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Food Intolerance: Don’t Mistake It To Be Food Allergy Food allergy and food intolerance are very different from each other when it comes to their characteristics but are yet very identical. That is why people generally tend to feel that they have food allergy when actually they have food intolerance and vice versa. The main problem is that the symptoms of both these ailments are identical and somewhat similar and thus, people generally go a different treatment path than what they should actually follow. The consequences of food allergy can be grave if proper action is not taken immediately and the best and supposedly the only way to stay away from the danger posed by food allergy is to stay away from foods that your body dislikes and in most cases it is peanut, peanut butter, tree nuts, walnuts, milk and so on. When you have food allergies, your body takes the food that you are eating as foreign invaders and thus, produces antibodies to defend the immune system and the body. These antibodies when fighting with the protein from the food you are eating causes reaction which is uncalled for. Food intolerance is something in which your body is incapable of digesting or acting normally with selected few food items like in the case of milk, when you have it, your stomach may get bloated or you feel constipated. This is because of less production of lactase enzyme in your body which is needed to digest the milk fully and hence, the reaction. This cannot be called food allergy and thus, you can notice that these two similar problems are identical in many ways and hence, is the reason behind misunderstanding that people have regarding these two foods related ailments. To keep safe from both these problems, stay away from food items your body inhibits as that is the best and the only way to get rid of such unwanted reaction from the body. For more information on food allergies and intolerance, visit:

Food Intolerance and Allergies  

Food intolerance and food allergies is very hazardous to many individuals. Learn all the information on food intolerance, today!