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Laura Sollmann preferred name: Maggie Intern Architect (e); (c) 513-520-4361 portfolio and other works at born and raised in Cincinnati, OH; currently in Brooklyn, NY


University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH August 2013 - April 2017 Bachelor of Science in Architecture with a Certificate in Historic Preservation GPA: 3.379, Cincinnatus Century Scholarship, Deans List F13-F16-S17


John G Waite Associates, Architects PLLC New York, NY Intern Architect, August 2017 - present

tasks : field surveying, conducting research, drafting for several NYC restoration projects; CA for interior restoration of Cincinnati Union Terminal Co-op Intern Architect, May - August 2016

tasks : CD draftsman for interior restoration of Cincinnati Union Terminal

Page & Turnbull Inc. San Francisco, CA Co-op Intern Architect, August - December 2015

tasks : HSR proofing, historic significance diagramming, site surveying / documentation, and drafting existing conditions for projects within the San Francisco Bay Area

VOA Associates Inc. (now Stantec) Chicago, IL Co-op Design Intern, January - April 2015

tasks : creating finish boards / diagrams, creating digital models, and drafting floorplans for the workplace interiors studio


organizations : Cincinnati Preservation Association 2016 - present, Cincinnati Preservation Collective 2016 - present, Society of Architectural Historians 2018, AIAS 2015 - 2016 (events coordinator 2016) volunteer : Greenwich Village Society of Historic Preservation 2018, Matthew 25: Ministries 2013 - 2016, Chicago Care 2015


AutoCAD Revit Rhino PhotoShop Illustrator InDesign SketchUp

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hand-drafting model making illusration documentation field notes archival research writing

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references are available upon request

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I entered into the field of Architecture for my admiration of the craft. However, less than halfway through my undergraduate education, I discovered I found little interest in playing the role of Architect, in designing spaces that humbly obey our commands of form and function, for I grew to realize these spaces in time learn to disobey our commands of form and function. My attention started to veer towards Historic Preservation, the chance to study Architecture’s ability to convey the past to our present day. I caught sight of the history that bears no permanence in memory, forgotten and only to be absorbed by the walls that bore witness to it — a romanticized notion to say the least, but one that had captivated me. This is why I have chosen the path of the Preservationist.


architecture & preservation : architectural criticisms, preservation theory and law, archival research, advocacy, preservation and its influence on gentrification, highway infrustructures impact on cityscapes architectural styles : art nouveau, art deco, brutalism, modernism personal : anthropology, traditional animation, creative writing, biographies, memoirs, film photography, mid-century music and film, painting


1995 - 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018

Cincinnati, OH Chicago, IL - Cincinnati, OH - San Francisco, CA Cincinnati, OH - New York, NY - Cincinnati, OH Cincinnati, OH - New York, NY New York, NY

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Resume 2018  

Laura Sollmann - resume updated February 2018

Resume 2018  

Laura Sollmann - resume updated February 2018