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10 things to brighten up a girl’s bedroom for under £200

This butterfly printed cushion will make any girl’s bedroom look super cute, fresh and funky. For only £16 from Next, you simply can’t go wrong!

This cute storage box from Looking to jazz up your wall, but Paperchase is only £17.50 and has don’t want posters? How about these enough room for you to store decorative flower stickers from Marks and Spencer? They are easy to put on, everything you could possibly need! and will glam up any bedroom in an Girly and cute, it will fit right in with a pink themed bedroom. instant, and for only £29.50!

Prop your door open with this This beanbag is any girl’s dream; cute, pastel coloured foam duck. For colourful and comfy! only £10 from M&S, your bedroom will be transformed A cool £50 from John Lewis. with something everyone will love!

‘Love’ letters from Next, for only £18, are a sweet and simple way to transform a room. It can be placed anywhere with a surface, and moved whenever you fancy a change!

A photo of the original Winnie Some more ‘Love’ letters, but this time, the pooh is always a hit, and this in true girly form. Soft cotton letters from Marks and Spencer, these are one is simply adorable. £30 from more for the true girl in you. £25 is a John Lewis; bargain! little pricey, but they are super cute!

Something a little different, but cute all the same. This fairy jar is only £20 from RED5, and is filled with the sparkliest ‘fairies’ and can be hung up anywhere!

This £8.50 pink flowery photoframe from Paperchase is simple, yet effective. Place in your bedroom, and it will stand out to everyone that enters your room.

Year 2- 10 things for a girls bedroom  

Year 2- things a girl can have for her bedroom.

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