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Fashion Product Evaluation Garment Comparison #3 Laura Thome November 1, 2011

Table of Contents 2. Table of Contents 3. Outline 4. Men’s Pant 7. Men’s Jean 10. Women’s Pant 13. Women’s Skirt 16. Quick Costs


Outline I

Introduction A.) Identify problems and issues with the garment B.) State the purpose of the report


Main Body A.) Product Specs a. Size b. Quick Cost c. Origin d. Fiber Contents e. TFPIA and Care Labeling B.) Components a. Pieces b. Notions C.) Seams and Bindings a. Side seams b. Rise and seat seams c. Hem D.) Fashion Detailing E.) Quality of Construction F.) Opinions


Conclusion A.) Is it of value? a. Why or why not? B.) Suggestions for improvements


Men’s Pant The Banana Republic men's chinos demonstrated respectable quality construction and small extra details that went into the overall manufacturing of the garment. This piece retails at $59.50 giving it a wholesale price of $29.75 and a manufacturer's cost of $14.88. This piece examples good construction and fabric quality and I believe that it was price marked appropriately for the consumer. This chino is available in stores in various shades and was displayed neatly folded among its colored counterparts. In this report I plan to evaluate this garment and justify my position that the Banana Republic men's khaki chino was price appropriately for the consumer. My justification will also include reasoning that this piece serves as a very classic, staple pant in any man's wardrobe. This vintage straight fit chino has a waist size of 31 and a length of 32 that was purchased at a retail sale price of $59.50. At this selling price, we can estimate this garment wholesales at $29.75 and manufactures for $14.88. It is a khaki Emerson chino made of 100% cotton. It was made in Bangladesh and passes all TFPIA and Care Labeling Acts. The Emerson chino is a vintage straight leg pant that contains a left and right front panel as well as a left and right back panel that are connected along the outer seams, inseams, and waistband. The Banana Republic pant contains five belt carriers that have been sandwiched in between the waistband and the pant panels and then top stitched for a clean finish. A railroad zipper has been installed to create a French pant fly with a shaped shield, a hook and eye, and a size 20 calico plastic button. On the top and bottom fly side, a facing has been attached for extra reinforcement and stability. Also on the inside of this side of Â

4 Â

the fly, an extra binding has been added engulfing the raw edge and creating a very finished edge. On the inside of the waistband there is an apron, stay, and curtain in all contrasting fabrics to provide a clean and fashionable finish. On the front panels of the chinos there are two slash pockets that have been lock stitched to a separate facing in the same fabric and then connected to a muslin made pocket bag in a lighter tan color. This pocket bag has been sewn to the pocket facing and inside of the pants using a lock stitch and holds an extra size 20 calico plastic button. On the back of the men’s chinos there are two single lipped welt pockets that have been secured with a similar size 20 plastic calico button. The pocket bags of the back pockets of the pants are similar to the front pockets and have an attached muslin pocket bag. These chino pants have a one-inch double rolled hem that has been lock stitched in place. The outer seams as well as the inseams have been over lock stitched and pressed open for a flat finishing. The entire crotch of these pants, including the rise and the seat, have been over locked and pressed open. This creates a very consistent structure to the men’s Emerson chino. When fitting this item on a model, it was noticed immediately that these pants are not made for every body time. The model had a very athletic build and these straight-legged chinos technically fit according to size and measurements, however, they fit him very tight in the thighs and even looked uncomfortable. Knowing that the model owns multiple other Banana Republic chino pants that fit him very well, I would say this style may only appeal to a more condensed target consumer. Nonetheless, these pants fit the model in the waist and backend very well despite the small frowning drag happening near the


crotch. The feel of the garment was very nice the model commented on the stretch of the fabric during stride. Overall, the Banana Republic men's Emerson chino proves to be well worth its retail cost. Suggestions to increase the value of this garment may include but are not limited to a higher quality stitch throughout the garment or individual component construction detailing. However looking at the target customer of this particular piece, these added suggestions are not necessary for sale profit.


6 Â

Men’s Jean These Eddie Bauer straight leg denim jeans are moderately priced for what they are physically worth. These pants were purchased at $59.95, which lends us to estimate a wholesale price of $29.98, and a manufacturer’s cost of $14.99. The construction is of mediocre and inconsistent quality and the look of the jean in general is under par. There were other washes and cuts of jeans throughout the store that may be more attractive for consumers. In this report I will review the construction specifics and justify why I gave this garment a modest review. This garment has numerous detailing faults that could be easily improved to increase appearance and wearable longevity, and may definitely decrease the likeliness of its sales. The Eddie Bauer men’s straight-legged, denim jeans are in a darker wash and are a size 30 x 32 and was purchased at a retail price of $59.95. At this selling price, this garment would wholesale around $29.98 and manufacture for $14.99. These jeans are mid-rise and are labeled as a comfortable fit. These pants are 100% cotton, made in Mexico, and pass all TFPIA and Care Labeling Acts. The Eddie Bauer straight leg denim jeans are made up of four panels that have been sandwiched into the folded hip yoke. Along the hip yoke are five belt carriers and a top stitched brand logo in a contrasting leather fabric. A railroad zipper has been installed to create a pant fly with shield and is secured with a size 24 brand labeled metal button. For decorative purposes, a chain stitch has been sewn on the top and bottom of the hip yoke in a lighter contrasting thread consistent throughout the garment and a double top stitch in the same thread has been added to the outer fly.


These jeans have two western style slash pockets on the front panels as well as a coin pocket on the right side and have all been reinforced with decorative rivets. Inside each pocket, a pocket bag, made of a lighter colored muslin fabric, has been attached using a double topstitch on the outside and a over lock stitch on the inside of the pant. The top of the coin pocket has been double rolled and chain stitched. On the back of the men’s jeans there are two patch pockets that have been double rolled and double topstitched. These pockets also contain decorative topstitching detail and reinforcement. The hem of the denim jeans have been double rolled and chain stitched and have been purposely distressed for a worn appearance. The outer seams of these pants have been pressed open and over locked while the inseams have been over locked and cover stitched down creating a flat seam. The rise of these jeans have been double lock stitched where as the seat has been secured and finished with a double chain stitching. The back yoke of these pants have also been double chain stitched for decorative purposes. After fitting this item on a model, a subpar design element was noticed and may result in fewer sales by consumers. The wash of these jeans are very plain and do nothing for the wearer in terms of depth or detailing. The lack of character may limit broad customer appeal. This pant appeared balanced, however there was an obvious drag coming from the outer seams during stride especially. Also, in the crotch area of the garment, there was quite a bit of frowning that created a lot of gapping in front for the model. Nonetheless, these jeans seemed to fit true to size and the model commented positively on the feel of the garment.


8 Â

In conclusion, these Eddie Bauer denim jeans have multiple faults that may prevent the average customer from purchasing it, however, the price point may be reasonable for what the consumer is buying into. Included in these shortcomings are the types of stitching executed as well as wash detailing. However, consumers may overlook the faults of these jeans due to brand and company loyalty. To increase the quality and overall sales of this garment, consistent and better stitch and seam quality could be implemented. Because of its initial markup, increasing seam and stitch quality should not affect current manufacturer, wholesale, or retail price. In addition, a more detailed wash could be employed for a more trendy or stylish look. These quality upturns may increase sales numbers and therefore increase store and or brand profitability.


9 Â

Women’s Pant The Kenneth Cole New York women’s trouser that was purchased at Nordstrom proved to be over priced for the quality of the garment in general. This piece retails at $89.50 giving it a wholesale price of $44.75 and a manufacturer’s cost of $22.38. As a brand named garment, a customer may assume they were purchasing a higher quality piece but instead, the characteristics of these pants deemed less satisfying. This trouser came in only one color and was displayed on a t-stand with other Kenneth Cole New York merchandise. In this report I will evaluate this garment and justify my position that the Kenneth Cole New York trousers that were purchased at Nordstrom are considerably over priced for the construction quality implemented. Further I will argue that although clothing may be labeled with a designer name, the quality may prove substantially less than that of an actual designer garment. These women’s trousers are a size 24W and were purchased at retail price of $89.50. At this selling price, we can assume this garment wholesaled at $44.75 and manufactured for $22.38. They are a trendy twill pant in a chocolate-grey colored yarn and are made of 50% wool and 50% viscose. They were made in China and pass all TFPIA and Care Labeling Acts. The Kenneth Cole New York women’s trousers consist of four panels that have been sandwiched into the three-piece waistband. Between the panels of the pant and the waistband, a stay in contrasting fabric has been added for stability. The waistband contains six belt carriers that have also been sandwiched between the panels and waistband and then topstitched for uniformity. The waistband also contains a baby hem that extends to and around the closure. A


railroad zipper has been installed to create a pant fly with shield and is secured with two hook and eyes as well as a size 22, clear, plastic, anchor button. On the inside of the waistband, a binded stay as been added covering the raw edge. A fly facing has been added to prevent zipper snagging and increase cleanliness of the pant. These trousers have two slash pockets on the front panels with a 1 ½ inch pocket facing in identical fabric attached to them as well as the pocket bag. The outer pocket and pocket facings have been lock stitched to create a clean finish. The pocket bags have been over lock stitched as well. There is one single-lipped welt pocket on each back panel of the garment secured with a size 20 brown plastic button. Each of these welt pockets have a pocket bag attached to them that has been over locked and lock stitched. Similar to the front slash pockets, a facing done in the same fabric has been extended into the pocket to disguise the opening and enforce stability. Above the back pockets there are two single pointed waistband hip darts that create ease and fit for the consumer. These trousers have a cuffed hem and have first been over locked, then folded over, cuffed up, and blind stitched to create a very clean edge and hem to the garment. Doing so also allows for tailoring to be done personally for the customer. These cuffs have also been stitched for reinforcement at the outer and inner side seams as well as at the pressed crease down the front and the back legs. This crease is an added styling detail that enhances the look of the garment. The outer seams of these trousers have been over lock stitched as well as the inseams, the rise, and the seat. Although I was not able to fit the garment on a model, I would assume that a lot of personal tailoring would be necessary for an accurate fit. Â

11 Â

Depending on the model, it may also be believed that waist tailoring would have to be implemented as well. We can assume this due to the fact that this garment was built with a three-piece waistband offering easy tailoring potential. In summary, the Kenneth Cole New York women’s trousers prove to be significantly over priced due to their poor construction quality. Although this lapse of quality is considerable, consumers may still be drawn to this item due to the limited availability of any other selection in this size range and the highlighted brand name. It is obvious based on the selection within this department that companies and manufacturers know that there is a captive market for this plus size garment and develop a mark-up based on this demand knowledge. To increase the purchase and longevity value of this piece I would suggest securing the seams and hem by using a reinforcement stitching or tightening the original seams all together. In addition, a lining may be added to reduce visibility of draw and drag possibly due to the body structure of the consumer allowing for a more forgiving appearance. Many customers may still purchase these trousers because of the lack of selection however the wearable longevity of the brand name pant is in jeopardy.


12 Â

Women’s Skirt The Ann Taylor Loft women’s skirt is a very well made, fashionable yet classic garment constructed of a chocolate colored corduroy fabric. This garment retails at $59.50 giving it a wholesale price of $29.75 and a manufacturer’s cost of $14.88. Its construction is detailed and of great quality giving the consumer a wonderfully made skirt for any women’s closet. This garment came only in this color and was displayed among other skirts. In this report I will summarize my findings within this below-the-knee length skirt. Through my evaluation I will define why this item is of good price value as well as wearable longevity to the consumer. This Ann Taylor Loft women’s skirt is a size 10 and sells for $59.50. At this retail price, we can estimate that this garment wholesales at $29.75 and manufactures at $14.88. It is a trendy, brown, corduroy skirt with slash packets as well as a conservative slit in front. This garment is made of 98% cotton and 2% spandex, passes all TFPIA and Care Labeling Acts and was made in Indonesia. This corduroy skirt consists of four gores and a 1-½ inch, three-piece waistband. The waistband contains a double lock stitch around the top and bottom edges of uniformity. To create a pant fly, a railroad zipper has been installed with a shield and is secured with a size 22, brown, plastic button. The fly has been self faced and is over locked. This skirt has two slash patch pockets with mock pocket flaps on the front panels decorated with a non-functional size 22, plastic brown button. A facing in a tan muslin fabric faces the inside of the front of the patch pocket and has been over locked. On the back of the skirt there are two welt pockets


completed with muslin pocket bags that have been lock stitched. Above the back welt pockets there are two single pointed waistband hip darts that create ease and fit for the consumer. This skirt has a two-inch folded hem that has been over locked and lock stitched. The back and side seams of the garment have been over locked and locked stitched down for a flat feel on the inside. Also on the front of the skirt, a inverted box pleat and three smaller panels have been added for even more ease during stride for the consumer. When the model was wearing this garment I noticed gaping between the waistband and back welt pockets suggesting that more ease could be installed for the wearer. The length of the skirt was very professional and conservative hitting right at the bottom of the kneecap. The model commented that although the skirt felt as if it fit her well, she may not have purchased this garment on her own due to the lack of lining. She also commented that in multiple areas within the skirt, the side seams were rolling causing her discomfort. After evaluation, this Ann Taylor Loft corduroy women’s skirt really stands up well to its reflecting quick cost. Its trendy design and classic silhouette as well as its fashionable detailing may appeal to all different consumers and demonstrates the potential longevity of a quality garment. This skirt could be worn in all seasons for further wardrobe diversification. To increase the value of this skirt, the front slash pockets could have been constructed differently allowing them to be fully functional with the current buttons. This change would not greatly increase manufacturing cost and would lend the consumer to have yet another reason to enjoy their new corduroy skirt. Another addition that I would advise being added to this skirt is Â

14 Â

a lining. Because of the discomfort for the wearer due to the construction quality of the side seams, a lining would not only increase customer satisfaction but might then also increase sales.


15 Â

Quick Costs 1. Men’s Pant Retail: $59.50 Wholesale: $29.75 Manufacturer: $14.88 2. Men’s Jean Retail: $59.95 Wholesale: $29.98 Manufacturer: $14.99 3. Women’s Pant Retail: $89.50 Wholesale: $44.75 Manufacturer: $22.38 4. Women’s Skirt Retail: $59.50 Wholesale: $29.75 Manufacturer: $14.88


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