 4% to reflect the projected 2013 rates.









Media Budget Breakdown




EVALUATION Campaign Evaluation

The Push campaign motivates multicultural millennials to push beyond the screen and use Nissan to live the adventures they post about.

How the Push Campaign Meets Its Objectives • •

• • • • • •


Primary and secondary researched determined the media used to reach Adapters. The target segments were reached in the media plan based on the group’s population size: • African Americans: 41% • Hispanics: 39% • Chinese Americans: 20% To determine the total multicultural share goal, Stache examined competitors’ multicultural share. Toyota has the highest share at 22% while Nissan has 13%. The Push campaign will increase the total multicultural share by 68% so that it is 22%, directly competing with Toyota Each creative execution targets Adapters, combining their aspirational attitudes with Nissan’s innovative standards Each paid medium chosen has a large multicultural reach with impressions totaling 9,388,440,985 Public relations, promotions, interactive experiences and community involvement will reach millions of Adapters to make Nissan buzzworthy The Push campaign will acquire a loyal consumer base and increase its social media following from nearly 900,000 followers to more than 2,000,000 followers Through the Millennial Buying Guide, the Push campaign puts special interest in the dealership experience by complementing the talents of current sales people with millennials’ buying strategies An interactive corporate blog, social media sites and the Nissan Community opportunities will ensure positive branding for Nissan through owned media

Campaign Budget • • •

Paid Media: Owned/Earned Media: Production Cost:

$92,142,470 $2,857,530 $5,000,000

Monitoring Plan

The Push campaign thrives on social media responses and public relations participation but does not mandate them.

Post-Campaign Measures of Success

Nissan can monitor the success of the Push campaign through its consumer involvement in the following areas: • Social media interactions • Public relations involvement • Change in consumer base and activity • Positive ratings for media buys throughout the year • Mobile and website analytics • App downloads • Turnover sales • Quarterly surveys to Nissan millennial guests • Focus groups • Earned media

Campaign Conclusion

The Push campaign motivates Adapters to push beyond the screen. It isn’t enough to dream big – they have to live big.


Brendon DeSpain Plans Book Director

CREATIVE Stache Creative is about going out in the world and making our mark on advertising. Like the mustache, our team is daring, dashing, smart and sophisticated. We cut through the clutter, leaving nothing but savvy insights and killer style.

MeredithAccount Hawkins Executive Courtney Brennan Plans Book Director

BlakeCreative Moran Director

Brandon Walker Research Analyst

Myreete Media Wolford Associate

Mary Kathryn Daugherty Media Director

Colby Caldwell Creative

Anne Warren

Shakieya Faide Creative

Research Analyst

Liz McMann Media Associate

Tripp Gustin Creative Teri Henley Faculty Advisor

Caleb Spradley Creative

Nancy Maya Creative

Ashley Milhollin Copywriter

Chris Moore Creative Kelli Research Wilbanks Director Lauren Aylworth Art Director

Kelly Li Research Analyst Brian Pohuski Art Director



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A special thanks to the following: APR Faculty & Staff Dr. Glenn Griffin Dr. Regina Lewis Dr. Joe Phelps Dr. Suzanne Horsley Dr. Lance Kinney Dr. Kristen Heflin UA Bateman Team Family & Friends Kim Huffman Maureen Fraser Helen Wells William Caldwell Kim Seitz Raleigh, Tabitha and Tatum Hill Rod Johnson Dwayne Spradley Clarence Cason The Bear Trap Chick-fil-A at Midtown Village AAF Tuscaloosa

Stache Creative 2012 NSAC Nissan  

The University of Alabama's NSAC team, Stache Creative presented thier campaign for Nissan North America in Austin, TX. Awarded 2nd Place ov...

Stache Creative 2012 NSAC Nissan  

The University of Alabama's NSAC team, Stache Creative presented thier campaign for Nissan North America in Austin, TX. Awarded 2nd Place ov...