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LAURA // 20 // GRAPHIC DESIGN I’m a second year Graphic Design student at Nottingham Trent University. First of all I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read my email and to open my internship application! I’m a huge fan of Hunger Magazine and would like to intern with you during the Summer. You’re exactly the magazine I’d love to work for after I graduate, so it would be a fantastic opportunity. I also have a passion for Photography, which is self-taught, alongside Graphic Design. I feel that both of these skills, alongside my enthusiasm would make me the perfect intern at Hunger! Please read on to see a selection of my work.




2 separate political posters (both dutch). The first poster is a poster for the PVV (Party for Freedom), it’s is a right-wing political party in the Netherlands. It has programme items like administrative detention and strong assimilationist stance on the integration of immigrants into Dutch society. One of their main points is “Three strikes you’re out”, which is regarding stronger punishments. Underneath it says: “Vote for the PVV, for a safer Netherlands, for a safer tomorrow.” The poster makes use of the colours of the dutch flag to show the patriotic character of the party. The second poster is a formation advice poster, showing which parties should form a coalition. It visually shows 4 political parties working together, by combining features of each parties campaign posters. It roughly translates as “And now, together, we go right”, suggesting that a right wing coalition is the way to go.

Explore the agificet Red Sea...

A front cover and back advertisement for a self magazine (Laura). One with the use of photography and the other purely typographic (see next spread). I wanted the photographic cover to be mysterious, to draw the reader in. I didn’t want the photograph to give too much about myself away. The purely typographic cover makes use of patterns and perfectly aligned text, which are two things that I love. The photographic and typographic advertisement both show my love for Scuba Diving, in different ways.

This was a group project with 4 other students at Willem De Kooning Academy, The Netherlands. We were asked to create a publication for the Leerling/Meester, which is a set of 12 exhibitions held at Kunstpodium T, which is a project where student artists work together with well-known artists. We translated the freedom and space that Kunstpodium T offered us into a new space. A space both inside and outside the book. A book is a collection of texts and/or imagery. It forms a physical archive which immediately is outdated after the moment of issue. A fixed static object. Where as a book normally ends, this publication forms a dynamic space. The students have a physical space in the book but also a digital one. This is visible through an interactive print. The pages in the book can be scanned with the Layar application on a smartphone or tablet, where this space becomes visible. With this virtual Layar layer, which floats above the printed book, it constantly stays in development and is up to date. This is in complete contrast to the printed book. This layer forms a space, which is filled with extra imagery, youtube links and website links. We found it a challenge to create a book which stays up to date, and where the artists could actively contribute to the content. We didn’t want Layar to be a “gadget” but a necessity, which is why the artists imagery is distorted and in black and white on the printed pages.

Alcohol Awareness campaign for Drinkaware. I decided to take a slightly different spin on it. Rather than looking at what damage alcohol does to your organs I looked at the calories consumed on the average night out, comparing them to well known high calorie/ fatty foods. I created a range of posters which all link together. I also designed an app which will calculate the amount of calories consumer on a night out, the QR code will link to the download link for this app.






photography laura verbaten styling laura verbaten hair jonathan connelly using kevin murphy makeup andrew gallimore at clm using mac cosmetics model sophie jordan georgina wallington melissa hill laura verbaten props luke abbey at jed root location hitchin lavender

COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS photography laura verbaten styling laura verbaten hair jonathan connelly using kevin murphy makeup andrew gallimore at clm using mac cosmetics models romana maier markus gruber props luke abbey at jed root

photography laura verbaten

props luke abbey

styling laura verbaten

hair jonathan connelly

model hannah whittall

location abondoned factory


I’ M S U R E I’ L L GET ALONG S O M E H O W .. .



EDUCATION // SKILLS // OTHER 2009 - 2011 The Highfield School Sixth Form A - LEVELS Graphic Communications Fine Art Business Studies German (AS)

-A -A -A -A

2011 - Current Nottingham Trent University Graphic Design BA (Hons)

Reliable, flexible, motivated, teamplayer, responsible and hardworking. Adobe Photoshop Adobe InDesign Adobe Illustrator Adobe After Effects Photography

***** **** **** ** ****

I was born in The Netherlands and moved to England 13 years ago. Since a young age I’ve had a passion for anything creative. I have a love for travelling and exploring new places. Recently I did a half year exchange to Willem De Kooning Academy, in Rotterdam. I feel I learnt a lot there and grew as a designer. I don’t have as much experience within editorial design as I’d like and possibly as some of the other internship candidates, however I’m extremely hard working and I have a love for learning new skills and perfecting them.




Thankyou for taking the time to look at my portfolio.

Hunger Internship Application  

Magazine style portfolio

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