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Brand Guidelines

Mission statement Iridescent Waters aim to change the dredging industry to a more ecologically aware process and we lead by example. We find sustainable ways to use the bi product of our indistry so that our waste in landfill is as little as possible and the majority of our product is used arond the country in artificial beaches and in agriculture. Through collaboration with local councils and projects run throughout the south east we deliver the best service and an ecological solution.

Logo The logo has been chosen to represent a ray of sun bouncing off clear, clean water. The logo should always be appropriate for the material it is being used on, but should not be any smaller than the sizes stated. Given the limited space online and in emails the minimum size does not apply, however we are aware that the smaller the logo, the smaller the impact it has. Do not stretch or warp the logo in any way.

No smaller than 50mm x 20mm

No smaller than 40mm x 50mm

Colour Variations The logo should only be re created in only these colours deoending on what the background surface and colour are. No other variations or colours are to be used on this logo and no tints or opacity is to be used.

Logo Spacing The logo should never be placed any less than 10mm away from an edge of a page or screen. If the logo is placed too close to the edge it can lose its impact and the brand is lost,

Colour Scheme

C - 75 M-0

The colours were chosen to represent clean water and the green of the aqua hints at the company being environmentally ans ecologically friendly.

Y - 31 K - 10

80% Tint 60% Tint

40% Tint 20% Tint

C-0 M-0 Y-0 K - 100

Type The typeface used throughout all of the brand is Gill Sans. This typeface was chosen as it is simplistic and elegant, but it also is clean and crisp. Gill Sans Light

Gill Sans Regular

Point Sizes As standard, the point sizes on an A4 page are 30pt for the main heading, 20pt for the sub heading and 14 point for main body text. This can be changed to fit whatever size the writing is put on. This is up to the designers discression, but the ratios from heading to body copy should be similar to these guidelines.

Main Heading - 30pt Sub Heading - 20pt Body Copy - 14pt

Tone of Voice We are a welcoming ompany and so the tone of voice is friendly yet informative. Our customers feel as if they are part of the Iridescent Waters family when they work with us and so this friendly voice should be kept throughout correspondence. Howver, there is always an aire of professionalism and trust between out workers and our clients.

Applying the Brand Letterhead

Business Card, Front and Back

Applying the Brand Workers Uniforms