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L AURA W CONSTANTINE | Associate AIA 768 GRAND STREET / BROOKLYN / NY / 203.856.4121 /

BRIEFLY I have over 4 years of well-rounded architectural practice as a lead member of a small firm in New York City, including work on more than 15 projects in and outside of New York City, 6 from start to completion and 2 from the ground up. My professional goal is to learn and be challenged with greater responsibility in an environment that values experimentation as much as implementation and explores intersections with other fields and trades, while respecting the role of the specialist.


Responsible for design, drafting, visualization, coordination with trades and management of several high end residential projects through all phases of design, construction and finishing.

THE PRINCIPALS| Product Designer

Designed a sculptural landscape element with communal seating.

2009 - Present

Winter 2012

RICHARD SCHULTZ| Architectural Consultant

Provided architectural consultation on a furniture proposal for a new hotel.

BILLIE COHEN LTD. | Design Intern

Responsible for drafting, design, coordination with trades, administrative support.

Fall 2010

Summer 2008

PRATT INSTITUTE | Design Studio Teacher’s Assistant Fall 2007

PLOWSHARE GROUP | Graphic Design Intern Fall 2004 - Summer 2005

MARLBOROUGH GALLERY | Archive Department Intern Summer 2004

EMERSON GALLERY | Assistant Curator

Guided new students through course materials and objectives with organized tuturials, individual critiques and help as needed. Provided graphic design, creative and administrative support.

Digitized and archived newly acquired works and press. Assisted graphic designer with web page.

Spring 2004

Selected works for special exhibition. Wrote exhibition forward.


Prepared press releases and assisted the Head of P.R.

Summer 2003

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L AURA W CONSTANTINE | Associate AIA 768 GRAND STREET / BROOKLYN / NY / 203.856.4121 /

EDUCATION PRATT INSTITUTE | Brooklyn, NY | M. Arch. 2006- 2009

Completed Master s degree program with focus on CAD/CAM.

PRATT INSTITUTE | Rome, IT | Independant Study Abroad Summer 2012

Studied architecture and history of Rome, for credit toward M. Arch.

Summer 2012

| Fontainebleau, FR | Workshops

HAMILTON COLLEGE | Clinton, NY | B.A. Art History 2000 - 2004

Cross-disciplinary design charrettes in urban planning, architecture, typography, landscape, and set design, for credit toward M. Arch. Graduated with honors in Art History.


Pratt Institute Archive Selections, 2006, 2009 A rt Americaines, 2007


Cities Methodologies 2012 Bloomsbury Festival Model Citizens Design Exhibition, New Y GAUD Exhibitions, works, 2007-2009

PUBLICATIONS,, InProcess, Pratt Institute School of Architecture s yearly publication, feat. selected works, 2008 & 2009 TARP, Pratt Institute publication, feat. Interview & selected works, 2009 CRIT: The Journal of the AIAS, feat. essay and selected work, 2007


AutoCAD, Rhino, Maya, 3-D Studio Max, Adobe Creative Suite, VRay, Zedit, Zprint, Ecotect.

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Former Client & Designer: PJ Steffen: / cell: 646-417-1806 Former Senior Level Co-worker: Paul Appleby, RA: / cell: ( 347) 537-6008 Former Junior Level Co-worker: Ryan Philbin, Architectural Designer: / cell: (518) 269-1181 Colleague: Georgia Tapert Howe, Interior Designer: / cell: (917) 213-6004

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Lwc resume&references