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Got Your Ticket? Sharing transport can cut your annual carbon footprint by two-thirds. Buses, coaches and trains consume a lot of energy but divide this amount by the number of passengers on a busy route and they’re far more environmentally friendly than a car.

Swapping an average car commute of 18 miles for the train saves around a tonne of CO2 a year. Taking the train instead of the bus almost halves your carbon emissions for the journey. According to National Express, passengers on a full coach between London and Birmungham are only responsible for a tenth of emissions that one car would produce.

However... A bus produces seven times more CO2 than a car per km, so instead of reaching for your car keys, take the bus and help improve its efficiency. “I don’t have time to take the train.“ Not necessarily true. In London a 4 mile tube journey takes 10 mnutes less than driving.

So how do you get involved? Take the coach for intercity travel. They are the cheapest and most environmentally friendly way to travel long distances. Car share with friends and colleagues. Take the train over the bus when commuting. Laura Young


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