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Lauren Sebastian industrial design portfolio



University of Cincinnati | Cincinnati, OH College of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning (daap), Industrial Design, Class 2016 ` Beavercreek High School | Beavercreek, OH Honors Diploma, Graduated June 2011

Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society | Winter 2012 - Present

skills Analogue | Communicative Sketching & Rendering, Computer Aided Design, Foam, REN, Corruaged Paper Board Prototyping Digital | Adobe Suite, Sketchbook Pro, Solidworks, Alias, Keyshot, HTML

Deans List | Quarters 1,2 2011,Fall Semester 2012,

work Hasbro | September 3, 2013 - December 20, 2013 Worked on the Nerf Rebelle Team. Created graphic decals, photoshop renders, storyboards, foam core mockups, concept work, image boards. Tomy | January 8, 2013 - April 26, 2013 Worked with the Boys Toys Design Team on Pokemon and Battroborg products. Created foam core mockups, graphic design decals, communication documents, concept work, market research, and visual assets for presentations. Target | August 5, 2012 - October 20, 2012 Target Cashier, Starbucks Barista, stocked shelves, worked the register

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Decibelle youth audio electronics





decibelle earbuds




decibelle Bluetooth speakers

decibelle iHome

decibelle earbuds

graphics on cord



decibelle bluetooth speakers

microUSB port for battery recharge audio line input LED pairing indicator

decibelle iHome

dock for iPod/iPhone

graphics on side panel tuning wheel

volume wheel

decibelle iHome bluetooth speakers earbuds



aid for the visually impaired

Current visual aids can be clunky, obstrusive, or require extensive care and training

Eliminate white canes and seeing dogs to give the visually impaired independence

Bees have 3 eyes on the top of their head that detect light and motion to help them “see� in the dark hive.

How can we apply this to an aid for the visually impaired?

Honeycomb texture mimics aesthetics of bee eyes Faceted surfaces provide unique texture

3D camera analyzes surroundings

Clip on function

i Wear has a built in 3D camera that scans the user’s surroundings for potential obstacles. The information is then sent to iGuide. i Wear is able to clip onto assorted frames. i Wear is made from extruded ABS

USB charger Inside texture expands and contracts to aler t user

Braille buttons

Bracelets receive signal from glasses and alert user of any danger.

iGuide receives information from glasses. Honeycomb texture on the inside expands and contracts to guide the user left or right. Made of thermoplastic elastomer.

1. iGuide takes 3D images of surroundings

2. Locates potential obstacles. Sends info to iGuide.

3. iGuide squeezes left or right hand to guide the user.

Simple. Intuitive. Independent.

amera on glasses takes 3D images anning the area for obstacles. formation is transfered to the acelets which guide the user.

Embrace freedom. Seeze the day.


Walter the wear y whale

Sick kids are no fun. They ’re grumpy, uncomfortable, and full of germs. Grody to the max.

Let ’s design a stuffed animal to help them feel better!

Create a stuffed animal that ’s cute and functional

Stuffed animal and a tissue holder. Woah!

With his bagg y eyes and weighed down fins Walter the W hale looks just as miserable as your sick child feels.

Walter’s soft plush and unique personality will help comfort your child, while his Cr ypton Super Fabric and tissues will help prevent the spread of germs!

Comfort Creatures Sponsored By

sona blender | kettle | french press

Design a line of kitchen appliances all sharing the same aesthetics

Trend analysis

continuous forms, neutral colors, minimalism, color accents

concept development

Products all feature a simple stainless steel band, rounded knob, and special grip texture

Blending Dock

Blending Lid

Drinking lid

Single-Ser ve Blender

electric tea kettle

single serve blender

french press

Pure. Modern. Beautiful.

powder printed pieces

grip texture

lid detail

Rebelle nike shoe mash-up

Rebelle is fun, fashionable, and empowering.

More than just blasters, Rebelle is a lifestyle.

Nike and Reebok have designed Nerf shoes

Where’s the Rebelle love?

fun. fashionable. customizable.

What style of shoe fits Rebelle best?

How can we merge the Nike swoosh with the Rebelle wings?


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