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Laura van Krieken Industrial design portfolio

About me I am a Design for Industry graduate looking for employment opportunities starting in January 2018. For me design is woven into our every day lives. We have the ability to improve the quality of our lives and improve on past mistakes and I think that that is something that should not be taken for granted. I am a committed and enthusiastic team player, whether it’s working with clients or chasing down a Frisbee. I know how to work well in a team and communicate eectively. I am always looking for new challenges and opportunities to develop my understanding of the world around me.

Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler Albert Einstein

Contact information Phone number +447 967058018 Email LinkedIn Laura van Krieken Website

The Design Council top five ‘ones to watch’ ‘17 My final major project Flowboard features in an article by Sarah Weir of the Design Council on the top five ‘ones to watch’.

Programes New Designers university team ‘17 I was responsible for coordinating fundraising for Northumbria’s New Designers show. I also worked with a team of students generating the visuals for our stand.

Spark Design & Innovation ‘16 I spent working at Spark over the Summer. During this time I worked on a project with a european trailer brand, and a leading health project.

Internship with Fjord ‘15 I worked at Fjord for three months on a variety of projects ranging from telecomunication companies to a service vision and strategy project for a large financial services client.

Coffee innovation project ‘15 With leading brand agency XANOBIA, we worked with a global coffee client to deliver innovative branding solutions

Competitions entered Lexus Design Awards RSA Student Design Awards Design Innovation Plastics TTA - 1st Place Manual Graphics Delight in light

Clients worked with NHS Yorkshire Peacocks Medical XANOBIA Douwe Egberts

Flowboard | Pendul | Medical | Non Lit | RSA | NHS

I spent 2 months working at Spark Design and Innovation, in Rotterdam in the Summer after my third year. During my time there I helped make prototypes for a variety of projects, helped collaborate on user interfaces and conduct interviews with a section of our clients’ target market in Germany.

During my second year at university, I spent 3 months working at Fjord, a digital service design company in London. I was working on two main projects; with a British mobile network operator and on a service vision and strategy project for a large ďŹ nancial services client. Whilst working here I generated a clickable prototype, helped to facilitate workshops with business stakeholders and created personas and user journeys.

FLOWBOARD Sedentary behaviour, especially within oďŹƒces, is linked to a variety of health problems. What did I learn? How to manage a project on a longer time scale, and the importance of engaging users in testing.

“Sedentary living has become the norm, we’ve created environments where we are expected to sit and stare.” - Ann Gates

Increased risk of cognitive decline

More likely to become depressed

Insight from NCHPAD

Insight from NCHPAD

More likely to gain excess weight

Increased loss of muscle tissue

Insight from NCHPAD

Insight from Get Britain Standing

Engages your core muscles, which helps you to have better posture

Helps to stretch your lower legs, reducing the risk of cramp

The movement generated increases blood ow, reducing the risk of blood clots

These small, subconscious movements help to increase your metabolsim and insulin production

Flow forwards

One step at a time


Rock all day

With your feet placed on the board, gently swing them both forwards and backwards

Swing your feet forwards and backwards alternately, as if you were walking

With your feet placed towards the ends of the board, swing your feet in the shape of an infinity 8

Rolling the board back and forwards lightly stretch your legs and help blood flow

Wearable compatible version

Health conscious users will be able to sync their wearables In built pedometer version

Users who are aware they need to increase their activity levels and want to see a statistical improvement Lite roll board version

Providing unsure adopters with a starting point to begin to change their activity habits

Slide the ďŹ rst side of the bungee cord through the back slot.

Then secure the end of the bungee cord in the front slot. Repeat previous steps

Slide the sides of webbing up and down to adjust the height

Loop the cord round the outside of the two end table legs.

Slot the webbing into the side slots, suspending the board from the ground.

Press the buttons on the cells to activate

Place the cells back into the board

The cells total up the amount of movement in the office

If you currently use a wearable, sync your app with the cells from your board

Throughout the day the cells track your amount of movement

Together the office works towards different goals

PENDUL Design a light that is suitable for use indoors What did I learn? The importance of professionalism when working with a client and speaking and listening to your target market.


Danish for balance

Helping you to switch between your work and home life

People spend more of their time working from home Insight from The Guardian

76% of employers in the UK oer at least one form of exible working Insight from CIPD

People struggle to switch between their work and home life Insight from Acas

Main components

Electrical components

Main body £1.57

Outer shells £0.09

3v LED diode £0.40

Electrical cord £1.14

End cap £0.07

Inner cover £0.90

SW-520D tilt switch £0.08

Stripboard £0.19

Made in batches of 100, UK minimum wage £6.70, 30 minutes assembly time

LED bulb



RRP £45.00

Base cost

Tilt switch

Tilt switch

LED bulb







Die cast aluminium end caps

Laser cut birch plywood covers with inner paper film

Die cast aluminium main body

Laser cut birch plywood covers with inner paper film

Die cast aluminium end caps

MEDICAL Our team worked with Peacocks Medical to design an ankle foot orthotic (AFO) that would be better suited to its users that the products currently on the market. What did I learn? How to work and divide up work as part of a team with members from dierent design backgrounds.

AFO’s are heavy

Difficult to remove frequently

They are not breathable

Not aesthetically pleaseing

Difficult to wash

What properties do you look for in a support? Durable - I had ones that fell apart and were really uncomfortable. What would you critisise about the support? I would make the materials more breathable for warmer days

Do you like the aesthetics of the support or do you try to hide it? I don’t really have a choice, but I don’t mind as the support it provides is more important. What would you critisise about the support? Inner linings are unhygenic, I’d like them to wash or change them.



of respondants said that the feeling plastic against their skin was uncomfortable.

of AFO users said they would like the ability to wash their supports.

60% were prepared to sacrifice good aesthetics for maximum effectiveness.

What properties do you look for in a support? Comfortable, long lasting / durable. What would you critisise about the support? Uncomfortable in the begining and replacing them is rather expensive, you also can’t wash them which is an issue when wearing them for sport!

40% of users also said that they remove their AFO more than 3 times a day.

1 The loop at the top of the sock and hook on the outer shell keeps the sock in place preventing discomfort.


2 The buckle and velcro mechanism used to secure the AFO is simple and easy to use. This means that it is much less eort removing your AFO during the day, reducing the amount of time it takes.

The socks can be interchanged to suit the users style preferences. This makes the AFO feel more like a fashion accessory and will therefore mke the user feel more comfortable wearing it

4 The two supports can work together or separately, allowing the user to get varying levels of support depending on what they are doing.

6 The sole of the outer shell ends just before the balls of the feet, allowing the user to use this movement to maximise momentum when walking

5 The knitted technology used to manufacture the sock - santoni knitting - means the sock can be washed, making it more hygenic.

7 Dierent thicknesses are knitted into the sock at certain pressure points. This makes it much more comfortable to wear, and reduces the change of the shell cracking under constant pressure.

This shows a range of our initial ideas, conveyed through sketching, and this was used to discuss and develop ideas within our group.

Our online personalisation service can be accessed both on a computer and phone.





personalise a sock to suit their style and get it delivered straight to their door. The clear and consice layout makes it easy for people of all age groups to use

Knitech in association with

Select area

Lucy Drenon 139 Goldspink Lane Newcastle - Upon - Tyne NE2 1NS

The packaging in which your additional socks will be posted in are small enough so that they through your mail box. The packaging is easy to open with the perferated strip and can be recycled. Up to three pairs can be delivered at once.

Select colour

Patient is refered to an orthotic specialist

The sock can also be worn independantly when the user does not want to wear the AFO

Patient has measurments taken for their custom moulded outer shell

The socks can be washed to increase their lifespan and hygiene

Their outer shell is then SLS printed

The socks are interchangable so that they can be matched with outďŹ ts

The patient then receives their custom moulded outer shell and sock with their chosen colourway and pattern

Socks can be personalised and ordered online, allowing you to choose the colour and pattern

The customer can usethe AFO along with the sock for everyday use

Purchase is then delivered to your door

NON LIT Design a product that has no prescribed function, and through product semantics looks electronic or domestic. What did I learn? The importance of iteration through sketching and prototyping and attention to detail

These are some of the shape generation sketches I did. These allowed me to quickly explore a variety of forms before I moved into model making.

RSA Empower people who live with long term lifestyle-related health conditions to take a greater role in managing their own care. What did I learn? I learnt much more about my design process and how to transfer my research into an idea.

Helping recently-diagnosed type 2 diabetes patients to manage their condition


“When I didn’t know how to control my diabetes, it made me more anxious and I didn’t know where to start” Dely, recently-diagnosed type 2 diabetic

Writing about your feelings can help the brain overcome emotional upsets and leave you feeling happier Insight from The Guardian

It takes around 2 months before a new habit starts to become automatic Insight from researcher at MoveLab: Diabetes research clinic

WHAT IS HEALTHY HABITS? There are three stages of using Healthy Habits:

1. Monitor your lifestyle to workout what area your diabetes effects the most

2. Create goals and develop lifestyle habits to help work on that specific area

3. Pass on knowledge to empower yourself and others

What are the benefits of Healthy Habits?

1. Requires more engagement therefore makes you more conscious about your lifestyle

2. Can be used by any age group as no digital experience is required

3. The materials required to manufacture this are much cheaper than for an app, and can be recycled


“The principle of the ‘healthy habits’ is really good to assist newly-diagnosed diabetic patients” Dely, recently-diagnosed type 2 diabetic

GOAL CARDS These explain what goals are, the different types and the benefit of setting them

HABIT CARDS These give tips on how to start creating habits. They are also portable so that you can take them with you to refer to during the day




Over two weeks you monitor your

Here you set goals and start to

These break down how to

lifestyle in five areas: sleep,

create habits to reach them. With

set the most effective goals

stress, diet, activity and blood

blank months you can start your

and includs helpful

glucose levels

journey at any point



1. Paul receives the Healthy Habits diary

5. It is here that he receives the pack of information cards

2. He then monitors his lifestyle in ďŹ ve areas: sleep, stress, diet, activity and blood glucose levels over the next two weeks

3. At the end of each week Paul self reviews his progress allowing him to become conscious about it

4. In addition to this he also reviews this information with his doctor

6. Paul uses these cards to help him create goals and habits to reach them

7. These goals are also reviewed with his doctor to make sure they are appropriate

8. He can also create his own tip cards to give to other patients to motivate them

KEY Paul lead the process

There is secondary help from a healthcare professional

NHS Work together to provide an alternative method to deliver chemotherapy to patients in North Yorkshire. What did I learn? The importance of professionalism when working with a client and speaking and listening to your target market.

Unreliable weather conditions

Travel sickness

Limited parking spaces

Dispersed population Long journey times


po in Tim tmen t es

Patient made aware of the service at their ďŹ rst appointment

Treatment Centre

Starts to contact others in their local area through the SMS service

The patient then follows the car share route they have established with other patients

Helps to reduce the external stress of getting to the hospital

The nurse receives their schedule for the day

They follow directions to patients house

The patient is notiďŹ ed to the nurses’ location

Nurses follow a saftey checklist during treatment

If required the base can disperse another mobile unit

+44 7967058018 laura.van.k

Laura van Krieken industrial design portfolio 2017  
Laura van Krieken industrial design portfolio 2017