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human condition labs

[ lab coat project ]

The most basic human desire is to feel like you belong When we see that someone supports the same team we do, we feel a sort of bond, for no other reason than that we perceive that we share something in common with them With a sense that we are surrounded by people who understand us and see the world as we see it, we feel more comfortable.

We feel safer

We’re even able to form bonds of trust much easier

we are creating a bespoke tech driven lab coat that protects our clothing, inspires team pride, uses technical textiles, engages our local community, enriches our knowledge base in the wearable sector & acts as a catalyst that opens channels into design partnerships .

technology: sensors Customized to individual Heat or danger sensor ( Safety as an anchor ) Every coat is a story A known designer designs each coat button that activates the coat that activates the machine Socio and bio Metrics illuminated Quote of the day persons name when in proximity of another


a slightly tailored version of a traditional lab coat . unisex . simple . functional 2 pockets . iphone & tool fitting . Buttons . light weight, breathable, natural new fabric . locally sourced & sewn . washable . durable . conductive threading

all sewing details are considered & finely sewn



a sense of hierarchy usually inherent within a company is stripped away by the uniformity of the lab coat,

leaving more room for

cohesive creativity human condition labs longevity. Working as a definitive entity enables a strength of vision that will be the reason for

Interactive Lab Coat  
Interactive Lab Coat  

While at Human Condition Labs, I created this concept for an interactive lab coat. Working with a team of technologists and engineers.