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The Two-Campus Advantage

Explore the Where we learn. Where we live. Girls learn best when they understand how concepts connect. At Laurel, the possibilities for learning are limitless — in every aspect of the Laurel experience. Our Butler Campus is a remarkable 140-acre outdoor classroom and laboratory for learning

opportunities. that promotes discovery and leadership skill development — concepts that complement the more traditional educational experience at our 11-acre Lyman Circle Campus. This one-school, two-campus advantage offers Laurel girls countless opportunities to master their environment.


Surrounded by Inspiration In the mid-1920s, headmistress Sarah Lyman boldly relocated Laurel School from Cleveland’s rapidly expanding downtown to the country where her girls could breathe fresh air while learning and growing into accomplished young women. Seventy-five years later, the School saw an opportunity to build on Mrs. Lyman’s vision for Laurel girls by adding a second campus. The Butler Campus’ beauty and scope provide inspiration for art and astronomy, music and math, science and social studies; a place for purpose and play, for contemplation and competition. At both campuses, we inspire Laurel girls to fulfill their promise and to better the world. Smart buildings for smart students As the student body grew over the years, so did the campus that Sarah Lyman founded in Shaker Heights. Inside this stately Tudor-style building, classrooms buzz with joyful activity and curiosity. As likely to be found in deep concentration in science labs and art studios as in gymnasiums, playgrounds and performance spaces, Laurel girls relish stretching their muscles — brain and body. The learning happens in classrooms and on a window seat when a teacher helps her student understand a concept, in the dining room when an older girl has lunch with the Kindergarten, or on stage when a student rehearses her Senior Speech.

Educating inside and out Unique in purpose and application and distinct in design, Laurel’s Butler Campus in Russell Township offers unparalleled learning experiences for girls. This tremendous outdoor laboratory provides invaluable learning experiences that cannot be replicated indoors. And, thanks to an innovative curriculum, rich with academic and athletic opportunities, girls develop the selfconfidence, strength of character and self-awareness that are critical ingredients for articulating and achieving who they want to be when they grow up.

Taking the curriculum to new levels Students learn through investigation and by problem solving and constructing meaning. At Butler, our girls conduct tree surveys and soil and water flow studies; they measure the wind and map the land. They write poetry under a canopy of towering trees or in a meadow of wildflowers; they draw what they see in nature with rich, descriptive visual details. They graph the placement of artifacts unearthed in an archaeological dig and calculate the areas of the athletic fields using nontraditional methods of measurement. They role play, observe, investigate and explore. Simply put, Laurel girls take what they learn in a classroom and apply it in a setting that promotes innovative and critical thinking of the highest order.

The right tools for learning Twenty-first century solutions need twenty-first century tools. Computers and laptops with wireless access in the classrooms, labs and libraries, specialized software applications and Smartboards in classrooms support a curriculum designed to teach girls to hypothesize, analyze, research, question, evaluate and draw conclusions. At our Lyman Campus, these twenty-first century tools co-exist with the friezes, photographs and architectural detail that reinforce aesthetic beauty and the long history and traditions of the School.

Work hard and play hard Yes, Laurel girls work hard. But they also play hard and have fun doing it. Participation in athletics emphasizes physical well-being and teamwork, boosts selfconfidence, promotes resilience and teaches a girl how to balance priorities. Eighty-five percent of our Middle and Upper School student body participates in athletics and our facilities meet the needs of our competitive program. While Lyman’s Tippit Gymnasium is home to our volleyball and basketball teams, Butler’s extraordinary athletic fields, for outdoor sports, are unparalleled in Northeast Ohio. And the new Alice Lehmann Butler Center for Fitness and Wellness, with training and weight rooms, will only strengthen Laurel’s commitment to healthy minds and healthy bodies.

Suburban/urban advantage We want Laurel girls to know their world — the ever-changing urban landscape of Cleveland as well as the shrinking natural landscape we must preserve — and to be committed global citizens. Laurel students learn that urban issues and environmental stewardship both require sustainable solutions. Our proximity to the city’s cultural, business and medical institutions, integral partners in our Synergy and Protégé programs, as well as to the rural Butler Campus provides an extraordinary educational experience. This two-campus advantage reinforces to our girls that they are part of something larger than themselves, something that endures.

An atmosphere charged with intellectual vitality Ask three Laurel girls their opinions and you’ll receive five answers! Superb problem solvers, articulate speakers, confident writers, Laurel girls are motivated by their love of learning. They frame the questions and find the answers and have the confidence to do so because, across all disciplines and at all grade levels, Laurel teachers have the best of two different teaching environments. Given such a foundation, Laurel girls are prepared for life, ready to assume their mantle of leadership in college and beyond.


Lyman Campus 180,000 square feet of networked space 18,000 library volume collection 2 gymnasiums 1½ regulation playing fields 1 dance studio 2 music rooms 4,300 square-foot multipurpose room 6 science labs Ceramics studio Photography darkroom Digital art lab 3 art studios Environmentally controlled performance space Laptop and desktop computers; wireless access Smartboards 2 computer labs State-of-the-art library management system and small-group study rooms with white boards, computers and software for digital media production Learning resource center Rock-climbing wall EcoWonder! greenhouse Enchanted Playscape, playgrounds with butterfly gardens

PROPORTION This diagram illustrates the direct proportional scale of the suburban 11-acre Lyman Campus to the rural 140-acre Butler Campus.

Butler Campus 140 acres of woodlands with athletic fields 3 mature forests with countless trees 1 fitness and wellness center (opens 2010) with weight, training and locker rooms 5 regulation playing fields designed by the Director of Grounds for the Cleveland Indians and Cleveland Browns 8 tennis courts 3,200 square-foot covered pavilion 2 fast-pitch softball diamonds A wooden bridge and boardwalk that allows easy access to Griswold Creek 2 four-season lodges 3 miles of walking trails 2,660 square-foot residence with Primary science lab 1,600 square-foot Magic Tree House, fully ADA accessible 100 acres of undeveloped natural habitats

Dream. Dare. Do. Laurel School One Lyman Circle Shaker Heights, Ohio 44122 216.464.0946

¼ mile all-weather track and field course Project Adventure Ropes Course with low and high elements that challenge by choice and promote leadership, team building and problem solving Ponds and streams; verdant flora and fauna Archaeological dig site

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The Two-Campus Advantage