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Lord Of The Flies By Philippe Deschenes

Characters (Principal) Ralph : He’s a 12 years old fair boy with a lot of leadership. He has large shoulders and he seems like evil but he’s really not. Even if his dad is a commander of the Navy, he can’t swim well. After meeting the choir, he became the group leader. Ralph is the only one to think about the priority of been rescued, so because of Jack they missed a good chance to be rescued by a boat. P.5 : “He was old enough, twelve years and few months, to have lost the prominent tummy of childhood; and not yet old enough for adolescence ti have made him awkward. You could see now that he might make a boxer, as fare as width and heaviness of shoulders went, but there was a mildness about his mouth and eyes that proclaimed no devil.”

Characters (Secondary) Piggy : He’s the first to meet Ralph into the forest. He can’t run really fast because of his asthma, and he’s wearing some glasses. Everyone is calling him Piggy because he’s very fat. In the group, his job is to take the name of every child. He’s always talking of his auntie, because she’s the person who is taking care of him. Piggy’s glasses are making the fires by placing them in front of the sun, so piggy has an important role in the team

Characters (Secondary) Jack Merridew : He’s the chief of a choir and he wants to be the chief of the group of children, but he lost the elections. He’s not very gentle with Piggy and he always throw insults to him. He’s one of the three guys who went in to forest to explore it. Sometimes, Jack is leading Ralph and all the group, because he makes the good decisions. Jack caught the first pig of the book and he don’t takes the good priorities, he just want some meet, and don’t care about being rescued.

Characters (Secondary) Simon : He is a member of the choir and a god friend of Jack. He is one of the three guys who are going to explore the island, with Ralph and Jack. Simon is always following Jack in his choices but sometimes he listen to Ralph because he thinks the choices Ralph is making are better than Jack.

Characters (Secondary) Phil : He’s a littun, but not really like the others. He’s confident and intelligent. He says that he saw a big thing in the woods, but Ralph is thinking that it’s not true. “For a littun, he was self-confident, holding out his hands, cradling the conch as Ralph did, looking round at them to collect their attention before he spoke.”

Characters (Secondary) Percival Wemys Madison : This is another littun. He says he saw the beast, coming from the water. This kid is very scared of the beast, more than the others.

Settings The Forest : It’s a big forest which is covering the major part of the island where the plane crashed. All the children are meeting in this forest. Jack and the choir thought that there was life in this forest, they were true because they caught the first pig there. The Moutain : There’s a big moutain from where they can see the ocean and from where the group made a big fire to be rescued, but it didn’t worked.


Mountain Lagoon

The Lagoon : This is a place where the kids take some time for themselves. They can swim or just to relax in front of the water. Especially Piggy likes to go there.

Summary (Chapter 1) After a plane crash, Ralph, a twelve years old boy, met Piggy, another guy who was on the plane. They walked up to a lake, where they found a big shell. By blowing in the shell, the noise alerted other people and a 6 years old boy came to ralph and piggy, his name was johnny. After few minutes, few children were with piggy. A bunch of guys, who were wearing strange clothes, came and asked to be a part of the group. After few minutes, Ralph was chosen to be the chief. With Jack and Simon, they quit the group to explore the island, if it’s an island.

Summary (Chapter 2) Ralph and Piggy are confronted to a problem, a little 6 years old boy is saying that he saw a snake-thing in the woods. After the night, they had an idea, do a big fire on the top of the mountain! The fire didn’t helped a lot, but that was a good idea... Finally, Piggy And Jack are quarreling all the time for nothing.

Summary (Chapter 3) Jack and Ralph are quarreling because Ralph want to go hunt for some meat, but Jack want to make the shelters. Finally, Jack convinced Ralph to make the shelters faster because that’s the essential thing to do, they can continue to eat some little fruits to survive, but they need some houses.

Summary Chapter 4 At the beginning, Ralph is on the top of the mountain, where the fire is supposed to be. Piggy didn’t want to go up, juste because he was tired. Arrived on the top, Jack and the choir, the people who were supposed to be checking if some help was coming, were not there. Ralph started to check in the ocean if there was some boats... And there was one! There was a problem, the fire was extinguish and the glasses of Piggy were far... During this moment, Jack was hunting with the choir and they caught their first pig!

Summary Chapter 5


In this chapter, Ralph decides that the group needs an assembly. He decided to talk about the problems on the island, especially the fire on top of the mountain. After Ralph speech, Jack took the conch and tried to reassure the littluns, who are making some bad dreams and are thinking about big animals. Piggy found another littun, Percival, who is saying that he saw the beast, coming from water. They now have to know if it’s real...

Glossary Specs : Synonym of glasses Foliage : The leaves of a plant, collectively; leafage. Loll : To recline or lean in a relaxed, lazy, or indolent manner; lounge Haze : An aggregation in the atmosphere of very fine, widely

dispersed, solid or liquid particles, or both, giving the air an opalescent appearance that subdues colors.

Fetch : To go and bring back; return with; get Conch : A shell that is doing a very loud noise

Glossary Gaudy : brilliantly or excessively showy Littluns

: little 6 years old boys

Tide : The periodic rise and fall of the waters of the ocean and its inlets, produced by the attraction of the moon and sun, and occurring about every 12 hours