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Project Photo Shoots at Re:So

As part of one of my other University project which is based around Photography, I got in touch with one of the managers of Re:So to see if it would be possible to do a small photo shoot within the shop and studio. The manager replied to my email almost immediately and allowed me to carry out a photo shoot there the next day. Being an admirer of the Visual Merchandising of the store, I knew this would be an ideal location and setting for what I wanted to project into my images. The ruggedness of the walls and industrial look really emphasised the theme of my photographs. This booklet will show a few images of the photographs I took there, taking advantage of the store’s interior features and thoughtful visual merchandising.


Although the images with the model are irrelevant to this project, I wanted to show these images purely for the fact that Re:So is an ideal place to shoot any images that could be used for editorial purposes. As my magazine is about Visual Merchandising and store design, I thought these images would be beneficial to show for the project because it displays how versatile the visual merchandising of the store is, and how it could be used for specific photo shoots and other types of work. Seeing as Re:So was developed and run by students from Solent University, it also allows people enrolled on different courses to use the location for their own projects, and I thought this was really beneficial for us as you usually have to get permission to photograph the inside interiors of certain stores. The bare brickwork, wine racks, vintage shelving and industrial accessories is one of the biggest and latest trends for store design, and is being highly sought after by new and existing businesses. Other stores such as Urban Outfitters and All Saints have also adopted this store design and I feel it is really effective and reflects the style of their target market consumers.


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