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I had found out earlier that I did not function well in the studio, that my imagination needed the reality of the outdoors. ...

I set up my camera in the chicest places, in what the locals called “la zone”, which were working class districts, construction sites, etc. ...

I realized that only as a fashion photographer I could create my kind of universe and make my models play the part of a certain type of woman. ...

I kept my equipment down to a minimum: two cameras, each with three lenses, a flashlight that would clip onto the camera body and one assistant. ...

I did not want to spend time thinking about hardware. I wanted that time to concentrate on the girl and her world around her ...

It is interesting to compare European and American more sin regard to my work. Most of my European images have a stronger sexual content than hose destined for American publication. The term “political correctness” has always appalled me, reminding me of Orwell’s Thought Police and fascist regimes.

Elsa Peretti,, New York 1975

Thierry Mugler, New York 1998 with model, ParĂ­s 1973 Self-portrait


Bauwelt Catalogue, 1987


Working for French Vogue at that time was exciting: who else would have published these nudes, who else the crazy and sexually charged fashion photographs which I would submit to the editor-in-chief?.


Twiggy, British Vogue, London 1967

Yves Saint-Laurent, London 1979

Cakvin Klein, Saint Troupez 1975

Jean Patou et Yves Laroche, Paris 1978

Catherine Deneuve, Paris 1976


Andy Warhol, Paris 1974

Highly rewarding work, specially after I had abandoned photographing young Hollywood movie stars, invariably accompanied by their press agents who would act as censors during the actual sitting. To the question: “What people do you like to photograph?” my answer is: “Those I love, those I admire and those I hate”.

Gunilla Bergstrom, Paris 1976

David Lynch and Isabella Rossellini, Los Angeles 1988

Veruschka, Nice 1975


After Velazquez, Paris 1981

It was not until 1980, that I photographed my first nudes, it is when I executed the series “Big nudes”, “Naked and dressed” and later, “Domestic nudes”. The fact that the models in these photographs were the same girls I used in my fashion work gave them a certain elegance and coolness that I was looking for in my work.

Catherine Deneuve, Paris 1976

American Playboy, Los Angeles 1989

Arielle after a haircut, Paris 1982

Jenny Captain, Berlin 1977

Jane Kirby, Paris 1977

Jassara, Paris 1977

Self-portrait with model, ParĂ­s 1973


Self-portrait, París 1989

People gave us everything for free. We were allowed only so much film per picture, but there was no limit to the creativity. I like to say that they let us loose like wild dogs in the streets of Paris.

Sie Kommen Dressed, French Vogue, ParĂ­s 1981

Sie Kommen Naked, French Vogue, ParĂ­s 1981

Helmut Newton  
Helmut Newton  

A tribute to my favourite photographer