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Fran’s Fleece Tie Blanket Everyone needs a woobie (security blanket) ... even adults! Tie blankets are made from two pieces of the softest fleece tied together to make one very soft, two-ply, fleecy, warm, cuddly blanket. Tie blankets are great to use while watching TV, napping on the couch, as an extra blanket on the bed or to keep you warm at the game. You choose the colors and patterns so each blanket is custom-made just for you! Each blanket costs $60 (+shipping), not including the price of fabric. You will need to purchase the fabric and have it shipped to me. This is what you’ll do: 1. Go to 2. Browse around and find the fleece combinations that works best for you. Pico has patterns sure to please all ages, solids, even professional and college sports teams! 3. You will buy 4 yards of the fabric you choose (2 yards for the front, 2 yards for the back) and have Pico ship the fabric directly to me. I will provide you with my address when you are ready to buy. The standard tie blanket size is approximately 58” x 68” (a twin mattress is 39” x 75”). Custom sizes can be made upon request. Please let me know if you are requesting a custom size blanket. Fabric takes 5 business days to ship from Pico. As soon as I receive the fabric, I will make your blanket. Each blanket takes between 8-10 hours of assembly time. I will ship the blanket to you (or a requested recipient) upon completion. About me: I have been crafting for over 40 years. I made my first tie blanket for my grandson. Once the family saw it, the requests started pouring in. Soon after, neighbors and friends started putting in requests. I would love to bring some woobie happiness into your life! Thank you! Fran Edelstein ( Click on the collage for a website with more pictures.


Fran's Fleece Tie Blankets  
Fran's Fleece Tie Blankets  

My mom's new business. Buy a blanket from her! They're awesome!