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PROM 2013

Welcome to Prom 2013

With dresses and tuxes from Madeleine’s Event Central in Portsmouth, N.H., our models heat up the Captain Jefferds Inn — despite the snow.


Want to see even more of photographer Rich Beauchesne’s fabulous prom shoot photos? Go to and click on the prom shoot gallery.


The Captain Jefferds Inn in Kennebunkport provided a picturesque backdrop for our prom fashion shoot.

Dear reader:


utting together a prom section is no easy task — the sequins! the hairspray! those slippery bow ties! — but those of us at The York Weekly and York County Coast Star welcomed the opportunity to bring to you the hottest trends for the 2013 prom season. We’re blessed to have so many great vendors in the seacoast area, from fabulous florists and hair and nail salons to stores full of gorgeous gowns and top-notch tuxes. In order to find out what the hot trends are this year, we relied on many of our local merchants to share what they are seeing for the prom season ahead. And of course the fashion shoot itself would not have been possible without a LOT of help LAURA DOLCE from a LOT of people, all of SECTION EDITOR whom we’d like to thank. First and foremost, we’d like to thank the wonderful folks at Madeleine’s Event Central in Portsmouth, N.H. — owner Jay Bishop, manager Diana Jones and consultant Alex Mills — who provided the dresses, tuxes and accessories for our shoot, even in the midst of their very busy prom season. Alex even came up to style the shoot — picking colored accessories for the boys to match their partners’ dresses, tucking in stray straps and flyaway hairs for the girls, and dealing with the aftermath of 18 teenagers shucking their ensembles. No easy task! We also need to say a huge thank you to the Lindblom family, owners of the very beautiful Captain Jefferds Inn in Kennebunkport. Not only did they graciously provide us with a most beautiful backdrop for our shoot, but they didn’t bat an eyelash when we descended upon the inn (and its guests) bright and early one Sunday morning — with 18 teenage models in tow. We were very lucky to have so many models volunteer this year, from both Kennebunk and York high schools. Not every teenager wants to report for duty at 9 on a Sunday morning (and the same weekend as daylight savings!),

get dressed up in fancy clothes and then pose for hours, including outdoors — all while pretending there’s no snow on the ground and it’s not March in Maine. And not every teenager would do all that with good grace and humor, but that’s exactly what our models did. So we’d like to give a special shout out to: The girls: Ebonie Burritt Helen Gottlieb Ashley Huston Carly Johnson Samantha Keegan Jessica Macdonald Ellen Noble Sarah O’Connell Caroline Smith The guys: Griffin Drigotas Austin Sandler John Burns Robby Burns Lucas Butterfield Chris Hynes Christopher LeTourneau Dany Reyes Gage Wolfe We were also fortunate to have the considerable talents of Kennebunk makeup artist extraordinaire Dylan Corrao, who turned our already lovely models into prom-worthy sensations, and hairdresser Pamela Sandquist from Georgia’s Spa Boutique in Portsmouth, N.H., who pinned and primped all morning long. Thanks, too, to Heather Leach, Becky Burritt and Jon Bryant for the bagels, baubles, braids and wrangling of the boys — it was greatly appreciated! Laura Dolce Prom 2013 team: Editor: Laura Dolce Design: Laura Snyder Smith Photographer: Rich Beauchesne Writers: Jenn Feals and Samantha Stephens




PROM 2013

Prom 2013: ring in the bling Caroline Smith and Robby Burns show off two hot trends: blingedout chiffon dresses and color coordinating with your date. BY JENNIFER FEALS


rom accents at the waist to head to toe beading, it’s clear that bling is what’s hot for prom fashion this year. “Definitely bling is in,” said Alex Mills, special occasion consultant at Madeleine’s Event Central in Portsmouth, N.H. “The more glam the better. Girls want to be really glamorous, stand out, and be bold.” Girls are shining in this year’s dresses, with styles including bright dresses in teal and coral, among this year’s favorite colors, accented by beading ranging from small sequins to mirrored and chunky beads that give the look of illusion. On some dresses, beads shine at the waist, accent the side of the gown, or cover it entirely, with a “pop” of shine and color.

Jessica Macdonald sparkles in gold alongside partner Lucas Butterfield, who wears a classic tux from Madeleine’s Event Central.


Kennebunk High School juniors model prom fashions from Madeleine’s Event Central at The Captain Jefferds Inn bed and breakfast in Kennebunkport. Adding to the illusion are mesh cutouts, leaving the appearance of showing skin while still covering up. “It’s like they are putting magic in it for a magical night,” Mills said of this year’s prom fashions for girls. “It’s kind of like an illusion, you think you see their skin but you’re not.” The trend of bright colors is continuing this year, with magenta and teal also among the top colors with girls, Mills said. Empire waists with a flowing chiffon bottom are also popular, as are dresses with a slit showing a bit of leg or a gown covering one shoulder. No matter the style, there is sure to be beading. “You can’t have enough beads,” Mills said. Accessories and shoes accent the dresses, all with their own glitter. Bold and shimmering dangling earrings and bracelets are popular, while shoes, often high heels, are covered in spar-

kles and have beaded straps or an accented heel. Guys are not shying away from bling either, Mills said, using it to accent their suits, incorporating sequins on their bow ties or even pocket squares. They’re also turning to the bold colors, like pink vests and ties. “It’s more about individuality for the guys,” she said. It’s not just about matching their date anymore, Mills said, with suits ranging from the traditional black to light gray, charcoal and tan, paired with ties or bow ties in varying colors and patterns, like tapestry. “It’s more options for them than just what color,” Mills said. “It’s bringing more style to the guys.” Madeleine’s Event Central, one of the top 10 prom stores in the country, has more than 3,000 dresses in the store and with a plethora of styles and sizes ranging from 00 to 26, there’s something for everyone. Dresses come

Ellen Noble, alongside partner Chris Hynes, models one of the trends this season: a blinged-out gown with illusion cutouts.

in a variety of prices, ranging from below $300 to over $600. Girls have already been hitting Madeleine’s Event Central, Mills said, choosing their favorite dresses. Because the store has such an array of fashions, girls travel from hours away to search the selection. On a recent Sunday, the York County Coast Star gathered a group of students from Kennebunk and York high schools at the Captain Jefferds Inn in Kennebunkport to model this year’s prom fashions. A bright, sunny early morning and the historic building made for the perfect backdrop for the students to shine in this year’s fashions. To prepare for the shoot, the group travelled to Madeleine’s to choose dresses and tuxes that fit what they might be looking to wear for their own upcoming proms. Carly Johnson, a senior at York High School, shined in a fulllength beaded gown that transitioned from turquoise at the top to silver at the bottom, Kennebunk High School junior Ellen Noble’s blue eyes popped in a beaded white dress with mesh cutouts on the side, and a flowing magenta dress with a beaded sweetheart top fit beautifully on KHS junior Sam Keegan. Ebonie Burritt glams out in head-to-toe beading while partner Dany “The dress I wore was truly Reyes sports a white dinner jacket with black edging over classic beautiful,” Johnson said. “It tux pants. reminded me a lot of the starlets from old Hollywood.” KHS junior Sarah O’Connell debated between two black gowns, both with heavy beading along the top, and both with a mermaid bottom. The dress O’Connell chose to wear for the shoot had a sweetheart neckline, with heavy beading at the top, and for detail in the back, a corset. “I liked the sparkle at the top and I definitely wanted a mermaid dress,” O’Connell said. “We decided it’s the most flattering and it really cinches you in.” While she originally wanted a red dress and did try a few on, O’Connell said black turned out to be the right color and she found a style that worked for her body. “I did a lot of looking,” she said. “Girls tend to think, ‘I don’t have a good body, so I’ll wear this ballgown that will cover it up.’ But that’s not going to work. You need to find something that will flatter your body.” Helen Gottlieb, also a KHS junior, went for color, choosing a Gage Wolfe and CarlyJohnson strike a pose, with Gage light purple dress with a sweet- in a classic black tux and Carly in a full-length slip dress heart neckline, and a cinched with hombre beading. beaded waist, flowing down to the bottom. “It was really pretty and it fit well,” Gottlieb said. KHS junior Christopher LeTourneau sported a gray suit, accented by a bright pink vest and bow tie. LeTourneau said he likes the new variety of tux options available for guys, particularly the light gray color, and was a fan of pairing the suit with a bold colored vest and tie. “I’m not afraid to wear pink,” he said. “I’m digging the gray. I love it.”



PROM 2013

Razzle-dazzle wristlets

Blooms & Heirlooms can create corsages featuring jewelry as well as silk flowers. BY SAMANTHA STEPHENS


resses aren’t the only things bringing the bling this prom season — corsages have upped the ante as well and are now filled with razzle dazzle. As the demand for sparkling wristlets and custom arrangements increases, florists are deviating from calling prom an event and gravitating towards referring to it as a “mini-wedding” in terms of the careful planning that goes into creating corsages and boutonnieres. “The preparation, the enjoyment, the fun, the excitement of planning an event,” said Jean Begin, owner of Blooms & Heirlooms in Kennebunk, likening prom to a wedding rather than a school event. Begin said girls now have an option of wristlets made out of rhinestones, pearls and beads, and they are kept as a memento of the evening. “In one huge, wonderful word,” Begin said. “It’s the bling.”

Michelle Rose, manager at Blooms Flower Shoppe in Wells, said Blooms avoids using the very traditional flowers, including carnations, baby’s breath and mums, for prom. “A lot of old-school shops do that. Years ago they would only have corsages in three colors. There was red, white and another color. The trends have changed so much,” Rose said. Instead of offering pre-packaged corsages, Rose said most girls bring in a photo of their dress or a swatch of fabric and allow the florists to work their magic with the design. “We design the corsage for the students, they want us to do it specially,” Rose said. With fashionable flowers including roses, orchids, delphiniums and garden flowers, Rose said no two students walk into the prom wearing the same corsage. “We don’t bang them out without rhyme or reason,” Rose said. “The corsage becomes part of the outfit like a piece of custom jewelry.” Laura Kennedy, owner of


Feeling a little wild? Today's corsages can feature jewelry, patterned ribbons, exotic flowers and more. York Flower Shop, said she has been designing corsages and boutonnieres for more than 18 prom seasons and no two years are ever alike. “We know a lot of the families in town and it’s very important for us to please the kids because they could be our customers for a long time,” Kennedy said. “We want their experience to be wonderful.” All three florists estimate that a custom corsage could cost between $25 and $30, or more, and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. And while prom season is a hectic time in the floral world because it’s so close to Mother’s Day, the second busiest holiday of the year for florists after Valentine’s Day, Kennedy said she’s always excited to hear students buzzing about prom. “I love seeing the kids, I love seeing their excitement,” Kennedy said. “It’s a hectic time but it’s worth it to see how happy they are.”

Sarah O’Connell’s black mermaid gown features a corset back and heavily beaded bust, while partner Austin Sandler, left, wears a classic tux with silver vest, and John Burns models a white dinner jacket with black edging.

One of the new styles of corsages available this year features rhinestones and feathers.


Samantha Keegan’s fuschia gown features a heavily sequined empire top with a soft chiffon skirt, while partner Christopher LeTourneau sports a dove gray tux with matching hot pink vest and tie.




PROM 2013

7 steps to the perfect prom eye makeup

Steps 1 and 2: A primer is applied to model Sarah O'Connell's eye area to keep makeup in place, and then a light silver shadow is brushed on to cover the lid.

Step 3: Makeup artist Dylan Corrao applies a dark silvery gray shadow to the outer half of Sarah's lid.

Step 4: Dylan applies a black shadow on the outer part of Sarah's lid, extending toward her eyebrow.

Step 5: Dylan applies black eyeliner underneath and along Sarah's lash line.

Step 6: Applying a matte highlight shadow under Sarah's brow bone helps to define the eye. Be sure to blend so there are no harsh lines.

Step 7: Dylan carefully applies a strip of false eyelashes on Sarah's upper lash line. He'll finish the look off with mascara.


ant a dramatic eye makeup plan for prom? Consider creating a smokey eye with some of the season’s hottest shades. Not sure how to make that happen? Lucky for you we have just the person to walk you through it. Follow Kennebunk makeup artist Dylan Corrao’s seven steps and you’ll go from plain peepers to eye-la-la in no time at all:

Step 1: Apply a primer to the entire lid area. “If there is no priming happening shadows could fall onto your beautiful complexion,” Corrao said, “The primer makes it lifeproof.” Step 2: Apply a light silver shadow all over the lid. Step 3: Apply a dark silvery gray on the outer half of the lid. Step 4: Apply a black shadow on the outer part of the lid, extending toward the eyebrow. Step 5: Apply black eyeliner underneath and along the lash line. Step 6: Apply a matte highlight shadow under the brow bone, making sure to blend all of the shadow to keep from having harsh lines.

Dylan Corrao

Step 7: Apply a full strip of false lashes as close as possible to the upper lash line (optional). Finish with a coat of mascara. Other bling-tastic makeup tips: • If your dress is full of bling, keep the makeup on your face — foundation and blush — matte. “You don’t want to compete with your dress,” Corrao said. • Metallics are hot for the eyes. Corrao said a soft silver metallic is perfect for prom. • For lips, consider a natural rose, something that will compliment — but not compete with — a dramatic eye. “It’s less dramatic,” Corrao said. • Want to add extra drama? False eyelashes are the way to go. — Laura Dolce

PHOTOS BY LAURA DOLCE The finished look, complete with matte foundation and blush and rose lip color.


Ah, the smell of hot-ironed hair in the morning ...

To get photos this fabulous, our models had to go through quite a bit — sitting still while makeup was applied and lashes glued on, while hair was straightened or curled, put up or pushed to the side. There were heels as high as 5 inches and one corset to be cinched into for hours — all while navigating up and down stairs, in and outside — all with a smile in place. And that was just the girls. For the guys, it was more about soccer and snacks, as in, watching a game on TV and getting something to eat. They were able to do both — squeezing in posing with some awfully pretty girls in between.

Relaxing between pictures, Sarah O'Connell lays down to protect the corset on the back of her gown.


Needless to say, there were some funny moments and some candid photos taken behind-the-scenes at our shoot. You can see them all (and you DON’T want to miss the one of the boys’ room after they changed) online at or by checking out the Coast Star Facebook page.




PROM 2013

Prom hair: braids are big What’s hot for hair this prom season? “Not as many up-dos,” said stylist Pam Sandquist of Georgia’s Spa Boutique in Portsmouth, N.H. “The biggest thing is braiding.” Sandquist offered these tips for prom-worthy hair:

• Book an appointment now, if you want one. “It gets backed up real quick,” Sandquist said. • On the day of your appointment, bring a photo of what you want. • Day-old dirty hair is best for hairdressers to work with, Sandquist said, but if you must wash your hair, make sure it’s dry and put some mousse or gel in to make it stiff. • Bring your own hair accessories. Rhinestone combs, twists or bobby pins are best or, if you prefer, a flower to match your dress. • While braids require at least RICH BEAUCHESNE PHOTO shoulder length hair, Sandquist Pam Sandquist of Georgia’s Spa said, girls with shorter hair can Boutique in Portsmouth, N.H. have a free-flowing up-do that involves pinning some parts up in curls. “It looks like it’s longer,” she said. • If you’re looking for a low-maintenance look to do at home, curl your hair all over with a curling iron and then braid it to the side. — Laura Dolce Helen Gottlieb’s half-up-do hair knot.


Samantha Keegan’s braid with a twist Ebonie Burritt’s knotted braid was swept up with a white boa clip on one side.


Carly Johnson went with the side-swept curl look.

Ashley Huston’s fishtail, by Becky Burritt.

Caroline Smith’s hair started with an upside-down braid with the ends curled, by Becky Burritt.

Prom nails full of glitter and glam BY SAMANTHA STEPHENS


irls are putting their best hands forward when it comes to completing their prom ensembles. While red and pink nail polish with a glossy finish was once the trend, many girls are looking for razzle-dazzle for their nails this prom season. Lori Solari, owner of The Spa at River’s Edge in Kennebunk, said they offer specialty OPI brand polish and many girls specifically ask for glitter finish over their color. “They want a sparkle. It’s either an overlay or an actual polish with glitter in it,” Solari said. “This is big pieces of glitter, it’s different than a shiny nail.” Solari said she expects the popular colors this prom season to be coral and turquoise. “The new trend is a devia-

tion away from acrylics since gel polish systems came out. They’re not quite as bad for your nails,” Solari said. At Nail Creations in Wells, manager Katie Nguyen said prom season starts at the nail salon a week prior to the event, with many girls visiting to get their manicures early before returning the day before prom or hours before the event to complete the process. “Every year is different, it’s dependent on the weather too. When there’s nice weather we get busier,” Nguyen said. Bridget Caramihalis, nail technician at Esse in York, said a stand-alone manicure costs approximately $20 and a pedicure costs $40, but with so many girls looking to complete their look for prom, Esse offers a package that includes a manicure, pedicure and tanning session for $45.

“It’s a new experience for the girls of putting it all together for themselves from their fingers and toes to their hair and makeup,” Caramihalis said of prom. “It’s like a preview of their wedding.” Caramihalis predicted that the hot colors this season will include bright colors, pastels and lots of glitter. “It’s a busy time but I love meeting the young girls of our town and the kids of the families we’ve loved for so long, it’s a great experience,” Caramihalis said. “We get excited to see the girls and see their before and after photos.” Solari said the biggest factor in determining the style of nails is the style and color of the trendy prom dresses. “Fashion always sparks it. There’s more glamour in dresses for prom,” Solari said. “Everything seems to be Glitter, glitter, glitter — it's what's hot for nails. a little more sparkly.”


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Bring on the Bling: Prom 2013  

What's hot for 2013, as told by the York County Coast Star and The York Weekly.

Bring on the Bling: Prom 2013  

What's hot for 2013, as told by the York County Coast Star and The York Weekly.